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K-Summer Travel Diary: Boryeong Mud Festival

Summer is the time for festivals; and here in South Korea, there is a popular annual summer festival which attracts thousands of people from all over the world! The Boryeong Mud Festival is in its 18th year and is done annually at Boryeong, a two hour drive from Seoul, along the west coast of South Korea. Every year the Daecheon beach is packed with many stations of fun-filled and wild mud experiences!

Clear skies and amazing weather greeted the team as we reached Boryeong at around 12pm. We arrived during the first day of the festival, so we were as excited as the organizing committee were! 

We made sure to slap on loads of sunscreen (very important!), using the trusty Shiseido Anessa Perfect Essence UV Spray (SPF 50+ PA+++) for the face and the Sunplay Water Cool Body Mist Sunscreen (SPF 75 PA+++) for the  body. These sunscreen sprays have been the go-to sunscreens for the summer for their non-own greasy formula, and easy application. Sunscreen is definitely a must for the festival to prevent your skin from getting burned after many hours under the mud and sun.

Before the festival, we went to the beach just to get our bodies cooled down and ready for the event. Even without the mud festival, the Daecheon beach is also a popular place for Koreans in Boryeong city to visit. 

The mud festival had a variety of events from the Hite booth (ice cold beer on a hot summer day is like no other!), soccer in the mud, the mud prison, mud slide and many many many more! There was also the colour mud painting booth which allowed the mud painters to get creative on you! 

Not only can you have fun and go wild at the festival, the mud contains properties which are good for the skin as well. The mud used at the festival is from the seashore mud of Daecheon Beach; and the mud water was also extracted from the mud powder. It is good for revitalizing and releasing the waste and dirt on your skin. There are also components of the mud which help in collagen production and pore tightening. 

Mud has been a known source for skincare, ever since the ancient times where it was rumoured that Cleopatra had mud in her make-up. So it was no surprise that the Boryeong Mud Festival also had a mud cosmetics booth and a mud experience centre. There were a wide range of mud cosmetics available, from body wash to mud lotion and mud toner.

Wondering what to try when you get there? This mud essence masks sheets were a definite must-have. It's full of nutrients from the mud water of Boryeong, combined with collagen which calms, moisturises, and restores the tightness of the skin. 

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The festival is going to be on till the 26th of July 2015, so if you happen to be in Korea, do check out the festival and their range of mud cosmetics!

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