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It's Okay If You Don't Have Life Figured Out Yet

Living in a world where numbers always seem to matter can be tough. Maybe because even back when we were young, we were trained to think in numbers -- grades, friends, etc. And as we grow older, the numbers demanded of us get higher too. But sometimes, we can't commit. We can't meet "standards." And the sad thing is that, no matter how hard we tried, we still fall a few places near what's considered mediocre.

But don't worry! If you're feeling this way as of the moment, you are not alone. Here are some of the things I constantly remind myself that you might find useful, because to be honest, I'm on the same page as you!


It's okay to feel that way

Being in our twenties or thirties is that time in our lives when we contemplate on whether or not we're doing things right.

Seeing people like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift and all these other women who are either just a little bit older or younger than we are living their lives to the fullest even before they hit puberty will really make you think about what you're doing with your life.

The fact that some people are just handed things on a silver platter in contrast to someone like you who needs to work hard for everything makes it seem like life is unfair. That's why it's totally normal to think like that, but...
There's an entire lifetime ahead of you

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, was fresh out of a divorce, struggling to pay rent for her and her child, and was rejected by tons of publishers before reaching her peak as a novelist; she was 31 then. Vera Wang was passed over for Vogue's editor-in-chief position but she took it upon herself to follow her love for fashion design and look at her now; she was 40 at the time.

Society used numbers to define them but they took a different turn. There's still a long way ahead of you so it's never too late for anyone. Which leads us to... 


Never lose sight of your passions

When I was young, I read a metaphor somewhere which says "when you force an artist to throw away their paintbrush to become a doctor, the artist dies inside." And I used to agree to the idea. But as the years passed, it occurred to me that a true artist will never let go of their brush no matter what the circumstances are. 

Whatever career path you're headed to, whether you're in it because you want to or because you have to, it doesn't mean that you have to give up your passions completely. A doctor can still paint, an engineer can still write music, a ballet dancer can love math -- the only person who can stop you from doing what you love is yourself because...
Life is a matter of choices and not of chances

It's inevitable to feel like we don't have a choice sometimes. But sticking by that idea is a choice in itself. Life is full of decisions to be made and everything in our lives is a series of effects that we have chosen for ourselves. That's why...


Keep moving forward

Failures are a part of life. You may not feel like everything is going as planned right now, but even if it's hard, take it as an opportunity to look at things in perspective and get to know yourself even better. Learn from the past and just take in every single step you take as a challenge you have to face to reach your dreams. 

It's okay if you haven't figured things out yet, because I haven't either. That doesn't mean we'll stop trying, right?


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