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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's chemistry has been killing it since day one of promoting A Star Is Born. Every time they perform Shallow,  we end up swooning at the undeniable romantic tension. Add to that in all the interviews and press tours they go to, they seem absolutely smitten with each other. When Bradley came to surprise Gaga in one of her Vegas shows to perform their duet together, everyone freaked out and speculated that a secret romance is indeed in session despite both having respective longtime relationships. After the rumours multiplied, Gaga's engagement with Christian Carino may have been found in hot water and eventually resulted in a split just recently. And as expected, this ignited the flames of the Bradley-Gaga-secret-relationship rumours even more. 

But at the recently concluded Oscars, everyone was shot back to reality when we saw that Bradley is in a very happy relationship with model Irina Shayk, with whom he shares a daughter. Gaga couldn't be more in bliss hanging out with them. In fact, Irina was the first to give them a standing ovation after their on-stage performance and even gave Gaga a hug when she won for Best Original Song. Obviously, there's no bad blood there at all. Whew! So why exactly can't people get enough of shipping Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in real life? Let's break it down, shall we?

They had an instant connection when they met

By now, everyone's already aware of the fact that Bradley got inspired to cast Lady Gaga as Ally in ASIB when he first heard her perform La Vie En Rose at a charity event in 2016. They've talked about this moment many times in almost all of their press tours, where Bradley admitted that he wasn't aware of Gaga's music prior to that meeting but was instantly blown away when she started singing. The next day, he immediately requested to get an opportunity to talk to her about working together. 

Right off the bat, it seemed like they hit it off well. Lady Gaga apparently prepared spaghetti and meatballs for the meeting and they realised they have a lot more in common than they initially thought. Both coming from East Coast Italian-American upbringing, Bradley shared, "We had a real synchronicity on that level from our upbringing." Cute, right?

Lady Gaga also shared that right after they had dinner that same night, they immediately headed to her piano and sang Credence Clearwater Revival's "Midnight Special." After hearing how they sounded together, they knew a perfect match was created. This is why Bradley reportedly fought for Lady Gaga to play the role of Ally in the movie even when Warner Bros. was initially hesitant about the idea. 

They helped each other cross into other forms of art

Gaga is really more of a musician and not an actress, but because Bradley really believed she is perfect for the role, they helped each other in making it work. This led to them hanging out and bonding within and outside of the film set, with nothing but good things to say about their working relationship. Gaga has said multiple times that she's thankful to Bradley for believing in her; it has even turned into a meme because of how many times she said it. Gaga has also said that she has never had a closer artistic relationship with anyone else than Bradley.

Meanwhile, Bradley said he "loves [Gaga] so deeply," and it's because they're "at their most vulnerable together." With this, it can easily be seen why they have an amazing relationship together, considering that they helped each other cross into other forms of art —with Gaga in acting and Bradley in music and directing.

A Star Is Born truly became a special project for both of them

From their immediate connection to developing a very supportive professional and artistic relationship, it is safe to say that A Star Is Born is a place where Bradley and Gaga became creative soulmates. It definitely served a lot of firsts for the both of them, making it inevitably a project that's one for the books. Not to mention that they must've learned a lot from each other's crafts throughout the project and having another person who shares the same vision is like finding an immediate best friend. In all honesty, we feel like people are just projecting the love story of their characters in the film to their chemistry in real life but in reality, not everything has to be linked to romance. Here, we see two people who went out of their comfort zones and created a great piece of art from it, and it's an experience they can only share with each other. So as we wish them both the best separately on the romance department, here's a massive cheer for Bradley and Gaga's adorable friendship. 

P.S. Their roles as Jack and Ally still hold our shipping flag, though. 

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It's official! The beloved '90s hair accessory is definitely back and better than before. Coming a long way from the overly colourful clips with flamboyant butterfly embellishments, barrettes are now given an elegant makeover. It's been a long time since we last sported these hair accessories. And if you're worried that it may look too juvenile on you, let these ladies from the Clozette Community convince you otherwise. Keep scrolling for inspiration on how to style this throwback piece. 

Sleek white

Cute Barrettes White

(Photo from: ayacheei)

Thin pins

Nice Barrettes

(Photo from: becksko)



Are you already preppin' for the weekend? We say take one last look at some of this week's hottest headlines to get you started on a high note. From Burberry apologising for an ill-designed outfit to hallyu stars Ji Soo and Kim So-hyun dropping by SG for Gentlemonster, we lay down the juicy details in today's Insider Roundup. 

K-stars Ji Soo and Kim So-hyun dropped by Singapore for Gentle Monster

Seoul-based eyewear brand Gentle Monster embraced 'weird beauty' to the next level with their latest project themed '13'. Going for a mix of avant-garde and classic elements, the brand's 2019 collection welcomes 18 new designs to their range. But besides these statement pieces that are the highlight of the launch event in Singapore, it was even made special by the appearances of none other than hallyu stars Ji Soo of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon fame and Kim So-hyun from global K-drama hits such as Moon Embracing The Sun and Goblin. The two looked cool as they greeted guests sporting some of the latest pieces in Gentle Monster's 2019 collection. 

Burberry says sorry for debuting a 'noose hoodie'

Burberry's show at London Fashion Week featuring a collection titled 'Tempest' caused outrage on social media after one of their own models criticised a piece from the line-up featuring a hoodie with a noose design dangling on its neckline. Marco Gobbetti, Burberry's CEO, shared his apologies regarding the issue and said that it will be treated as a learning experience and that "all necessary actions [will be done] to ensure it does not happen again." Chief Creative Director of the brand Riccardo Tisci also said that while the design was meant to be inspired by a nautical theme, he apologised for coming off as "insensitive."

Kim K. lashes out on brands who allegedly ripped-off her looks

Kim Kardashian Tweet Vs Missguided and Fashion Nova


Kim Kardashian has called out brands like Missguided and Fashion Nova for supposedly copying designer outfits she's worn. She pointed out the one-of-a-kind vintage Mugler dress she was privileged enough to wear was already being ripped-off hours after her photos popped online, making the situation very disappointing and infuriating. Following the series of tweets, it was later on reported by TMZ that Kimmy is seeking legal action. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 range has been unveiled

Samsung's most leaked phone to date has finally been made public and boy, oh, boy, people are excited. Introducing the new addition to the brand's famed S-line, the S10 range is giving us three stellar phones namely the S10e, the standard S10 and the S10+. Following the sleek design of its predecessors, the S10 range has its own unique features to brag about, some of which would be the one terabyte expandable memory capacity and triple-camera feature. This newest flagship lineup will be available in different parts of the globe starting 21 February. 

Get ready to fulfil those travel plans; Costsaver's having a flash sale

Costsaver Flash Sale Prague

Still considering where you'll dedicate your travel budget? Take Costsaver's flash sale as a sign to start booking those tickets. Buy one and get half off on your companion's ticket when you book the tour packages under the promo. Some of the tours to choose from are the Imperial Highlights tour covering Munich, Prague and Budapest; the Britain and Ireland Experience featuring the Stonehenge; the Highlights of Sicily tour and more of Costsaver's top tour offerings. Hurry as the sale is only until 24 February.

Sulwhasoo launches their Bloomstay Vitalizing line in Singapore

Song Hye Kyo Sulwhasoo Bloomstay Vitalising Line Event

As much as we want to forget the fatigue and haggardness we deal with during the day as soon as we get home, our skin would definitely show signs that are hard to miss. Thankfully, as its name suggests, Sulwhasoo's Bloomstay Vitalising line is now available in the region to combat skin exhaustion and ageing with its anti-oxidant properties, whilst delivering age-defying and skin-firming benefits. Capturing the antioxidant energy and the refreshing fragrance of plum blossoms to create another outstanding beauty range, this product promises to help give you the enviable, timeless beauty of their ambassador Song Hye Kyo. 

Noah Centineo for Bench

Whoa, whoa, whoa! First Dylan Wang, then Cole Sprouse, and now To All The Boys I've Loved Before star Noah Centineo joins the list of international celebrities who are endorsing Filipino fashion brand Bench. Following his breakout fame from TATBILB, the announcement of its sequel and other numerous endorsements and project offers, it's truly looking like a great year for Noah, don't you think? 

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