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Who Is Kaia Gerber & Why Is She Up-and-Coming?

Here's the 411

From mere faces in print ads and TV commercials to being named and idolised by many, the era of the supermodel has indeed evolved from being 'mysterious' and 'unreachable' to the spontaneous personalities we openly know. And, as the gene pool of this industry would suggest, it's safe to say that it's inevitable to have members of fashionable or fashion-related families make their way into the runway. Now, we've heard of the Hadid sisters and their BFF Kendall Jenner. There's also Lily Rose-Depp and Paris Jackson whose names are all too familiar because of their famous parent. Just a couple of months ago, a new name was added to the list of 'up-and-coming' modelling personalities — Kaia Gerber. And it got people thinking, "who is she?"  So ahead, we give you a few facts on this rising fashion royalty. 

She's got modelling in her genes

It was crazy when the news of her 16th birthday was somehow covered by almost every fashion and celebrity publication that made everybody question who this girl is. Well, one of the most important Kaia Gerber facts you must know is that she's the daughter of entertainment industry businessman Randy Gerber (who happens to be Hollywood A-lister George Clooney's best friend) and supermodel and fashion icon Cindy Crawford — yes, the Cindy Crawford. Now, both she and her brother Presley are on-route to making their own modelling history.

Versace and Vogue were a huge part of her childhood

Another one of the most important Kaia Gerber facts you must know: she started her career young. At the age of 10, which is nine years shy from when her mum started her modelling career, Kaia was already posing her way through fashion magazines and campaigns, one of which was for Young Versace. She's also posed alongside her mum in French Vogue. By 14 and 15, she's had stints for TeenVogue, Armani, and got to be in her first ever solo magazine cover. Amazing, right?

But she still fangirled over other celebs

Speaking of pre-teens, even with both high-profile parents and a modelling career at a young age, Kaia was not immune to the heavy-filter style vibe of the early 2000s, especially when posting selfies with celebs like Snoop Dogg, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles!

She's also obsessed with her dogs

In between her amazing runway looks and gorgeous selfies, Kaia also posts a lot about her Maltese-Yorkie mixes named Sugar and Widget on Instagram. In fact, her first ever Instagram post was a photo of Widget! Because hey, even models can't resist a dog's charm. 

She debuted at this year's NYFW with a bang

Even beyond the cute selfies and the dog photos, this was a testament that this girl is no ordinary teen. It was like as soon as she finished blowing her candles and passing her driving test after her 16th birthday, Kaia took fashion week by storm by walking for Alexander Wang, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and even Rihanna's Fenty x Puma collab at New York Fashion Week. Whether she was under a lot of pressure for having everyone's eyes on her for this first run, needless to say, she made it look easy. Not bad to add to your first ever runway portfolio! 

(Cover photo from: @kaiagerber)

Kaia is truly making waves, and not just in the U.S. but also in many different parts of the world. Did you know that she's also a brand ambassador for Filipino clothing brand Penshoppe?