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The most wonderful time of the year has just passed but we say the best is yet to come! It’s a brand new year and a whole host of gleaming new jars, tubes, and bottles to crack open and enjoy. Read on to find out what incredible products January has in store for you. 

Getting a little hands-on 

Chinese New Year Limited-Edition Shea Butter Hand Cream, SGD45/~USD33.03

L’Occitane has dived right into the Year of the Earth Boar with a Chinese New Year limited edition of their bestselling Shea Butter Hand Cream to pamper even the driest of hands.

Hand Cream Trio, SGD45/~USD33.03 

Additionally, L’Occitane teamed up with Rifle Paper Co to create beautiful gift sets in gorgeous nature-themed packaging to make self-care packages that much more special.

Hand Balm, SGD55/~USD40.37; Hand Wash, SGD66/~USD48.45

For occasions when you want to feel extra fancy, give Maison Goutal’s three new hand washes and gentle balms a try. With a palette of fragrances that will have you drifting away to far-off lands, these products do their best to keep your hands velvety soft, no matter if you're a woman or a man. 

Improve your complexion

Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++, SGD398/~USD292.14

Facial fans are no strangers to light therapy since they have been proven to improve skin tone and texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Skin Inc puts the power in your hands with the new iteration of their best-selling Optimizer Voyage Tri Light++ that uses NASA-inspired LED chromotherapy to rejuvenate the skin.

Dream a little dream of better skin

Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream, SGD89/~USD65.33

If you’re not already on the Fresh beauty train, now is the perfect time to start. Try the Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream. Our skin never sleeps, working 24/7 to serve different times of the day. As recovery mode happens at night, what better way to help your skin refresh itself than with a generous helping of antioxidants?

Resilience Multi-Effect Tri-Peptide Face and Neck Creme SPF 15, SGD164/~USD120.38

Estée Lauder has upped their game by introducing the New Resilience Multi-Effect Collection, a powerful solution for radiant, supple and more resilient skin so you can look as young as you feel. This range works to re-energise fatigued skin by using a collagen boost, a multi-defense system and intensive hydration to renew your skin’s glow. Talk about a power-packed product!

Capture Youth Intense Rescue Serum, SGD95/~USD69.73

Another upmarket brand gracing us with the key to eternal youth is Dior with their Capture Youth Intense Rescue Serum and Age-Delay Resurfacing Water that has been customised to boost skin’s youth capital and delay signs of aging before they even appear. Leave behind fine lines and wrinkles, and say hello to tone and elasticity.

I spy with my little eye

Absolue Eye Serum, SGD205/~USD150.48; Absolue Eye Cream, SGD200/~USD148.81; Absolue Gel Cleanser, USD120/~USD88.08

Lancôme has just added eye products to their One Absolue line, making it a complete range for the ultimate skin regeneration. The Eye Cream, Gel Cleanser and Eye Serum promise to leave skin looking plump, visibly revitalised and illuminated from within — perfect for those who are looking into eye care this coming year.

Roller Liner, SGD39/~USD29.63 

Perk up those freshly rejuvenated peepers with Benefit’s new liquid matte Roller Liner. Keep your cat-eye wings razor sharp with their precision felt tip and look picture perfect every day.

Lip service

Lip Maximizer, SGD48/~USD35.23

The eyebrows may frame the face, but the lips are the real star of the show, in our humble opinion. There’s nothing more attractive than plump-looking lips that you know are healthy and not caked with product to make them look great. Discover Dior’s Lip Maximizer and the new Lip Glow To The Max for exceptional shine and maximum colour.

Lip Expert, SGD55/~USD40.37

Next up, Lip Expert, an all-new liquid lipstick from BY TERRY. This massive range of 32 shades come in two finishes, Bold Matte and Vinyl Gloss to suit every occasion. Practical and great for everyday wear, these pigmented lipsticks come in a compact packaging that’s perfect for a girl on the go.

Le Marc Lip Frost Lipstick, SGD44

Marc Jacobs is known for beautiful formulas and glorious colour combinations in their palettes. Start your year right with the Le Marc Lip Frost Lipstick that comes in five gorgeous shades and match your choice with the Eye-conic Frost Eyeshadow Palette to keep that sparkle in your eye.

Sixth scents

La Sélection Valentine, SGD205/~USD183.51

Get a headstart this Valentine’s Day with BYREDO’s La Sélection Valentine, an exclusive limited edition set that features six of their iconic scents: Blanche, Gypsy Water, Mojave Ghost, Bal D’Afrique, Rose Of No Man’s Land and Black Saffron. Surround your loved ones with gorgeous scents and have them always think of you fondly.

Unnamed Limited Re-edition Fragrance, SGD310/~USD227.55

They say to stop and smell the roses; we say, spoil yourself with BYREDO’s Unnamed Limited Re-edition Fragrance, a blank page where you write the story of the scent on your own. The scent itself will evoke images of wide-open spaces of America, evergreens in winter and the sensuality of woody elements.

Damascena Candle, SGD100/~USD73.40; Centifolia Candle, SGD100/~USD73.40

Speaking of roses, diptyque’s newest collection celebrates the Centifolia and Damask variants, capitalising on the former’s fresh, delicate scent, mingled with the fuller, honeyed accents of the latter. Indulge in a pair of these to tide you through the year and perhaps you’ll see everything through a pleasing rose-tinted haze.

Keep your inner child alive

Enjoy the best of Innisfree as they team up with Disney to usher in 2019 with a spark of whimsical fun with the beloved characters from the classic Toy Story movies. The innisfree Toy Story collection celebrates friendship and features 22 limited edition makeup and skincare treats to brighten up your days with nostalgic delight.



In 2017, Fenty Beauty started a revolution in the beauty industry when they released a wide range of foundation shades, setting a new standard for makeup brands the world over. Now, Rihanna is set to break her own record by launching the anticipated Pro Filt'r Concealer in 50 shades. Yes, you read that right! 

According to a product tutorial by Rihanna, the formula is easy to blend "like milk" and "dries down and mattifies eventually" without becoming tacky or cakey. That's good news for all dry-skinned gals who want to use liquid concealer. 

And if that's not enough to make you excited, Fenty Beauty also announced the addition of 10 new shades to the Pro Filt'r Foundation line and eight shades of the Pro Filt'r Setting Powder. Plus, some new tools like the Powder Puff Setting Brush, Lil Precision Makeup Sponge Duo, and the Concealer Precision Brush will also be released as a supplement. Looks like the beauty world is off to a good start this year. All of these covetable goodies are set to launch on 11 January on sephora.com and fentybeauty.com.  

Although it is without a doubt a good thing to have a wide range of shade options, it can be a bit challenging to pick the right match. It doesn't matter if you're shopping online or going to the store to test it out, finding the best match is still tricky. With that said, here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for concealer.

For the undereye area, choose a lighter shade

The rule of thumb when it comes to shopping for an undereye concealer is to pick a colour that's one shade lighter than your foundation. This will help subtly brighten up the undereye area and the shade can also double as a natural-looking highlighter. 

For blemishes, match the shade with your foundation

For concealing minor blemishes, choose a concealer that perfectly matches your foundation. So if you know your Pro Filt'r Foundation shade, just pick the corresponding concealer. This may seem obvious, but there are some who still go for lighter or darker shades, both of which just highlight what you're trying to conceal. And for camouflaging acne, you can first dab some green colour corrector to ease the redness before topping it with a concealer. 

Consider your undertone

In case you're not yet familiar with your undertones, here's a quick recap: having bluish veins means you have a cool undertone, but if it has a green tint you're more likely to have a warm undertone. If you have both, you have a neutral undertone. If it's deep green, you're olive.

Not knowing your correct undertone can be disastrous. For example, someone with light skin tone and warm undertones may pick up a cool-toned concealer, which will result in an ashy look when applied. With the wide selections in the Pro Filt'r line, you'll be sure to find the right one. Just be patient!

(Cover photo from: @fentybeauty)



An overly dramatic beauty routine is so last year! With the rise of skip-care and minimalist beauty at the conclusion of 2018 comes the realisation that sometimes, a select few when it comes to one's routine can deliver stellar results, too. So this 2019, we're glad to welcome some Decorté Cosmetics products to our vanity. They provide quick fixes for our beauty needs without compromising on quality. 

For the daily staple, there's The Rouge Lipstick in PK855 that gives you a just-bitten pout that's perfect for any mood and agenda. Then there's the AQ Meliority Repair Foaming Wash that aims to rid your skin of all the nasties after an entire day of makeup, pollution and dirt while making sure that it's prepped for the rest of your routine. And, of course, there's one of the stars of their skincare range, the Liposome Hydration Boosting Serum. It's a lightweight, super-moisturising serum that aims to ensure the skin is at its prime condition while retaining hydration, elasticity and firmness with its time-released biomimetic phospholipid bilayers. We give you a glimpse of these new discoveries in our unboxing video above. 

(Cover photo from: @decortebeauty)