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Kim Robinson's 3 Tips For Gorgeous Hair

(cover photo from qiyunz)

We always emphasise on how brows can frame our face. It’s true, but more often than not, we fail to pay attention to the true – almost literal – frame of the face: our hair. A hairstyle can reflect your personality and enhance your overall ensemble, and it can even be a major confidence booster to power you through the day.

Kim Robinson at the media book launch of ‘Go Get Gorgeous’ in Singapore

With a career spanning over three decades, hair maestro Kim Robinson lives by the motto: Change your look, change your life. Having worked his hairdressing magic from the backstage of international fashion runways and magazines like Vogue, to the manes of A-listers the likes of Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li – we can’t help but agree that our hairstyles can actually make or break how we’d like to portray ourselves.

Last week, we got the chance to catch up with Kim Robinson when he was in Singapore to promote the launch of his new book, ‘Go Get Gorgeous’. This 173-page style guide for modern Asian women features a string of renowned personalities such as Hong Kong supermodel Kathy Chow, Taiwan actress Brigitte Lin, and international recording artist Sandy Lam.

‘Go Get Gorgeous’ cover model, August Zhang

What we find most endearing about the book is the story of cover girl, Chinese model August Zhang. After suffering from a career lull, her modeling life took a 360-degree turn after Kim transformed her look by simply changing up her hairstyle. Today, August is signed to international modeling agency, Wilhelmina Models, and was chosen as one of the faces for Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Pop Up Your Lips’ 2015 campaign. Is this what the motto ‘change your look, change your life’ truly means? We certainly think so.

In the book, Kim also penned down his top tips on achieving and maintaining beautiful hair, no matter your hair length and colour. To help you get started, we share Kim’s three tips for gorgeous hair:

Invest in a good cut

Kim Robinson sharing his tips for gorgeous hair

“A style can make you look incredibly beautiful, or be completely incorrect for the shape of your face. While all hairstyles will grow out or fade, it can seem like an eternity when the style itself is poorly cut or unflattering.”

Communicate deeply with your stylist

“(Your hairstylist) wants to give you the cut and style that you are looking for, but they can’t read your mind! Bring visuals. Using a visual guide to communicate with your stylist is always a good idea; it takes all of the guesswork out of it.”

A quality brush goes a long way

“Natural bristles are the best for styling – they are flexible, so they don’t snag or damage the hair or hurt the delicate skin on the scalp, while distributing the natural oils of the scalp evenly through the hair.

Rubble bristles are phenomenal to work with wet hair; which is when your hair is at its most vulnerable.”


Want more tips? You know where to find them! Now go get gorgeous! 

The Go Get Gorgeous book retails at S$48 (with a complimentary Kim Robinson cleanse-and-finish hair beauty voucher worth S$58!), and is available at Kim Robinson & Kinokuniya.