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As we enter the prime time of our life, promoting & maintaining a healthy skin is vital. Ageing is inevitable, therefore for us to age gracefully; we need to love and pamper our skin. Melvita, the French organic beauty care, understands this demand and provide a solution with their new Nectar Supreme range, which offers the secret to staying young and beautiful at any age. 

This range is a unique complex of precious nectar from the beehive and is everyone's answer to younger, more radiant looking skin. Melvita combined rare Kniphofia nectar with all of its precious ingredients from the beehive: the patented complex of three organic honeys, nourishing royal jelly (the secret to the queen bee’s longevity), and beeswax, with its unique moisturising properties. 

These ingredients are synonymous not only with the beehive, but also with life itself, as they encapsulate the age-old cycle of the hive. The bees feast on Kniphofia nectar, and then produce honey, wax and royal jelly. This exclusive blend of ingredients lies at the heart of a new range that reflects the very quintessence of Melvita’s expertise: Nectar Supreme. 

The Nectar Supreme range is also ideal for tired & aged skin caused by an unhealthy lifestyle as it replenishes and provides essential balance, like a divine gift from nature, to visibly smooth, illuminate, hydrate and densify matured skin. With this range, Melvita has succeeded in capturing an extra-rich formula in an ultra-light texture. The secret to this achievement is a new generation of organic texture agents obtained from beeswax. Upon application, the cream gives a pleasant fresh sensation while it sinks rapidly into the skin, leaving nothing behind but a sheer, barely perceptible film. For 100% of users, the texture is creamy and easy to apply! 


What comes to mind when you think of YG Entertainment? K-pop stars Big Bang, 2NE1 and Psy? We don't blame you, but you might want to start remembering this name: moonshot.

A beauty brand housed under YG Plus, the non-entertainment arm of YG Entertainment, moonshot is making its way to Singapore and Malaysia after its successful launch in October 2014. We attended the Korean beauty brand's debut event at Sephora Singapore last Saturday.

The moonshot boys at the brand’s debut launch in Sephora Singapore.

With its name derived from the launch of a spacecraft to the moon, moonshot celebrates boldness, youthfulness and individuality. From a company that has birthed exceptional artistes known for their unique sense of style (think G-Dragon), we wouldn't expect anything less from its very own beauty label.

moonshot makeup artist demonstrating the new Fall look.

And mind you, it's not just another gimmick riding on the YG name. The beauty brand is supported by LVMH and utilises its beauty experts to lend their expertise on cosmetics manufacturing. The result? A variety of quality products that boasts an incredible range of colours paired with long-lasting comfort.

Expect a full range of colours to match your everyday looks.

To cater to the humidity and preference for simpler makeup in Singapore and Malaysia, adaptations were made to specific products. Skincare and base makeup products, for instance, are formulated to deliver a cooling sensation upon application – definitely a plus to combat the tropical climate.

moonshot model (left) and host Shu An (right) in full moonshot makeup

There's no doubt that we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for the next moonshot collection. But for now, here are our picks from the brand's three signature categories:

Condition (Skincare Essentials)

Perfect Cleansing Oil, 250ml at SGD44; Skin Fuel Cream, 80ml at SGD56


Prepare (Base Products)

Multi Protection UV Bouncer SPF 50+ PA+++, 50ml at SGD53; Dark Spot Concealer, 7g at SGD35


Evolve (Colour Products)

Cream Paint, 7.5ml at SGD36; Jelly Pot, 7.5g at SGD34


Which moonshot item do you have your eyes on?

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(cover photo from TeawithMakeupMagic88)

Whether you're a student, a working girl, or a jetsetter, your urge for a girls' night out is undeniable. Thus, your go-to makeup bag should always be ready for a makeup transformation. And surprisingly, you don't need to remove everything entirely. You just need to wear the right makeup look during the day and change it up a bit from there for your night out!

Here are 6 things you need in your makeup bag for that easy peasy day-to-night makeup look transformation! 


Mineral Foundation 

(photo from Slowbrogal)

Take into account that your base makeup for the day should already provide you the coverage you need until night-time. We suggest you follow this base makeup routine and when the time for touch-up comes, use a mineral foundation.This kind of foundation provides sheer coverage that you can easily apply on top of your existing face makeup and it won't even look cakey. Make sure you remove excess oil first and apply with a makeup brush for an easy application. 

Eyeshadow Palette With Shimmery Colours 

(photo from Ericomomo)

A little bit of shimmer goes a long way. You don't need to bring your big eyeshadow palettes for your makeup bag, just bring your no-fail palette that includes shimmery colours for a glamorous eyeshadow colour. Or, if you have a make-your-own type of palette, add your favourite night-time makeup colours there for a quick MOTD transformation. 

Makeup Wipes

(photo from joycelynthiang)

Even if you may be adding more makeup to your existing look, you would still need your makeup wipes to remove either or both your eyeshadow and your lipstick colours. To ensure a hassle-free makeup removal, use a makeup wipe!


(photo from beautifulbuns)

Stock-up on dramatic falsies and add them to makeup bag whenever you feel like a Girls' Night Out is about to transpire later on. A pair of falsies add instant drama to your eye makeup look. In fact, you can do away with the rest and add these with a bold lipstick shade and you're good to go!

Contour Kit

(photo from SmitaDeSouza)

You should always bring your contour kit with you because you'll never know when the need for a defined face arises. Formal events and a fabulous night out with your girls are situations that demand a sculpted face. Amplify your base makeup by contouring the side if your cheeks, nose, and forehead for a defined face shape. Top it off with highlighted brow bones, cheek, nose, and cupids bow for an all-out glam MOTD for the night. 

Bold Lip Colour

(photo from fifiliciousify)

Night events are the perfect time for you to bring out those bold-coloured lip bullets. A bright red lipstick, plum shades, and even dark brown shades are definitely your best bets for an ultimate statement lip colour. Swipe this on your lips and your day-to-night transformation is complete!


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