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It’s always exciting to try out a new product. But I’d have to admit that putting the La Prairie White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire to the test was quite daunting. I’ve tried many a product before, but nothing with a price tag of USD725. I understand the psychology that when presented with something that’s more expensive, we think that it’s a good choice, that it must be effective. So of course, I didn’t want to be hounded by that thought while testing it out. 

It promises to lighten the appearance of age spots; improve the appearance of dull, discoloured skin; aid in evening out the complexion; leave the skin feeling firmer; refine the skin’s texture, and moisturise and smoothen the skin. So I tested it out for a couple of months, and here are my thoughts.

A bottle of the La Prairie White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire

Packaging, appearance, texture

The La Prairie White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire is a sight to behold on any vanity. It’s housed in an ornate ivory glass bottle with silver detailing on the lid, the bottom and right below the cap, which appears to be a nod to little bits of illuminating caviar. Once you open the lid, you’ll find a button that helps dispense just the right amount of product for one use. And — surprise! — there’s a mirror, too.

The product itself — which is infused with Lumidose, the molecule of light — is a luxurious cream that goes on like velvet on the skin. And, like other luxury products, this one has a fragrance that evokes a feeling of indulgence.


I used the cream as my moisturiser for both day and night after my toner. One press of a button is really all you need for your entire face. I think it’s a nice touch because it prevents you from using too much of the product.

The bottle when it's opened

Results and overall thoughts

As far as keeping the skin moisturised, the La Prairie White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire is good but it’s not something I’d recommend to be relied on solely by those who have dry skin. When it comes to the promise of illuminating your skin, however, it truly delivers. After putting it on, you get glass skin in an instant — I swear. The downside is it’s subdued after you put on your sunscreen. But you don’t have to be completely discouraged because it’s the long-term effects you’re after.

As a brand, La Prairie has prided itself for results that go beyond the surface; they go as deep as the cellular level when addressing skin issues. At four weeks, I’ve noticed my hyperpigmentation quieting down. The melasma on my left cheek is still quite pronounced but it’s not as dark as it used to be. After two months, my skin’s texture is better than before. But will I invest in a bottle of this? I think this is best for those who don’t want the hassle of creating a concoction of acids and retinols to address their skin problems. It’s one bottle that targets a lot of things, which truly is a steal. But for the price, it truly is an investment. Think of it as buying a designer handbag, except this one is something yourself and not your daughter will thank you for in the future.

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Guardian Health & Beauty, Singapore's leading retailer in health and beauty, recently launched 14 new and exclusive Korean brands in their stores. This is the very first time that Guardian has launched more than 10 Korean brands in its stores within the span of a month. These additions have also doubled the number of Korean brands in Guardian.

Guardian's Beauty from the Seoul Event

Neon signages at the Guardian Beauty from the Seoul event.

We were invited to be one of the first to test out their new additions during their Beauty from the Seoul event last week and we’re excited to share what we found.

The new skincare tool of your dreams

Guardian Beauty From the Seoul Event - Wiggle Wiggle Sonic Silicon Face Cleanser

If you like switching things up with your skincare routine, you would definitely fall for the Wiggle Wiggle Sonic Silicon Face cleanser. Priced at SGD54.90/~USD 39.83, this is the perfect dupe for the cult favourite FOREO. It’s made of skin-friendly silicone that gently cleanses your skin of impurities while also giving you a gentle facial massage to improve circulation. It’s our favourite discovery during the event because who doesn’t love a good dupe?

Lipstick and makeup haven

Guardian Beauty From the Seoul - Bibia Lipsticks

The display of Bbia lipsticks at the event.

With the inclusion of IG-worthy and popular brands like Rom&nd and Bbia, makeup lovers have a wealth of options to choose from. Most of the products were in trendy colours such as peach, orange, and red that are highly popular in South Korea. While there were some new complexion products, it was the lipsticks we sampled that caught our attention. All were highly pigmented and creamy, which made them easy to blend out for a gradient lip.

Skincare supply for life

Guardian Beauty From the Seoul Event - Skincare

The Frudia My Orchard hand creams display at the event.

We all know that K-beauty is heavily reliant on skincare, so ace your base with the new additions to the Guardian skincare aisles. The newcomers include By Wishtrend, Dear Klairs, Whal Myung, Frudia and Suntique which will nourish and moisturise your entire body with their wide range of products.

The secret to luscious locks

Guardian Beauty From the Seoul Event - Hair Care Products

The hair is the crowning glory, so it’s always good to use the right hair care products. Yungo hair products are made with natural ingredients that deeply hydrate and strengthen your roots, leaving you with strong and shiny strands that will make everyone green with envy.

All items are now available exclusively in Guardian stores and their website. Other K-beauty brands also available in Guardian are Banobagi, CNP Laboratory, Huxley, EG Lips, and I'm Meme.


It’s no secret that like our bodies, our skin needs a balanced diet to be healthy and, therefore, radiant. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for skincare products that would give us the nourishment we need. We want something that’s effective yet gentle. To help us with that, earlier this year, French beauty brand Clarins introduced My Clarins, a fun and vibrant vegan skincare line. Committed to healthy skin, the My Clarins skincare range promises to give you what is good while removing all that’s bad. 

Containing Healthy Skin [In & Out] Complex, a plant-based ingredient blend, the My Clarins skincare range has the clean products you need for our beauty routines. First off, there’s their Re-move Purifying Cleansing Gel whose lightweight lather gently strips off impurities from the skin. Follow it through with the Re-boost Refreshing Hydrating Cream to boosts the skin’s moisture. Amp up that hydration at night with the soothing Re-fresh Relaxing Sleeping Mask. Lastly, try out their Clear-out Targets Imperfections, a treatment gel that dries up blemishes and imperfections while calming irritations. The My Clarins skincare range balances and enhances all skin types, so you’ll get luminous and plump skin no matter your need. 

(Cover photo from: @myclarinsofficial)

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