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Korean fashion has come a long way in establishing its presence and influence on a global scale. What makes it so alluring is that there's no one way to describe its aesthetic. It's always been a mix of different elements that come together to create a magnificent amalgamation of adorable, cool and edgy, with a touch of street-style.

(Photo from: SocietyA)

As Seoul Fashion Week becomes more prominent each year, we can only look forward to more fascinating looks and influential styles. We're happy to have been given an insider look at the 2018 Spring/Summer offerings from HERA Seoul Fashion Week by SocietyA, a multi-label online and retail fashion brand. Keep reading to see the upcoming Korean fashion trends, both from the streets and the runway, that you can adopt next season.

Lightweight Oversized Outerwear

(Photo from: SocietyA)

We're crazy about cozy knitwear during the colder months, but during summer something that's more breathable is the more practical choice. Instead of the usual shawl, try to layer an oversized lightweight piece over your everyday ensemble.

Dressy Outfit + Casual Shoes

(Photo from: SocietyA)

Experiment with bringing two opposing concepts together by pairing a dressy outfit with a pair of sneakers. This style works especially well with bottoms using sheer fabrics to emphasise the juxtaposition of casual and dressy elements. 

Jumpsuit + Bold Blazer

(Photo from: SocietyA)

Spring/Summer season is the time to sport bright and cheery colours, and officewear is no exception. Keep it professional and stylish by matching a jumpsuit with a bold, well-fitting blazer.

Fur-lined Footwear

(Photo from: SocietyA)

There's still a way to integrate fur into your spring/summer wardrobe and that's through fur-lined footwears. Pick one that matches the colour of your outfit to coordinate the whole look.

Bold Colour + Stripes

(Photo from: SocietyA)

The key to wearing bold colours without looking tacky is to include a 'visual break' in the ensemble. This time around, instead of plain shirts, classic patterns like stripes are being used to provide more visual diversity.

Subtle Bell Sleeves

(Photo from: SocietyA)

Interesting details like these subtle bell sleeves are what makes any outfit stand out. This one's for you if you prefer a more toned-down version of the big, flamboyant textured bell sleeves.



Ruffles are pretty polarising. You either adore them or think they're tacky. If you belong in the first category, you're in for a treat. Ruffles were quite big last year, and if our trend predictions for this year actually come true, they'll be show-stoppers in 2018, too. If you're hesitant to give it a go, maybe these ensembles will inspire you to finally bite the bullet.

Ruffled and red

(Photo from: Perinsidhu)

Mellow yellow

(Photo from: Katiexlew)



Femininity isn't restricted to one style or cut. But for those who are fond of wearing dresses, donning one that has a classic style can make them feel extra in-touch with their feminine side. We love dresses of all cuts and colours, but we're currently enamoured with these.

Ribbon and ruffles

(Photo from: Aldora_Muses)

Pink cutouts

(Photo from: cforcassan)