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Jewel Changi Airport is Singapore's newest gem (pun intended). But did you know that aside from the marvellous sights, such as the Rain Vortex and the Shiseido Forest Valley, to see while you're there, you can also find gems of your own from the array of new brands and first-in-Singapore concept brands that have launched at these Jewel Changi Airport shops? Ahead, discover fun and functional additions to your lifestyle, no matter what your need is.

Shop Beauty

Make Hero and The Smell Lab at Jewel Changi Airport shops

(Left) Get ready to add items to your shopping basket at Make Hero, photo from qinlovesmacaronsss; (Right) A peek at the goodies at The Smell Lab, photo from Facebook/TheSmellLab

Explore Japanese beauty products without having to jet off to the Land of the Rising Sun at Make Hero. They carry Hirosophy, which offers skincare products and supplements for anti-ageing. They also offer underrated beauty brands sourced from different areas of Japan, like Natura and Parfait Amour Savon Savon

But if K-beauty's still more up your alley, head to The Orchid Skin right next door. They offer botanical skincare and cosmetic products that promise to give you younger-looking skin and pampering from head to toe.

For lovers of local, homegrown brand The Smell Lab is ready to take on the world with their new store one scent at a time. Be prepared to indulge in a holistic olfactory experience with their selection of products — from aromatherapy to skincare to body care. Plus, make it personal with a bespoke scented product in their DIY lab space.

Shop Fashion

Oysho and Obermain at Jewel Changi Airport shops

(Left) Explore swimwear, loungewear and more from OYSHO, photo from @oysho; (Right) One of the sleek pieces to discover from Obermain

Looking for comfortable but high-quality pieces that will fit your sometimes laid-back but mostly active lifestyle? OYSHO is the place to go at Jewel Changi Airport shops. Check out their selection of lingerie, gym wear and beach wear at their Mediterranean-inspired store.

Meanwhile, Japanese fashion brand EVISU returns with a bang through their concept store. Known for their expertise in denim, EVISU serves up premium selections and customised denim wear at their 1,215-square feet store designed with a mix of British and traditional Japanese style in mind.

And then, spoil yourself and the men in your life with stylish but comfortable handcrafted shoes from German brand Obermain. They offer a wide range of designs that can go from day to night — from casual sandals to dressy oxfords. Plus, they have pretty purses and clutches, too. 

Shop Lifestyle

Miss Hosay and Pokemon Centre at Jewel Changi Airport shops

(Left) Looks good to eat but they're scent air fresheners from ScentScoops at Miss Hosay, photo from; (Right) Just a couple of the goodies you'll find at Pokemon Centre

More Muji? Yes, please. Enjoy perusing through the many selections at the Japanese lifestyle brand's first double-storey store in Singapore. After you've gone through the clothes, pens and more, grab a bite of the Jewel-exclusive set meal prepared in a unique mixture of Japanese cooking styles and Singaporean methods at the largest Cafe&Meal restaurant in the country.

Hankering for a feel-good fix? Walk straight to novelty gift shop Miss Hosay and immediately get a pick-me-up with their treasure trove of colourful and avant-garde offerings. Some of the brands you can enjoy there are KeepCup Australia, ScentScoop Thailand and Awesome Map Germany.

If that's not enough, take the kids in your life — or the kid within you — to a trip to the Pokemon Centre, the first official merchandise store outside Japan. Get greeted by Lapras and Pikachu and marvel at the merchandise based on the hit series before you buy one — or catch 'em all.

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Fashion is a fickle thing. As they say in Project Runway, "In fashion, one day you're in, and the next you're out." Hot trends can fade from popularity as quickly as they came into prominence. But then, that could also work in reverse. Lately, we have been seeing various former fashion faux pas transform into cool kid favourites. Ahead, the trends that are tacky then but trendy now.

Fanny packs

Fancy Fanny Packs

(Photo from: Theskinniestjean)

Nothing on this list had a more dramatic transformation than the fanny pack. So much so that in order to shed its former reputation, the piece was even renamed "the belt bag". Even luxury brands have been releasing their own versions of this now-coveted accessory. Why the sudden change? We're guessing the appeal of going hands-free never really faded and it was just a matter of time before the fanny got a chic makeover.


Logomania Outfit

(Photo from: deeyeenjazmine)

We've talked about how to rock the logomania trend in detail last year. Back then, it was just all about adding some brand monogram pieces into your ensemble. It wasn't until late last year that it became a full-blown head-to-toe aesthetic with some fashionistas decking themselves in different logos. If you're wondering why logomania became so big, we say it could largely be attributed to the '80s retro look that's also become another huge trend in the past months.

Tracker pants

Tracker Pants

(Photo from: margasayson)

This street style staple was once shunned for its bulky silhouette but somehow in 2019, the tables have turned. Tracker pants are now a must-have in every gal's wardrobe! While skinny jeans are yet to be replaced as the most popular pants style, there's no denying that trackers are one of the biggest contenders right now. We guess comfort is the new hottest trend?

Dad sneakers

Dad Sneakers Outfit

(Photo from: cforcassan)

Unlike the mom jeans (which was received well right away), many have hesitated to rock huge dad sneakers. In time, we got endeared by this chunky footwear. Although if we're going to be honest, we're still not sure why. Maybe it was because of the prettier designs? You tell us.

Transparent footwear

See-Through Sandals

(Photo from: christyfrisbee)

In our teen years, see-through sandals were a major style no-no — especially if you pair them with socks. It was the kind of footwear dorky characters in rom-coms would wear. Naturally, we stayed away from these things until it got a major makeover and comeback at CHANEL's Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Now that we're seeing it in a new light, we're ready to give it another chance.

(Cover photo from: Theskinniestjean)

Next, check out these outfits fit for boss babes.



These days, 'girl boss style' has become a fashion genre of its own. Distinguished by sleek pieces that are as stylish as they are functional, this type of look has become a mainstream favourite for ladies of today. But we all know that popularity is a double-edged sword and in the case of boss babe fashion, it's becoming harder and harder to put together a fresh look that won't seem like a uniform that everybody else wears. To help you spice up your girl boss look, we scouted some awesome styling ideas from the Clozette Community.

Prints galore

Girl Boss Outfit Inspiration

(Photo from: Cherzinga)

Mixing prints is a bold but tricky technique to pull off. It will certainly freshen up your girl boss style if you do it right but one wrong move and it's a guaranteed disaster. Take a cue from Clozette Ambassador Cherzinga and pair two similar prints with each other. Make sure that the colour palette is complementary; as a rule of thumb when mixing prints, one piece should be darker than the other to create depth. Another thing to note is to wear one solid piece that can serve as a visual break.

A modified 'Steve Jobs look'

A modified 'Steve Jobs look'

(Photo from: thatgirltrixie)

Elizabeth Holmes may have nailed adopting that 'Steve Jobs look' but we've found a much more interesting modification to this style inspired by Star Clozetter Trixie. Instead of pairing a black turtleneck top with the usual grey slacks or skinny jeans, mix it up wearing a cute bandage wrap skirt. It adds an interesting detail without sacrificing elegance. Add some statement earrings and you're all good!

Cute crops

Cute crops

(Photo from: qiyunz)

If you're working at a creative company, there's a good chance that you're allowed to sport pieces that are considered to be too 'daring' in a corporate setting. Take this opportunity to experiment with bold styles like wearing a crop top underneath a suit. It's a new take on the usual lady suit look and it's just as fierce. Look to Clozette Ambassador Qi Yun for inspiration on how to pull off this style.

The little white shirt

The little white shirt

(Photo from: Leannelow)

Going for a laidback girl boss look? Try this ensemble by Star Clozetter Leanne. At first, you'd think it's too carefree for an office setting but with a few additions, you can totally rock this at the workplace. Like Leanne, opt for sleek close-toed footwear such as a pair of black boots. You can also add some accessories like statement arm candy and a unique belt for a more distinct look. Lastly, don't forget to choose a structured bag to balance your laidback outfit.

Pile on the pastels

Pile on the pastels

(Photo from: SunshineKelly)

Since it's summer, why not brighten up your wardrobe a bit? It will surely shake things up from usual monochromatic lady boss outfits! Remember to pick bright colours that go well together like pink and yellow or baby blue and lavender so the ensemble will still look elegant no matter what. If you're not sure how to put together a colourful girl boss look, check out Clozette Ambassador Kelly's outfit as a guide. 

(Cover photo from: Cherzinga)