Should We Be Upset About Kim Kardashian's Body Foundation? | Clozette

About five days ago, Kim Kardashian launched her "ultimate body perfecting secret," which was revealed to be a body foundation. It's not groundbreaking; it's far from innovative (Sally Hansen has been selling Airbrush Legs as early as the noughties and Huda Beauty launched a similar product two months ago), and yet the reaction to its release is very, very strong.

How come? Well, people are divided. Some are saying that the body foundation is unnecessary and just perpetuates impossible standards of beauty. Actress Jameela Jamil is one of the most prominent figures to slam the KKW Beauty Skin Perfecting Body Foundation. In a tweet, she expressed her distaste for the product and encourages her followers to just "save money and time" rather than buying and using Kim Kardashian's latest launch.

Even the comments section of Kim Kardashian's posts about the newly launched body foundation became a platform for some not so friendly debate. Some users are leaving remarks that disapprove not only of this 'controversial' product but of makeup in general. "Insecurities wouldn't exist if makeup doesn't exist," says one netizen. But is it really true? And does Kim Kardashian's Body Foundation really deserve the flak it got?

I don't think so. The way I see it, using the KKW Beauty Skin Perfecting Body Foundation is no different from using colour-correcting creams, concealers and even face foundation. It's a personal choice that no one should be pressured to do (or not do!).  

In an ideal world, we'll all be accepting of ourselves and never feel bad about any aspect of our being, but that's not the case. For some people, putting on makeup to camouflage imperfections like pimples, undereye bags, hyperpigmentation or, in Kim's case, Psoriasis makes them feel better and more confident. Meanwhile, others like Winnie Harlow found empowerment in embracing their skin condition. To each their own, as they say.

Just because a celebrity uses a particular beauty product doesn't mean that we are all obliged to follow. We all have the right to decide how our face and body should look like. Kim K. is simply giving us an option, but ultimately, it's your choice.

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Hoping to add a boost of confidence to your day? Go bold and inject a touch of fierceness to your daily look with leopard prints. Feel free to experiment with different pieces or even incorporate the classic print in your makeup look. The key is to own it and strut through the streets with your confidence. Check out how the ladies of the Clozette Community showcased their very own leopard looks.

Boardwalk glam

Woman wearing a leopard print dress

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We have seen them left and right since last year. Beaded bags are trending and they are everywhere! There’s no doubt that they stole the spotlight in the ’90s, but they’re back on our favourite bloggers and celebrities’ ensembles. Its revival is credited by Vogue Paris to Susan Alexandra, whose eponymous brand features designs of jewellery and purses that will entice the kid in you, including the multicoloured beaded bags.

Whether these beaded bags come in technicolour or just simple huge white pearls that are sewn together, it’s difficult to not be tempted to get one or two for ourselves. Itching to know where to find them? Here are some of the brands to check out.

Melissa Zakka

Melissa Zakka beaded bags

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Melissa Zakka has specially handcrafted and embroidered bags that are not only stylish but also puts a value on tradition. Just imagine holding this bag to a tea party or a quick mall stroll in a white dress. Get yours through online shopping here or drop by their Singapore store at 333A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery #04-30 Singapore 238897.


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You may usually see trendy beaded bags shaped like a box, but Jakarta-based brand Moteku offers them in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colours. Be bold and pair these bags even with your printed shirts and dresses. You can shop for Moteku bags here.

Susan Alexandra

(Photo from: Susan Alexandra)

Why not get it straight from the trend’s source, Susan Alexandra herself? The brand just recently introduced the Pride Bag and its proceeds will go to AVP, an organisation that empowers members of the LGBTQ community and HIV-affected communities. Any Susan Alexandra bag goes well in plain dressing like a white top and a denim bottom like what Gigi Hadid did here. You can get yours here.


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This is definitely your new go-to accessory. Pastel faux pearl bags like this deserve attention together with your favourite long dress and a matchy pair of sunnies. Own one from here.

Urban Outfitters

(Photo from: Urban Outfitters)

Follow the trend and still vibe the minimalist in you. Urban Outfitters’ black beaded tote bag is for you who likes to bring more than two or three essentials. It’s better to be ready for anything than not! You can also tie a red scarf around to add attitude! Shop it here.


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Zara has a way to change the game. Its Natural Beaded Oval Crossbody Bag has a wooden handle and comes in black and white. You’ll never go wrong because of its versatility. One can definitely sport it either for casual dates or formal events. Get it here.

(Cover photo from: Melissa Zakka and Topshop)

The beaded bag is one of our favourite comebacks. Here are some more.