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Is there anyone right now who still hasn't heard of Marie Kondo? If, for some reason, you are that person, here's a refresher: she's a Japanese consultant whose decluttering methods have inspired many people across the globe to have a more positive approach when it comes to organising. In line with the success of her recent Netflix series, we previously discussed the basics of the KonMari method. This highlights a methodologic and appreciative approach to organising, which is why it had people intrigued and got them trying it. 

Still, in all honesty, decluttering may be an exhilarating concept. But actually getting things done? Not so much. So if you need that extra push to start getting tidy, we highly suggest giving these organising apps a try and they will definitely "spark joy" back into your life.


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Balancing your to-do list both at work and in your personal life is undoubtedly overwhelming. And sure, you can take note of things in your planner or on your smartphone calendar. But when you're loaded with so many things to keep track of and many people to collaborate with, seeing the bigger picture is definitely the better option to ensure productivity. This is where Trello comes in. Whether it's for your personal to-do list or the work you do with a team, this app has it all. Acting like a bulletin board that provides you with access to the goings-on in your own schedule and your team's, this is collaboration and task designation made easy. 


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There's really nothing impossible anymore with today's technology. Now, with the Sortly app, you can catalogue everything you own, library style. Just take a photo of your belongings or scan their QR codes if they're available, store them in folders, and maybe even add details like expiry dates, warranties — you get the idea. This definitely comes in handy when you're at the planning stage of decluttering and just want to see what you can dispose of and keep sans the heavy moving and lifting. And if you're relocating, this can help you keep track of where is which, too. Neat, right?


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One of the stresses of having to organise is that it doesn't look and feel fun. And yes, even as adults, having fun while doing what you do should still be of utmost priority. Otherwise, it will be hard to sustain. So if you're someone who just can't stand organising because of how bland a chore it feels like, Habitica will definitely change your mind. This app turns your tasks into a game that tracks habits and goals while being rewarded in-game. And no, it's not just a silly point-and-click. We're talking full-on RPG where you'll battle monsters with fellow users. Tasks accomplished are equivalent to cool gear, mysterious quests, and in-game pets, and the more you get done, the stronger a player you'll be. You'll never procrastinate again with this as your guiding app.

Remember The Milk

iOS | Android

Named after a popular American running joke, this app will remind the heck out of you to ensure that you have your to-do list crossed out seamlessly. Featuring multi-platform integration using Gmail, Twitter, Skype and other social media apps, this will send you prompts across your accounts to make sure you get through your tasks even with a busy schedule. You can also easily sync it with multiple devices. Ever missed an appointment before? With this on your phone, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Unfilth Your Habitat

iOS | Android

Need an app that will scold you like a Howler from Harry Potter if you don't get your butt off the couch and start cleaning? Then this app is your gamechanger. Aside from allowing you to set checklists and reminders, this has a special feature of showing you some tough love (should you choose the maximum setting) to make sure you get your organising plans straight. Using a combination of guilt-tripping, a little swearing, and other random motivators that clap back when you're even just on the brink of thinking of an excuse, this will have a field day if you're at your laziest. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

More apps to make your life easy-breezy coming your way!



As a girl boss, you always have to be on. From sun up to sun down, it seems like there are always things to do, places to be and people to meet. Needless to say, your calendar is jam-packed and your days are booked. You never want to miss a beat, and so you deserve a companion that will help you stay on track while looking stylish at that. Here’s why the G-MS by BABY-G is just what you need — and keep on reading to find out how you can win and rock your very own pair.

It’s tough

From running errands to hopping from one appointment to another, being out and about makes you prone to mishaps. A bump on the pavement is just one of those few accidents that you might find yourself into while you hustle your way through the day. While you may get sidetracked by these speed bumps, you’re sure that your timepiece will survive the experience and continue to be your reliable companion.

The G-MS by BABY-G is shock-resistant and tough enough to protect against shocks and vibrations. It also has forge-drawn metal material that was pressed under high pressure, making it light but strong to withstand instances that may cause damage or trauma — perfect for sports, outdoor activities and whatever hustle and bustle you’ll be up against.

It’s reliable

A coffee spill? A puddle of water? Got caught in the rain? You’ll be glad to know that the G-MS by BABY-G is also water-resistant for up to 100 metres.

It’s power-efficient

Your busy schedule asks you to always be on the run and up and about. Slowing down is fine, of course, but halting may not be an option. So you need something that won’t die out on you. The G-MS by BABY-G has a Tough Solar-Changing Technology that converts not just sunlight but also fluorescent light and other sources into power. A battery change? You won’t need time for that. Plus, no matter how long your hours might be at work, the watch’s Super Illuminator high-brightness LED that lights up the dial can help you see the time easily and make you stay on top of your schedule.

It’s stylishly versatile

Whether you’re dressed to the nines or wearing something more on the realm of comfy, the G-MS by BABY-G is designed to be able to pair well with whatever you’re sartorially in the mood for. It comes in six sleek but fun designs that are perfect for different ensembles. Casual or chic, the G-MS by BABY-G will be an efficient accessory for you as you hustle.

G-MS by Baby-G watches are now available in various stores in Malaysia.

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How do you wear a bucket hat? Well, the simplest answer would be to put it on top of your head. But kidding aside, we all know that styling a hat is more nuanced than that. It's an accessory that can drastically affect your overall look, so it's always a good practice to carefully consider how you'll incorporate it into your ensemble. Ahead, our top tips on how to style this beloved '90s accessory in 2019.

Pick an outfit with the same colour scheme

You can't go wrong with matching your bucket hat with one article of clothing that you'll be wearing. Just a caution, this usually only works for solid colours. Going print on print may look too overwhelming. If you really want to rock a maximalist look, we suggest you match your printed bucket hat with your bottom piece rather than your top. This will give a nice visual break and balance out everything.

Go glossy

Still deciding on what type of bucket hat to get? Experiment a little on the texture and go for a structured, glossy style. This simple but eye-catching design will help elevate any outfit in a jiffy. Whether you're going for a comfy ensemble or a glam look, putting on this piece will make it more interesting especially if you love wearing all-black outfits.

Make it monochrome

This one is a little challenging to pull off but it can be done with the right pieces. Just remember to stick to two colours that have the same tone. For example, creams and greys are neutral tones, which makes them a good pair for when you're doing a monochrome look. If you want a more colourful palette, you can opt for pastels like lavender and violets. Make sure that your bucket hat falls within your chosen palette for a fool-proof monochrome look. 

Keep it sleek yet trendy

It's a given that wearing a bucket hat will instantly make your look more casual and fitting for street style. But if that's not your jam, you can also keep it sleek yet still trendy by choosing a neutral-toned hat and pairing it with an outfit that features trendy items with a structured silhouette like a well-fitted top with off-shoulder details or stripes print.

Look for classy prints

Remember how your fave '90s celebrities rocked bucket hats with wild prints? If you do, you'll remember how goofy they looked. Instead of going for a tie-dye design, pick classy prints like plaid or gingham. These versatile pieces have that sophisticated touch and will seamlessly match most of the pieces in your wardrobe. 

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