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Is Your Skin Ready To Face The Wild?

It's the challenge of a lifetime!

Our lifestyle and location contribute a lot to our skin's health. Stressors and pollution can already affect our skin's condition badly, but imagine what the harshest of weather conditions can do.

We do our best to take care of our skin, but are our efforts enough to withstand the tests of extreme conditions such as harsh UV rays, dry heat and more? That's exactly what the series “Face the Wild” and “Face the Camera” will reveal.

Four celebrities — award-winning Japanese actress Kasumi Arimura, global fashion icon Chiara Ferragni, celebrated Chinese actress Nini, and South Korean actress Lee Siyoung — took on the challenge of a lifetime. They were taken to destinations where the environments are extreme to test whether their skin, pampered by the world famous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, can withstand the extreme elements.

Follow the celebrities as they explore the different locations with National Geographic Explorer Hannah Reyes on “Face the Wild,” and find out whether their skin was strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions as they do beauty shoots with fashion photographers Jesper McIlroy and Kirk Cheung on “Face the Camera.”


Catch up on all the action on SK-II's YouTube page.