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Will You Buy Beauty Products From Kanye West?

Yeezy Beauty, anyone?

Kanye West is a man of many trades. He's a rapper, songwriter, fashion designer, and possibly the latest beauty entrepreneur related to the Kardashian-Jenner clan. You heard that right. Aside from vying for the US presidential seat in 2024, he's also eyeing the beauty market. This multihyphenate just filed a cosmetic trademark for "Yeezy", which will cover lifestyle products, skincare and "makeup, false eyelashes, facial masks, nail polish, moisturisers, bath gels, body oils, shaving cream, hair care products and perfumes" according to a report by TMZ.

What does this mean for the industry?

But what does this mean for an industry whose most popular faces are of women including Kanye's own wife Kim Kardashian West and sister-in-law Kylie Jenner, whose namesake brand recently got bought by beauty giant Coty? Could it be a gateway to finally normalising cosmetics for males? Would people be comfortable with buying makeup items from a controversial figure? So many questions are running through our minds so let's backtrack a bit.

It's probably a fragrance line

In the noughties, Kanye had a deal with Parlux along with Rihanna and Jay-Z; while the two released fragrances of their own, it was revealed that Kanye's deal fell through, as investigated by Harper's Bazaar. Back then, almost every celebrity came up with a fragrance line — Christina Aguilera's Secret Potion, Paris Hilton's Fairy Dust, Kylie Minogue's Pink Sparkle and so on. It was just the thing to do back then — a trendy venture for celebrities, just like how beauty brands are now. So our bet is that Kanye will launch a fragrance line instead of a full-on beauty brand a la Rihanna's Fenty Beauty. 

An untapped market

But in the event that Kanye would really release a cosmetic line, it could be groundbreaking. After all, male-oriented beauty is a fairly untapped market worth billions. This may also lessen the stigma that comes with males using skincare and makeup products. We're not gonna lie, that is an exciting prospect to think about. Right now, beauty lines for men are still on the sidelines. Often, all men's beauty products are relegated to just a single corner of an entire beauty store underlining the limited options. Sometimes, men even use or share makeup and skincare products for women, which is okay. But there are still so many beauty-related ways that men and women are different, so having a dedicated beauty line could be beneficial. Could Yeezy Beauty be joining the likes of Boy de Chanel and Baxter Of California?

The news of Kanye's possible upcoming Yeezy Beauty line definitely came as a surprise, so we're curious how it will fit into — or even stand out from — the current scene. This makes us wonder: will you buy beauty products from him?