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We all know the ad: "Have a break... Have a KitKat." But whether you truly turn to this treat when at the office pantry during your downtime or not, you'd have to admit that KitKats have become a staple but keep their identity fresh. Named by Time Magazine as 'The Most Influential Candy Bar of All Time' in 2014 and voted as the 'Best Chocolate Bar In The World' in 2018, it's safe to say that KitKats truly sealed their place not just in our snack time but also in pop culture. 

But what makes this candy bar more interesting are the unique variants only found in the land of everything quirky: Japan. That's right! As if its own global popularity isn't enough, Japanese KitKat flavours are a whole 'nother level because of their eccentricity. In fact, almost 300 different seasonal, regional, and limited-edition flavours are made and sold solely in the country, making it one of their biggest souvenir items. 

With all the flavours of Japanese KitKats out there, there's bound to be one based on your office personality — perfect because they're the ideal break-time snack, get it? Curious to know which Japanese KitKat flavour matches yours? We've laid down the deets below. 

The go-getter

Your Japanese KitKat Flavour Based On Your Office Personality - The go-getter

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When it comes to presentations, meetings, cases, and everything that needs details and actions, you are everyone's go-to person. They know that they can rely on you even in the biggest projects because of your determined personality. And you also show your teammates that you are always willing to extend a hand to get things done. Just like the KitKat Tamaruya Honten Wasabi's mix of sweet and mellow chocolate with a kick of high-quality wasabi working together in harmony, you know how to work both your strengths and weaknesses to achieve a great end goal for you and the whole team. 

The ray of sunshine

Your Japanese KitKat Flavour Based On Your Office Personality - The ray of sunshine

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The office can get tense sometimes because of many deadlines and big projects. But you serve all the positivity in the room. Your optimistic personality easily uplifts everyone's mood and you are known high and low in the ranks as someone who is kind and gets well with everyone. That's why the KitKat Strawberry Cheesecake flavour is your right match. Irresistible, just the right amount of sweet, and not too intimidating which makes it ideal for even the pickiest of eaters, you share the idea of being a safe company without being short of fun and interesting. 

The problem solver

Your Japanese KitKat Flavour Based On Your Office Personality - The problem solver

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Enigmatic and calm, you're often the brains behind some of the team's biggest breakthroughs, especially when trouble arises. You often butt heads with people because of your strong-willed persona and your straightforward approach to matters but everyone knows to respect your opinions because you do the same with others. Your openness to see every angle makes you a great collaborator despite your unusual way of seeing things, making the KitKat Itohkyuemon Roasted Tea your perfect snack persona. Made in collaboration with Uji, one of Kyoto's long-established teahouses, this candy bar mixes tradition and novelty in one rich and delectable flavour, much like your personality that's utterly compelling despite being intuitive and reserved.

The party planner

Your Japanese KitKat Flavour Based On Your Office Personality - The party planner

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As the resident social butterfly, you're automatically in-charge of planning, whether it's someone's birthday or something as big as the team Christmas party. You know all the best drinking hubs and the food places with the most upvotes. You have a way to convince almost everyone to join the get-togethers you organise. But that's not to say you're a total party animal. You know how to have a good time but know what type of partying suits the occasion. You take care of your guests and know that the party isn't just about you, but also about everyone's enjoyment. This makes you a solid party planner — and reliable friend and teammate — for all types of gigs. So your perfect fit? Something sweet and crisp in flavour but goes in with a kick like the KitKat Masuizumi Japanese Sake to match your chameleon-like personality.

The style icon

Your Japanese KitKat Flavour Based On Your Office Personality - The style icon

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Every office has a style maven and in yours, that's you. You're someone who always gets compliments about your outfit or your makeup and you're even the go-to person for advice when it comes to these matters. Whether or not you're making a conscious effort, your officemates just know that you're the one to look up to when it comes to an elevated girl boss aesthetic. Just like the KitKat Shinshu Apple flavour, you pack on the sweetness, the spunk, and the impeccability without going over-the-top. 

The office mum

Your Japanese KitKat Flavour Based On Your Office Personality - The office mum

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Does someone need some headache meds? You've got some in your purse. Notice that the newbie keeps on eating junk foods? You share with them your home-cooked lunch the next day. Whether or not you're an actual mum, you're a natural carer and no one can deny it. Chances are, you're the mum friend back when you were in school and it translated even now that you're already working. Everyone adores you for it. Just like the KitKat Momiji Manju flavour that relates to the popular comfort food confection in Hiroshima, you give a taste of home and warmth to your officemates when it comes to both words and actions. 

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Would you believe we're already halfway through the year? With all the hustling, deadlines, and personal agendas we had to work through, we say a little mid-year pick-me-up is necessary. For us, that comes in the form of retail therapy, with some 'me time' on the side. Because nothing beats recharging and gearing up for what's ahead.

So what's on our mid-year wishlist? We're currently looking at these fashion, beauty and lifestyle picks for an empowering daily routine that will help us survive the rest of the busy year. 


Deputy Editor

Clozette Covets: Glamglow GentleBubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser


"I have to admit: cleansers are not my most favourite skincare products. But cleansing is the first step to a good routine, so surely, it should hold a bit more weight, right? So I’m putting more premium on it now and will start with the Glamglow GentleBubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser on my to-get list. Aside from its super fun packaging that’s truly hard to miss, it’s got hydrating, softening and protecting properties thanks to apple extract, vitamin E, Teaoxi Green Tea Leaf and oat amino acids — yes, all that on top of cleansing."


Features Writer and Campaign Executive

Clozette Covets: Furla x Hello Kitty

Price unavailable

"I believe that every woman cannot leave the house without a trusty bag. And yes, you can blame it on the fact that our clothes usually don't have very reliable pockets (if they have any at all). But we've embraced the piece like an extension of our personalities and choosing the right one is just as personal as one's own skincare routine. So as soon as I saw Furla x Hello Kitty's latest collaboration, I knew I found pieces that fit my taste just right. Elevating Hello Kitty's fun and quirky vibe is Furla's chic and sophisticated aesthetic, making it perfect for kids-at-heart like me who deal with #adulting on the daily."


Features Writer and Community Specialist

Clozette Covets: Rouge G de Guerlain

Left to right: Guerlain Rouge G Matte Shades, SGD48; Guerlain Rouge G Cases, SGD31


"As cliché as it may seem, no one can deny that a red lip has unbeatable allure. The colour is bold, empowering and unapologetic wearing one is like saying to the world that you're unstoppable. Over the years, I've tried many red bullets and now have my all-time favourites, but it wouldn't hurt to add another tube to my collection. This month, I'm eyeing the Rouge G de Guerlain in the shade Rouge Intense. The best part is that you can even customise the case that comes with it when you purchase one. So chic!"


Features Writer

Clozette Covets: Dyson Lightcycle Task Light


"My eyes are suffering from fatigue a lot more lately and it makes it difficult for me to manage my daily tasks efficiently. That’s why I’m excited for Dyson’s Lightcycle Task Light, which is engineered to adjust automatically throughout the day to give you the perfect light. The desk lamp adapts to your local daylight and age, so you get the optimum brightness and temperature you need. Hopefully, when it’s released this July, it can finally reduce my eye strain and help me enjoy my night-time reading once more."


Community Executive

Clozette Covets: SS19 EVISU x Keith Haring

Left to right: SS19 EVISU x Keith Haring shirt, SGD1,099; SS19 EVISU x Keith Haring sliders, SGD599

"After a week's long vacation in my favourite city, Tokyo, my enthusiasm for Japanese High-Street Fashion has not dwindled. A new playful collection featuring EVISU and legendary '80s pop-art artist Keith Haring has just been launched. The collection includes a range of t-shirts, denim shorts, beach boxers, beach slippers and all other fashion items in fun and colourful prints. Throw on an EVISU x Keith Haring tee, a pair of pool sliders and be ready to indulge in an artistic and creative summer."


Creative Lead

Clozette Covets: The Hustle 2019 movie

 "I have been wanting to watch The Hustle featuring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, who star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the dirty rotten men who have wronged them. Rebel Wilson, who studied law in her early days, fought in court for the rating of the movie as it was considered sexist towards men. I love such stories of women standing up for women! I can't wait to watch it." 

(Cover photo from: @guerlain; @furla)



When we were younger, puffy sleeves were part of ballgowns worn by our favourite Disney princesses. So its no wonder why when we grew up, it's a style trend that we can't seem to shake off. Our now elevated preferences when it comes to fashion still draw inspiration from our youthful aspirations and it's undeniable especially with these puffy-sleeved outfits sported by the Clozette Community.

Mellow yellow

FAVE 5: Puffy Sleeves - Lingwei

(Photo from: Lingwei)

Jumpsuit chic

FAVE 5: Puffy Sleeves - laveenab

(Photo from: laveenab)