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J-beauty is finally getting everyone’s attention, especially with Japanese drugstore beauty faves now becoming widely available here in the region. Aside from their premium quality, Japanese skincare has been highly regarded because of their use of potent ingredients. There’s no question regarding their effectiveness because some of the most popular natural ingredients they contain have been used for hundreds of years to nourish the skin. Want to get on the J-beauty hype? Look for these tried and tested Japanese skincare ingredients next time you shop.

Green Tea

Green tea powder

A great antioxidant, green tea has been used to ward off free radicals from the skin that causes acne. No wonder it has become such a popular skincare ingredient, not just in Japan but all over the world. What’s great with green tea is that it protects by maintaining its pH balance, so infection is prevented without leaving you too dry or too oily. Try out the cleansing effects of one of the most beloved Japanese skincare ingredients with Boscia Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask.


Rice plant

We tend to overlook this one as we so often see it as a staple on our dining tables. But did you know Japan has been using rice as a skincare ingredient for ages now? That’s right. Rice, or rice bran, specifically, is one of the most-trusted Japanese skincare ingredients of geishas. Aside from having antioxidant qualities, rice bran is known to soothe and smooth the skin. Hydrate your skin with a product like Kuramoto Bijin Komeyu Oil Essence. Containing cold-pressed rice bran and germ oil, the essence is rich with Vitamin E, perfect for battling the signs of ageing.

Camellia Oil

Camellia flowers

Looking to improve your skin’s elasticity? Set your sights on camellia oil that’s full of Omega 6 and other fatty acids that nourish the skin and tame redness. The natural oil is extracted from a flower called tsubaki or Japanese camellia. Used to heal minor tears and scars, the oil boosts skin cell renewal — perfect for acne-prone skin and those plagued with skin ageing. A product like the Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil won’t feel greasy, so you won’t feel heavy despite the moisture.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Of course, there are the sakura or cherry blossoms, which are perhaps one of the most popular Japanese skincare products in the market today. Like the camellia oil, sakura extract is rich in essential fatty acids, so these pinkish blooms are great for repairing the skin’s natural barriers and soothing the skin. Not only that, but they're also a rich source of caffeic acid and other anti-oxidants. To get supple and smooth skin, try to incorporate Shu Uemura Sakura: Hydrability Sakura Rose Petal Mask into your beauty routine.


Reishi mushrooms are potent Japanese skincare ingredients.

They might look weird, but reishi mushrooms are one of the most valued Japanese skincare ingredients. Known since the ancient times as the “mushroom of immortality”, these kidney-shaped fungi boosts your body’s vitality with their high anti-oxidant content. The herbal shroom helps blood circulation and fight toxins that cause premature ageing. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate harnesses the power of reishi, so include it in your daily skincare routine for a younger-looking complexion.

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With the haze and the other environmental pollution going on around us, nothing is more important than giving our skin the TLC that it deserves. Since it’s working double-time with the increasingly harsh environment we expose it to, we should be doing our due diligence in finding products that will protect and cleanse it well. From layering on sunscreen before you step out of the house to double-cleansing at the end of the day, these little rituals will help keep your skin healthy and glowing in the long run.

Sothys' Detox Energie Launch Event

With that in mind, French skincare brand Sothys Paris invited us to a cosy and intimate event at the Colony Coworking Space in Q Sentral in Malaysia last 23 September to witness the unveiling of the new Detox Energie™ skincare range. The event included a face yoga session, which wakes up your facial muscles and skin — similar to how a jade roller stimulates blood flow as you put on your skincare.

Know your skincare

Ingredients Station

Before we introduce the products in the collection, let’s talk about ingredients. There are three key ingredients that make the Detox Energie™ something that you should definitely try. First is the organic elderberry extract, which provides the skin with 92 per cent anti-pollution protection — something we all need with the haze! The collection also contains peptides, which detoxify your skin of toxic molecules found outdoors, indoors, and even within our bodies. Lastly, the collection uses organic Siberian ginseng root extract to boost your skin’s energy. This means your skin gets a power-up in absorbing your skincare products and synthesises it quicker for faster results.

Your new pollution-fighting starter kit

The Detox Energie Collection

Now on to the products. Sothys included five new products in this collection. Some items can be used day and night while some are best used during the day. Ahead, a rundown of the products, when to use them, and how to use them to get the best results.

Energizing Serum

Up first is the Energizing Serum, which can be used day and night. This helps the next products you apply sink into your skin quicker, which will deliver visible results faster. Gently massage it onto your skin before you move on to other products. This is one of the items that really caught our attention, as it provides a layer of protection from the pollution which may get through the other products that sit on top of it. It also has a nice subtle fragrance, if you don't mind a mild scent in your skincare products.

Depolluting Youth Cream

Next is the Depolluting Youth Cream, which you use after the Energizing Serum. Use it day and night to provide a protective barrier between your skin and pollutants as you go about your day, and then massage it onto your skin to help draw out residual impurities from your skin as you sleep.

Instant Energizing Corrector

Now, we all love makeup with skincare-based properties. We also love multi-functional products. You get both with the Instant Energizing Corrector, which you can use during the day as a makeup base or primer. This is another one of our favourites from the line because it helps your makeup last longer throughout the day while brightening up your skin. It transforms your skin's texture upon application, correcting any unevenness in your skin tone. 

Protective Depolluting Essence

Take your skincare a step further with the Protective Depolluting Essence for day and night. In tandem with the other products in the collection, it protects from and detoxifies your skin of pollutants and impurities gathered throughout the day.

Energizing Radiance Ampoules

To round off the collection, we have the Energizing Radiance Ampoules. Perfect for daytime, blend it with your foundation for a more glowing and radiant complexion.

Take it up a notch

Detox Energie Treatment

If you have some time and really want to pamper your skin, you can visit their outlets for an in-salon treatment. Their Detox Energie™ Intensive Treatment will give you two hours of skin-clearing and energising goodness. It begins with an intense detoxifying cleanse, which draws out the gunk and impurities from deep in your skin, leaving behind a fresh canvas. They will then introduce anti-pollution protection, which protects your skin from the harsh environment. This is then followed by youth oxygenation, breathing new life into your skin. After all this, they’ll do a skin rebalance to help your skin recover. A mask system is then used to protect and detox your skin from pollution. They end the treatment with a protection finish, a final protective layer that shields your skin from external impurities.

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There's more to celebrate in October than just Halloween or the nearing countdown towards the holidays. The 10th month of the year is also dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA), where initiatives aiming to educate and support this aspect of healthcare becomes even more amplified. Your participation in this movement can double as a form of leisure, self-care, and retail therapy because there are many beauty and fashion brands supporting breast cancer awareness initiatives that are open and happy to accommodate your help. Curious to see what they are? Keep reading.


Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives - PAZZION

A girl can never have too many shoes and what better way to add to your collection than getting one for a good cause? In line with their seventh-year anniversary, PAZZION launches a pair — in BCA's champion colour, pink — whose 30 per cent of the total proceeds will go to projects involving breast cancer awareness and early detection. Specially designed for the occasion, the Pink Stardust Flats stun with their glittering rose gold colour and foldable design that's perfect for any affair you have in mind, including visits to your local hospital to get checked!

Estée Lauder

Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives - Estee Lauder

Known for their annual 'pink' initiatives and year-round support towards breast cancer awareness, Estée Lauder is back at it again with their specially tagged items among their participating brands.

From 1 to 30 October 2019, check out the following offers that come with each corresponding donation range: the limited-edition Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair with Pink Ribbon Bracelet where SGD20 of the retail price per product goes to BCA initiatives; the Origins Think Bold Blooming Lipstick kit where SGD5 per purchase goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation; the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ with Pink Ribbon keychain promoting an SGD10 share per sale to the Breast Cancer Foundation; the Bobbi Brown Pink Lip Colour Duo where SGD32.50 per purchase go to Estée Lauder's breast cancer campaigns, and last but not least, SGD30 from the sales of the limited-edition La Mer Treatment Lotion also goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. If you're looking to restock your Estée Lauder faves, now's a great time to do it!


Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives - vans

(Photos from: vans.com)

Elevate your street style and make a statement as Vans also recently released their capsule collection with CoppaFeel, a UK-based breast cancer awareness organisation. Each shoe showcases amazing linework featuring women of different shapes, skin colours, and appearances, reminding us that breast cancer awareness should have no limits. USD200,000 of the proceeds will be donated to the organisation. 


Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives - ghd

(Photo from: ghdhair.com)

Looking to upgrade your hair styling tool collection? Look no further than ghd's Gold® Ink On Pink Styler, which promises an optimal styling experience without room for excessive hair damage. Not only will you get sleeker locks with the aid of this beauty tool, but you'll also be helping out their annual initiative to raise money for breast cancer awareness as every purchase of this product guarantees a USD10 donation to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organisation. Cool, right?


Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives - beautyblender

(Photo from: ulta.com)

We all know that changing your beauty sponge every now and then is a necessity so why not do it now that the timing is right? Beautyblender not only promises to deliver a flawless base finish this month but also pledges to share USD20,000 from sales of their Bubblegum Pink Blender dressed in a limited edition canister. If you're looking to buy a new beauty sponge, this might just be the sign — for a cause — that you're looking for.