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6 Times Model Irene Kim Broke Fashion Rules

We love her even more

Whether she’s on the front row at the latest runway shows or rubbing elbows with Amber, Kang Seul Gi or Jessica Jung, Korean-American model Irene Kim never fails to have fun with fashion. We're constantly amazed by how she looks effortlessly beautiful in a matching tweed number from Chanel, as she does in her favourite jeans and tee. Read on to learn about the six moments when she broke fashion rules with a whole lot of style and attitude. 

Pyjamas are reserved for the bedroom

For many, pyjamas signify that it’s time for us to rest, however, for Irene, it’s the start of many more fashionable moments to come. Over the holiday season, Irene showed up to a glitzy Valentino couture show in a glittery pink pyjama top and matching trousers, as other front-row celebrities wore long tulle gowns and feathered frocks. Needless to say, Irene stood out with her bold fashion choice and devil-may-care attitude. 

Ribbons are only chic when worn as a hair accessory

The trick to completing a flirty, feminine look is as easy as tying a ribbon in your hair. Anything more than that may be overkill. Instead of dressing herself in a conventional cocktail dress, she shook things up by rocking the oversized bow top like a champ.  

Monotone outfits only work in neutrals 

Dressing in the same colour from head to toe sounds challenging and almost impossible if you’re veering away from the neutral hues of beige, white and grey. Colour us impressed when we saw Irene in a full, turquoise outfit as she attended a fashion event organised by Italian fashion house Max Mara. There was no doubt that she created a lasting impression among the fashion elite that day. 

One should always be dressed in age-appropriate attire 

How often have we been told to dress our age? Too many a time. But Irene chose to ignore the naysayers by dressing in what she felt her best in. In front of the flashing cameras at star-studded events, she’s often portrayed as a glamorous, high-fashion model. However, on her off-duty days, she keeps it real by dressing in what others would consider "teen-appropriate" attire with her tee, jeans and converse sneakers. In this post shared on her Instagram, Irene also captioned "No makeup Mondays," which called on girls to embrace their natural, bare-faced selves. We love. 

Oversized hoodies are for boys, not girls 

We’re no strangers to the outfits worn by the most influential, fashion-forward male artists from Justin Bieber to Kanye West, and we’ve noticed that the one common wardrobe essential which they’ve consistently worn was the oversized hoodie. While the boys were busy sporting the latest iterations from luxury labels such as Balenciaga, Fear of God and Supreme, Irene had forged her own path by designing her own range of stylish, affordable oversized hoodies which girls could wear everyday. Her hoodies have since become a bestseller in her fashion label, Ireneisgood, after celebrities including Jennie from Blackpink and Jimin from BTS were spotted wearing them. 

Jewellery should be simple and understated

Most fashion folks often heed the advice of never wearing too many pieces of jewelry at one time — in fact, they prefer to keep their accessories simple and fuss-free, and to focus on their clothing instead. Irene, on the other hand, decided to write her own rules by decking herself in a rainbow tweed jacket complete with multiple, layered necklaces from Chanel. The result? A fabulous, fashion unicorn who turned heads with her inimitable style.

If there’s anything that Irene has taught us about clothes, it’s to always wear them with a smile and with confidence. That’s all you need to let your unique style and personality shine through, and to showcase the best version of yourself. 

(Cover photo from: @ireneisgood)

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