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Is Skin Botox The True K-Beauty Secret For Instant Glass Skin?

Hallyu-like skin minus the 10-step skincare routine?

Many skincare trends have come and gone this past couple of years. But nothing would probably beat the fame of K-beauty's glass skin. This coveted complexion broke the global reign of matte beauty looks and gave way to more glowy and dewy skincare and makeup trends. 

Now, fast-forward to a couple of months after the glass skin trend has moved away from the limelight, many people may have already swapped their tedious K-inspired beauty routines for something more practical. But there's no denying that the idea of achieving glass skin through a minimised routine is still something that we're all thinking about. After all, who doesn't dream of having chok-chok skin à la BLACKPINK's Jisoo or the ageless K-drama queen Song Hye Kyo? Here's a catch though: the secret to glass skin may not lie in a nightly skincare routine after all. 

According to a recent story by Allure, the secret to South Koreans' smooth and poreless skin may just be a procedure called 'Skin Botox' or 'mesobotox'. Known as one of Seoul's most popular injectables, it is said to be an instant method to get your glass skin goals. But how different is it from the botox we already know of and is it something you should consider getting? 

Your usual botox versus 'skin botox'

Botox — or botulinum toxin, if you want to get technical — is a neurotoxin that is used to paralyse the underlying muscles under the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is also procedurally used to treat excessive sweating (usually for the underarms) and other muscular-related disorders. Despite raising alarm for its tendency to be poisonous or cause respiratory failure, botox is still known to be the world's most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment. 

Is Skin Botox The True K-Beauty Secret For Instant Glass Skin?  - Botox vs skin botox

In principle, skin botox or mesobotox is no different. The difference between the two is where the neurotoxin is injected, with skin botox being applied on the skin's dermis to target the pores rather than deep into the muscles. Most skin botox procedures also use botulinum toxin diluted with hyaluronic acid. This is to ensure that the skin retains a certain glow or moisture despite it being stiffened or paralysed to reduce texture. It is also said to look more natural compared to the results of traditional botox.

If you're wondering about how fast the results are, the skin botox also has the upper hand. As soon as the procedure is over, the skin's glow and tightened appearance show immediately, much to its claim of delivering 'instant glass skin'. This is in comparison to a regular botox where it would take two to three weeks before taking full effect. 

When it comes to price, there is definitely a big margin between the two, especially if you're getting them in South Korea. According to some sources, South Korean traditional botox procedures cost 50 per cent less compared to other countries. On the other hand, a whopping KRW350,000 and up (USD296+++) is what's needed for a skin botox procedure.

Is Skin Botox The True K-Beauty Secret For Instant Glass Skin?  - Desired Results

This is considering that some skin botox treatments also infuse vitamins and other ingredients apart from botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid into its injectable to give the skin that instant glow. And while it might not be as effective as regular botox when it comes to heavy lines, skin botox works flawlessly (no pun intended) in making fine wrinkles disappear.

As for the longevity of the effects, both procedures only last for three to six months. However, because of the skin botox's immediate results, at least you can flaunt your skin earlier than when you get a regular botox. 

Should you get a skin botox? 

The idea of skin botox, when compared to its traditional counterpart, looks promising in almost all angles. However, just like any other beauty procedure, don't forget to approach this with caution. The treatment still uses botulinum toxin which — as the name suggests — has toxic elements that may cause muscle weakness, vision problems, bladder control issues and even blood poisoning if it spreads throughout the body. This is why it's important to consult your doctor for any possible complications that may arise and ensure that you are getting the treatment done in an accredited facility. 

Is Skin Botox The True K-Beauty Secret For Instant Glass Skin?  - Safety and caution

And sure, nothing beats a swift procedure to get you the results you want. But in our opinion, if you have more patience, looking to save some moolah, and are in it for long-term results, having a traditional skincare routine is still the best route to take.