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Lately, beauty gurus have been giving us more than makeup and skincare tips — the community has also been a major source of hot gossip. And this year, one of the juiciest and biggest issues was about Jaclyn Hill's So Rich Lipsticks.

ICYMI, the popular YouTuber released an array of nude lipsticks under her namesake brand. It was sold out within a few days, so things seemed to be going great for the budding makeup mogul... that is until the complaints came pouring in. 

It didn't take long before other beauty gurus started reviewing the lipsticks and found that some bullets were contaminated. Reports include finding long hair strands (with some accusing the brand that it was not even human hair but actually rat hair), pieces of small plastics and fingerprints on the cream lipsticks. However, instead of immediately recalling the products, Hill went on to defend the products and insisted that they're 100 per cent safe to use. At one point, she said that the stray strands are just actually fibres from gloves used in the lab where the products were made.

The tea didn't stop there. Another makeup guru, Marlena Stell, came forward and spilt deets on the issue. She said that Hill was already warned about the issues regarding the lab's manufacturing process as Stell herself has experienced those while developing concealers (which never got released due to problems) for her own beauty line. Eagle-eyed netizens also spotted Hill briefly finding "fuzzies" while showcasing her product on an Instagram Story. 

After all the backlash, Hill eventually issued full refunds for anyone who purchased the lipsticks. She also went under the radar for a while and deactivated her social media channels. But if there's anything we learned about influencer scandals, it's that they will inevitably make their comeback. For Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, it's sooner than we expected. 

Just shy of four months after the whole debacle, the makeup guru has hinted about the relaunch of her makeup line. A few hours ago, her beauty brand's Instagram account posted a video with the caption, "The future is bright. ✨ 11/26/19 #Jaclyn". The comments section is mixed, with some saying that Hill deserves a second chance while others say that they won't trust the brand again. 

Will she and her beauty brand be able to rise from the ashes? Well, it's hard to say but one thing is for sure, the lipstick contamination issue is still fresh on everyone's mind judging from how people reacted to Hill's Halloween costume, which pokes fun at 'cancel culture'. While that's indeed an issue of its own, many people, including fans, pointed out that she wasn't "cancelled" for something trivial and she was called out because of a health hazard. 

Considering that developing new products can sometimes take years, relaunching this month may be a bit too early. But who knows, maybe this time Hill will be able to redeem herself. Stay tuned!

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When we learned that Senka has arrived in the Philippines, we knew we had to try the popular Senka Perfect Whip, which has been the number 1 cleanser in Japan for 10 consecutive years.

Here's a thorough review of Senka Perfect Whip by four different women.

The Senka Perfect Whip retails for PHP279/~USD5.40 for 120g and PHP129/~USD2.50 for 50g.

Known for its rich, dense white foam, this cleanser lifts up impurities from the skin while being light and gentle. It has naturally derived silk essence that protects the skin while leaving it feeling soft, double hyaluronic acid that moisturises, and Shiseido’s unique Aqua-in-Pool ingredient that protects and strengthens the skin against damage. Championing nomitsu, which means rich intensive care in Japanese, this cleanser also doubles up as a self-care product because it’s designed to soothe and calm you. It’s a favourite among many and even considered as holy-grail by some. But what do four #TeamClozette members think about it? Read on.

Alyana, Features Writer

I tried out the Senka Perfect Whip before and during my one-week trip to Japan to see if my skin will react differently to the formula based on the different environments it was exposed to. During the weeks prior to the trip, my oily-combination skin felt soft and hydrated whenever I used the Perfect Whip. My dry areas also appreciated the added moisturisation.

Senka Perfect Whip travel size

In the colder Tokyo weather, the formula prevented my skin from drying out — my skin looked dewy and not at all oily as it would have been in humid weather. I tried "whipping" the small amount of product into the prescribed foam for maximum benefits, and there was a difference from the times I would quickly emulsify it whenever I'm crunched for time. It also removed the makeup I had on well, even without the use of makeup remover beforehand. The Perfect Whip was great for me — as a staple in my stash and a travel buddy.

Amanda, Campaigns and Community Executive

Very true to its Japanese origins, the Senka Perfect Whip has a packaging that’s very sleek and minimal but feels sturdy enough to be safe for travelling. I like that it has a rich texture, which makes it easier to control how much product to dispense. I used it with a facial brush and it cleansed my skin thoroughly but gently. I also tried using it for removing my makeup and it did a great job.

Texture and application of Senka Perfect Whip

Left: Amanda using Perfect Whip; Right: Senka Perfect Whip's texture

Therese, Features Writer and Community Specialist

For me, the best thing about Senka Perfect Whip is that it's cost-efficient. A pea-sized amount of this product is all you need to create that creamy lather. One tube could last for months! And I love how, despite its rich foam, it won't leave your skin dry and tight. It's also a great choice for people who are sensitive to fragrance as this one only has a subtle scent. Plus, it's an awesome cleanser to bring when travelling because it doesn't spill easily and can even double up as a body wash.

The famous Senka Perfect Whip foam

Em, Features Writer

I prefer foam cleansers more than any other type, so I was pretty excited to try the Senka Perfect Whip. Like many others, I wanted to see whether or not it could actually be fluffed up into a marshmallow-like foam like what we see in the ads. I’m happy to discover that the soft stiff peaks seen in the product’s commercials are actually achievable even without sponges and other tools. A pea-sized amount goes a long way and the mildly scented thick foam it whips up makes my skin feel thoroughly cleansed afterwards. I’ve brought this to some of my travels and I loved that it didn’t dry up my already dehydrated skin from my flights. I can always count on this one to give me the soft and refreshed feeling I need at the end of a long day.

Senka Perfect Whip is now available at Watson’s Personal Care stores and The SM stores near you. Also, it is available online on Lazada - SENKA Flagship Store. For the latest updates and deals, follow Senka Philippines on Facebook and @senka.philippines on Instagram.


Are you already thinking about what gifts you'll be giving out this Christmas? If you have a fellow makeup lover in your family or group of friends, here's a suggestion: gift them with celebrity-approved makeup and skincare products. For this, look no further than the Charlotte Tilbury Singapore launch collection.

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