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21 Jewel Changi Airport Photos That Will Captivate You

As seen on Instagram

Still waiting for a chance to see the newly launched Jewel Changi Airport? You are definitely not alone. Luckily for many of us, thousands of visitors have shared their experiences online so that we may see Singapore’s newest destination through their eyes. There will be plenty more to explore when the Canopy Park — an exciting activity space up on the fifth floor of Jewel featuring mazes, slides, sky nets, and more — opens on 10 June 2019, and we can’t wait. In the meantime, here are our favourite Jewel Changi Airport photos scouted from Instagram and its now-iconic Rain Vortex.

Glittering crystal clouds

Step through arches of scintillating crystal clouds as you enter via the main entrance — truly an ethereal sight.

Look up to the sky

The amount of natural light streaming through the glass dome adds to the charm of the breathtaking Rain Vortex. Depending on the time of day, you can literally see the unique waterfall in a new light each time! This is surely a must-see feature that we bet is even more beautiful in real life than in Jewel Changi Airport photos.

Take in the atmosphere

The Rain Vortex is certainly awe-inspiring, but do take a step back and appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the entire dome itself.

Strike a pose, snap your #OOTD

It really isn’t hard to take great Jewel Changi Airport OOTD photos. With the place's stunning scenery and gorgeous atmosphere, it naturally sets the stage for a beautiful portrait.

Heartwarming moments

The Jewel experience is not always just about the scenery and shops but also about the memories you create with your loved ones there. These heart-touching Jewel Changi Airport photos can also serve as an inspiration for your snap when you visit the place with your family and friends.

Challenge yourself with optical illusions

Some witty Instagrammers decided to get creative, and composed clever optical illusions featuring the Rain Vortex.

Evening light shows

Evening visitors can look forward to enjoying a mesmerizing five-minute light & music show featuring the Rain Vortex.

(Cover photo from: chloewl/@mp.erez)

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