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Lancôme Encourages You To Love Your Age

Society has always set norms for women. Most of these involve setting up oneself to follow deadlines, dictating that we are either "too young" or "too old" to go after our dreams. Age-related social conventions are still very much present, to the extent that 73% of the women questioned think that society imposes norms on them even though 53% of them feel younger than their age. 

That's why Lancôme invites all women to pursue their desires and shrug off the constraints of age. Discover how three women from different walks of life break the norm in this video by Lancome Malaysia featuring Amber Chia, Leona Chin, and Sofie Mahmood.

Love Your Age is the message delivered by Lancôme’s ambassadresses in a film created as a manifesto for free beauty. It is a statement of faith in the power of positive emotions and their ability to change lives. No matter what age you're in, it's never too early or too late to chase after your dreams. 


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