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If there's one era we'd like to go back to, it would be the seventies. It was a time of carefree, eclectic, gypsy, and bohemian looks we have all grown to love today. This year, Bershka has introduced that era again in their Spring/Summer Collection. Dresses, flowy blouses, fringe, ethnic prints, hats, and light fabrics are definitely back in style this 2015!

We got a preview of their collection and styled some pieces together for you to try! Here are our top 3 looks.


If you're looking to make a boho-chic statement, then this fringed kimono poncho is the item for you. Pair it with high-waisted denim shorts, a burgundy hat, and nude booties for that casual, flowy ensemble great for summer music festivals or just a day in the park with your friends. 

If you think bohemian looks are sloppy, you're wrong. It's all about accessorizing. What really pulls this look together is the addition of the metallic necklace, bringing a statement detail to an otherwise loose, flowy silhouette. This look will be great for cafe dates with friends, paired with black boots or oxfords.

The loose white blouse and distressed boyfriend jeans paired with glam dangling earrings and black booties is a classic way to pull-off a modern, bohemian look. It captures the free-spirit of the trend while still adding a touch of the modern-casual--definitely a great alternative to the usual T-shirt and jeans ensemble,



I love how minimalist jewellery is able to add a breath of life to everyday outfits. These accessories can easily be found in most retail stores such as H&M, Forever 21, Lovisa or even the highly popular China shopping site - Taobao at affordable prices!

Here are some ideas on how to experiment with these jewellery and incorporate them in your everyday look!



Necklaces from Taobao

Layered necklaces are in trend right now since they're so versatile and effortless. These necklaces from Taobao are sold as a set and you can wear them with a plain tee or a laid-back white shirt to let the necklace shine on its own. 

Midi Rings

Midi Rings from Forever21

Midi rings are best worn when stacked together. These accessories can add the finishing touches to any look, from casual to formal wear.

Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets from Time After Time

Wear your heart on your sleeve and in this case, even on your wrists! Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, a charm bracelet featuring the letter of a loved one can be a sweet way to show your significant other how you're always thinking about them too!


Earrings from Taobao

Regardless if they come in dangle or studs, minimalist earrings are all about the little details. The best part is that you can wear them however you like no matter what outfit you may have on!

Hair Accessories

Hair Clip from Taobao

For someone like me who doesn't have the perfect hair parting to rock tribal head pieces, I choose to go for minimalist-looking hair pins to add a touch of detail to my hair. You can wear them with a side braid or even a messy bun to complete the look.



Blazers are one of the few things that you should have in your closet as it is a timeless staple that adds dimension, structure, and at times a pop of colour to your outfit. It's a must-have item that can quickly turn an outfit from casual to chic in an instant! Just throw it over a plain-Jane look and you're good to go for the day's activities. 

So if you're feeling a little bit dull with "normal" looking OOTDs, the best solution is to add a blazer (and maybe a few accessories) to twist your look from casual to chic. 

To help you out, here are some looks from our lovely Fashion Community that are great blazer OOTD inspirations. 


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Clozette Ambassador, cassansaurusanaesi, is looking super bad-ass in this distressed denim pants + top + red blazer combo. Folding the sleeves of the blazer rather than wearing it as it is adds a casual vibe to the look. And we also love how the red colour pops in contrast to the rest of her monochrome outfit. If you're not a fan of bright colours, opt for a darked shade like this marsala-hued blazer from Forever 21.

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We just adore this play on white by HLRYYS . Her look is both super dainty and polished. Wearing a white blazer over an all-white outfit can be quite a challenge as an all-white ensemble may make you look too washed out. What you should remember is to then play with the textures and prints. For example, if your top is made of lighter fabrics like silk, add another dimension to the look by topping it off with a textured blazer like this one from River Island.

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Look pastel pretty just like Clozette Ambassador, chinobcena! A sweet, all-white outfit can be given a little boost by simply adding a pastel-coloured blazer. If you're the certain type of gal that just adores pastel, then this blazer by Romwe is your best bet. It won't just make you look chic, it will also make you look dainty, sweet, and oh-so-girly! 

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Glam up a casual outfit with a floral-print blazer as seen on AprilNunez. Floral-printed clothes come in many shapes and sizes, including blazers. It brightens up any look with its bold and graphic floral prints, perfect for those who wants to complement their outfit with an eye-catching statement piece. This floral print blazer by River Island would look great over a classic tank top and jeans ensemble and paired with nude pumps.

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Another look from our Clozette Ambassador, cassansaurusanaesi, is one where she uses a black blazer to complement her skirt's structured shape. While we love our coloured and printed blazers, a long black blazer is still the ultimate closet staple because black looks good on everything! A long blazer such as this one from Coast is good to pair with almost anything because it effortlessly converts any outfit to something chic and sophisticated.