LaPrendo Brings Chiara Ferragni's F/W Collection To Singapore | Clozette

Our favourite designer clothing store, LAPRENDO ( has got us super excited as they have just announced that Chiara Ferragni’s F/W15 collection is now available at both their Dempsey boutique in Singapore and on their online store!

The latest trending collection by Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad was inspired by adorable monsters and her favourite things — #makeup and #glitter. Fun and quirky, the collection consists of the new cuddly Amelia sandals, flirting glitter pumps, and velvet ‘I Feel’ slippers with customisable patent leather hearts.  

Here's a short rundown of your soon-to-be shoes:


Amelia Sandals

The star of the collection, Amelia sandals has a perfect mid-heel height of 9 cm (3.5 in) and is available exclusively at our Dempsey boutique and online store. The sandals, available in blue velvet and black leather, come in a sling-back design and are an excellent conversational piece.

Flirting Pumps and Slippers

For those who are looking to add more gleam with low heel pumps or slippers in their everyday steps, the Flirting glitter pumps and velvet slippers are the perfect choice. Featuring an embroidered gold patent leather of the winking eye and lash, the design of the Flirting glitter pumps is sure to add the perfect amount of flirtatious fun without going overboard. The Flirting slippers, which are available in polished black leather, highlights refined gold metal toe caps of the winking eye and lash.

‘I Feel’ Velvet Slippers

Adding to the choices of Chiara Ferragni’s flat shoes, the latest range of I Feel Slippers is definitely worth mentioning. Made of 100% velvet upper with ‘I Feel’ embroidered accent and interchangeable patent leather velcro hearts, wearers can customise the coloured hearts depending on their mood and outfit. 

Poppy Velvet Slippers

The latest version of the Poppy series has received a feminine spin of velvet heel finishing. Highlights of the series include quirky embroidered leather patent of the Blonde Salad’s whimsical eyes and playful lips.



The best colour that pairs with black is black. Gone are the days of associating an all black outfit with rock and grunge--it's so much more than that. The thing with black is you can style it any way you want it and it will make your look sophisticated, chic, and fashion forward without sweating it. Today, we celebrate the versatility of black and how they have been worn by our community members in different styles.

Here are the top 5 all black looks that caught our eye for this week! 



(photo from AnnaPatrish)

Nowadays, wearing sneakers doesn't automatically mean the look is "sporty". Clozette Ambassador AnnaPatrish made it a point for her ensemble to go beyond sporty and paired her black rubber shoes with a black circle skirt, leather jacket, and a studded backpack. Overall, it exuded a casual grunge vibe with a touch of feminine pieces.


(photo from Chantally)

It's a bit of a challenge to pull off all black if your style is on the feminine side. Our suggestion: play with silhouettes. whether is a full on tutu skirt or a halter crop top, piece that accentuate your curves is the "girliest" you'll get with all black. Wear black pumps for a chic finish or  jelly shoes, just like how Clozetter Chantally did, for a more casual vibe. 


(photo from iamaly)

Never settle for one LBD. The little black dress is such a closet mainstay that it deserves to be bought in all styles. This dress worn by Clozette Ambassador iamaly is another style we've been loving--Boho. This look is effortlessly boho chic at its finest, with lace-up sandals to steal the show.


(photo from carerynn)

If you're going the casual grunge route with your all black ensemble, keep in mind how your favorite k-pop idol does. Koreans are known for their flamboyant fashion sense--they're never afraid to go the extra mile. Clozette Ambassador carerynn channelled that vibe perfectly with a sporty shift dress, cap, silver accessories, and a pair of chunky heels! 


(photo from jouatotherescue)

We know this isn't technically all black but it's the most unique look we've seen all week, thus it deserves to be on the limelight. Who knew a transparent coat could be so chic? To make black look more exciting, follow what Star Clozetter jouatotherescue did by adding exciting pieces and a pop of colour. 


Which one was your top pick? Lets us know in the comments below!



(cover photo from kryz uy)

In the cut-throat world of fashion, how do you stand out? Others prefer trendy, eye-catching looks, over-worn statement pieces, and even over-the-top accessories--but that doesn't seem fit for the classy, elegant, and feminine woman. The way you present yourself is a statement in itself and you can add more oomph with a perfumed body wash or bar soap which can make you feel fabulously feminine, as you leave a lasting unforgettable impression wherever you go. With the new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection, it's possible!  

Bathe with perfume every day with the new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection. This collection of perfumed body wash and bars soaps have fine fragrances crafted by master perfumers from New York, London, and Paris—giving you a scent that leaves a statement. So which of LUX's Perfumed Bath Collection scent matches you and your style? 


LUX Fine Fragrance Magical Spell

(photo from CrystalPhuong)

Purple is a colour that screams a bold and intense vibe that brings you to another world just like LUX's Fine Fragrance in Magical Spell. It's perfumed body wash and bar exquisitely crafted by world class perfumer Nicole Mancini, with opening notes of Juniper Oil amidst a captivating blend of dark woods, golden amber, and vanilla bean. It also has key notes of the rare Black Orchid and its intense scent is what gives this alluring perfume its addictive quality that lingers for up to 8 hours after every bath.  

LUX Fine Fragrance Soft Touch

(photo from AnastasiaLove)

Strut a vibrant and feminine OOTD and soak in LUX's Fine Fragrance in Soft Touch. It's a perfumed body wash and bar infused with French Roses and Silkessence crafted by Master Perfumer, Calice Becker. Just like the colour Pink, it features delicate floral notes of the romantic French Rose accompanied by complementary touches of aromatic and citrus notes that accentuate the perfume of the rose, making it bloom even more beautifully.        

LUX Fine Fragrance White Impress

(photo from HLRYYS)

Amplify an all-white OOTD by bathing in LUX's Fine Fragrance in White Impress. This is a perfumed body wash and bar that doesn't just give an impeccable scent but also delivers visible fair skin. Its sheer, sparkly, and luminous aura is created by Master Perfumer Nicole Mancini and was expertly designed to evoke feelings of flawlessness. This bottle is a combination of luxurious fragrance, precious minerals, and antioxidants such as Vitamins B3 and C and exfoliants that gently cleanse the skin while drawing out its natural radiance.       

LUX Fine Fragrance Love Forever

(photo from hannatantoco)

Your body deserves to be bathed in LUX's Fine Fragrance in Love Forever, crafted for women that evokes love, passion and sensuality. It is the world's first body fragrance with release pearls. With its Fragrance Touch Technology, it releases perfume for up to 12 hours every time you touch your skin. Made possible by award-winning perfumer Loc Dong, this is a complex yet delicate bouquet of rich floriental sweetness blended with lush dark berries and the freshly picked Scarlet Red Rose for an unforgettable scent.  


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