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We’re onto the last three months of the year. Make the most out of 2019 by taking up your fashion game up a notch. Get out of your comfort zone and try out trends you’ve never done before. Take a risk and you might just find your signature style for the upcoming year. Looking for unique style ideas to inspire you? Check out these Japanese fashion trends that slayed the streets. 

Mismatch prints

When we wear prints, it has become a default for us to pair it with plain pieces to avoid being too over-the-top. It’s risky pairing a loud print with another eye-catching one, but when done right, it can actually give your look a quirky edge. So take notes from the style mavens of Japan: ease into one of the most popular Japanese fashion trends this year by mixing prints that have the same colour scheme. That way they’re unique but unified.

Stick to one

Those not really into prints but want their look to pop nonetheless can opt to wear just one shade from head to toe. Go the extra mile and wear bright shades like yellow, but make sure to incorporate different textures and small pieces with a different colour as a contrast. This way, you won’t end up looking just like a plain old crayon.

Walk with confidence

If you’re not really into bright colours, a monochrome outfit still does wonders. But do the unexpected by slipping into a pair of statement shoes. Literally stand out in the streets with footwear like no other. But before you boldly walk amongst the crowd, pair it with a similarly coloured bag to make your look pop.

Play with proportions

Speaking of Japanese fashion trends, have you noticed how their street style tends to incorporate oversized clothing? You may have been more used to wearing outfits that perfectly fit, but this time, do play around with proportions. Try out wearing ill-fitting pieces, like loose shirts, huge blazers, and even baggy bottoms. But don’t forget to highlight your figure by buckling on a belt on your waist or topping it all off with a tight-fitting piece.

Love denim

Another retro style that made a comeback on the streets of Japan are the denim on denim outfits. While we all love the versatile fabric, wearing an ensemble completely made out of that can be a bit tricky. Still, dare to try the trend — a real fashion milestone doesn’t happen by avoiding the risks. To not look too Midwestern, choose pieces with unique silhouettes and embellishments. Add a splash of colour to your look by accessorising with a brightly-coloured bag. 

Find comfy bottoms

Lastly, while we tell you to get out of your comfort zone, we still want you to be physically comfortable in what you wear. So skip the tight skinny jeans and incorporate wide-leg pants to your look instead. Choosing such high-waist pairs don’t only give your legs some room to breathe, but they also lengthen your silhouette. Make it fun by getting a pair with a one-of-a-kind texture or colour, and it’ll be the only statement piece you’ll need to complete your look.

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Elle Fanning was cast as Aurora in the 2014 live-action version of Sleeping Beauty alongside Angelina Jolie. Now she’s back to reprise her role of Princess Aurora, and the young actress has been serving dreamy and fairy-tale worthy looks that show how perfect the casting choice was. See her most ethereal looks on the red carpet this year, from the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil red carpet premiere to the Cannes Film Festival.

Sleeping Beauty in the Flesh

Elle Fanning wore a custom Gucci gown to the premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in Los Angeles last 30 September. The flowy green chiffon gown had drop sleeves, thin silver straps, and a slim silver belt cinched at her waist. It had a medium-length flowing train, decorated with long purple ribbons and silk flowers in varying shades of lavender were also used as headpieces. Her makeup was fresh and minimal, done with a subtle pink blush and stained lips. The detail that caught everyone’s eye? Red beaded blood drops that start from her glove and go down her dress, a fitting tribute to Princess Aurora. With a gown fit for a princess, Elle looked like she just walked out of the Enchanted Forest!

The Fairy in Mint and Pearls

For the London premiere of Maleficent 2, she donned a mint green couture ball gown made by Armani Prive. The glamourous sleeveless ensemble featured delicate pearl and mesh detailing with fluted sleeves. Her slicked-back bun drew attention to her eye-catching Sutra drop earrings. Again, her subtle makeup accentuated her doll-like features with a rosy pink blush, black eyeliner, and silver eyeshadow. Her shoes also had the same detailing to match her gown.

Modern Day Princess

For the November cover of Instyle Magazine, Elle wore this billowing ballgown with floral details and tiered skirt. The big pink silk ribbon emphasised her slim waist. Though this gown looks a bit heavy, she certainly makes it look effortless and graceful to pose on a stopped escalator.

Blushing Bride

Finally, we’re taking it back all the way to the Cannes Film Festival in May with her Reem Acra Bridal gown at The Specials premiere. The gown was part of the designer’s Fall 2019 bridal collection, and featured intricate beading, a sweeping tulle cape, closed off with Chopard jewellery. This was the year that Elle was named the youngest jury member in the history of the Cannes Film Festival. She certainly dressed for the part!

(Cover photo from: @ellefanning)

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Don’t underestimate the power of a good belt. This accessory can actually make or break any kind of outfit. More than something to keep your bottoms from falling, a belt is actually great for accentuating your best style assets. It can draw people’s attention to a slim waist or draw it lower to shapely hips. So it goes without saying that you don't go for just any type of belt. Here are our best tips on how to choose the perfect one according to your needs.

Choose a length that works for you

Belt styling ideas

(Photo from: christyfrisbee)

Ideally, the right belt is one that fits you up to the middle hole. A belt where only the first hole fits could make you look oddly bloated while a long belt wrapped around your waist many times can ruin a perfectly good silhouette. 

Style it the right way

Belted denim dress

(Photo from: StilettoesDiva)

If you’re planning to wear a large, statement necklace for your outfit then it might be good to tone down on the belt and choose a thinner piece. Wearing a wide, buckled belt might clash with your neckpiece and make your outfit look costumey. 

If you want to wear a belt with a statement buckle, on the other hand, make sure that the rest of your clothes are not over-the-top. For this, you can choose to wear simple denim jeans and a plain shirt or tank top. You should also keep accessories to a bare minimum. 

When worn with skirts

(Photo from: ChristabellePQZ)

If you decide to wear a belt with a skirt, make sure that you choose a classic silhouette such as a high waist pencil cut. Adding a belt will accentuate your waist so make sure that it stays in place. 

The belt and shoe formula

(Photo from: HazelStyleWitch)

Matching your belt with your shoes is a classic belt tip but it’s actually okay not to follow this one. Make sure, however, that the two still complement each other.  For example, a thick red belt would look great when wearing strappy gold heels. 

Belting a dress

(Photo from: iannicolefrancisco)

Using belts for a dress would seem like a good idea since it can accentuate your waist and make a girly attire look even more feminine. However, it is still best to choose which ones to use a belt with — a tailored tunic might bunch unflatteringly around your waist area if you decide to use a wide belt. We say don't stray from the classics!

Knot the end of your belt

This is one style that absolutely looks so chic when done properly or can be a complete disaster when done wrong. Knotting the end of a long belt is best for casual outfits. Just make sure that you have enough belt length to loop the ends and make it look effortless.

(Cover photo from: christyfrisbee)

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