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This year's Met Gala delivered a lot of great looks for us to fawn over. But just like any other high-profile event filled with celebs and A-list personalities, it wouldn't be as entertaining without any controversy. However, unlike last year's issues over its religious theme, the drama now focuses on the marginalisation of invited influencers — at least according to YouTuber James Charles. 

The 19-year-old social media star and entrepreneur attended the event for the first time this year, donning an ensemble by Alexander Wang. While people were quite unconvinced that James Charles has enough traction to even be at the prestigious event's strict guest list, the look initially sold his case. This was until netizens saw his Instagram post claiming that he was honoured to be a part of "a step forward in the right direction for influencer representation in the media". 

He also expressed excitement over being the "catalyst" of such a movement, despite other YouTube personalities Lily Singh and Liza Koshy attending the event in previous years. It's also worth noting that artists like Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara and Troye Sivan, who all have been invited to previous and present Met Galas, also have a history as social media personalities. Needless to say, the internet had their field day with Charles' statements and the reactions were priceless.

Reaction to James Charles' statement

First, many were offended by his use of the term "influencer representation," as if it was something as heavily needing of attention like LGBTQIA+ or racial diversity. Even fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley implied in a joke that maybe Charles thought the letter 'I' in LGBTQIA stands for 'influencer'. 

James Charles Influencer Representation: Statement Reaction 1


James Charles Influencer Representation: Statement Reaction Tyler Oakley


Some were just downright confused with what Charles was saying.

James Charles Influencer Representation: Statement Reaction 2


It was even called out for being the "new top privilege."

James Charles Influencer Representation: Statement Reaction 3


James Charles Influencer Representation: Statement Reaction 4


Others focused on a more comical idea, creating memes referencing Charles' past issue with Shawn Mendes. Charles posted a lewd comment on one of Mendes' Instagram livestreams back in 2018, causing Mendes' to abruptly end the video. While the two reportedly already made peace after the incident, people obviously took Charles' Met blunder as an opportunity to bring the issue back up, knowing that Mendes will also be present at the event. 

James Charles Influencer Representation: Statement Reaction Shawn Mendes Meme


Harry Styles, who was co-chair in this year's Met Gala event, was also included in the equation as a past subject of Charles' many controversial statements. ICYMI, Charles had to issue an apology after fans called him out for assuming Styles' sexuality. He was also accused of using the former One Direction member's name to cause buzz for a collab. 

James Charles Influencer Representation: Statement Reaction Shawn Mendes x Harry Styles Meme


Charles has not released any direct response towards him coining the term "influencer representation" nor has he revised the Instagram post's caption. However, he did take it to his Instagram stories, as well as his Met Gala video diary, to comment on the 'negativity' surrounding him being invited. He said that it was quite normal and expected that "whenever influencers do something new, people tend to be up in arms about it." No signs of remorse here, by the looks of it!

In conclusion, situations and statements like these clearly fuel the fire on why the term "influencer" is treated with such spite by most people. James Charles does not seem to get the very core of what "representation" means and what it stands for. This is why it is good that even some of his fellow YouTubers, as well as the social media-using masses, called him out on his statement. This gives us better hope that, at least, we're truly getting better at discerning the influencer versus the 'influencer'

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Snaps taken against beautiful spring foliage truly make for great photographs. They deliver vivid colours, a sense of freshness and a certain touch of whimsy that make the photo's subject pop even more. So even when we're already in the middle of summer, we can't help but look back at some of our Clozetters' best photographs by the blooms. 

Joyful in Jeju 

FAVE 5: By The Blooms - Jeju

(Photo from: theresemarielim)

Candidly cute at Corona Park

FAVE 5: By The Blooms - Corona Park

(Photo from: dhencayabyab)



When we think of spring, what comes to mind are images of blooming florals and pleasant, sunny weather. But while flower beds are indeed a highlight of the season, sunny weather is not always a given during springtime especially during its early days when temperatures can fall as low as 7°C in some areas. It's the kind of weather that can be tricky to dress for. You don't have to bundle up but you should still put on some layers to be comfortable. Ahead, a tropical girl's guide to dressing for spring.

Choose a warm, lightweight outwear

Dressing For Spring Outerwear Coat

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Yes, you will still need to have a coat in hand even during spring. The good news is, you don't have to lug around a heavy-duty one. This season, you can get away with pieces that don't have any shearlings or other heavy inner linings. Instead, choose lightweight coats made from warm fabrics such as felt coats. You can also go for cotton blend coats or parkas like this one from UNIQLO for days when the temperature is on the warmer side. 

Layer up

Spring Dressing Layering

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Take note that there's a difference between bundling up and layering. Dressing up for spring doesn't require piling more than three pieces of clothing. Even one or two is already sufficient to keep yourself comfortably warm. You can go for a long-sleeved top paired with a pinafore or you could also layer some leggings underneath a mini skirt for extra warmth. It's all about mixing and matching light layers of clothing!

Add pops of colour to perk things up

(Photo from: Lexiepuzon)

It seems cliche, but it's true that adding pops of colour to your outfit can make all the difference when dressing for spring. Since you're essentially still wearing coats and heavy jackets, sticking to an all-neutral palette can make you look like you were stuck in the dead of winter. Having a hard time incorporating colour into your wardrobe? We suggest you go for subtle additions of hues like picking a muted pastel-coloured skirt or dress and layer it with your usual monochrome pieces. 

Scarves are still going to be helpful

Dressing For Spring Scarves

(Photo from: sodapopp)

Third pieces like scarves, particularly lightweight ones, are still helpful during spring. As the season is marked by changes in temperatures and weather, wearing a scarf during chilly mornings is great and come the warm afternoon, you can just easily just tuck them back into your bag. It's a very handy accessory to have during springtime so don't forget to pack one.

Closed shoes are still the best choice

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The most common mistake tropical girls make when dressing for spring is packing sandals and slip-on footwear with the expectation that the weather is warm enough. But take it from us: closed shoes are still the best choice during the season. Thigh-high boots can be paired with mini skirts while ankle boots can go well with any pants. Sneakers are also a nice, versatile option that you could match with both dresses and pants. 

(Cover photo from: dhencayabyab)