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What Is Lavender Lemonade And Why Are People Talking About It?

Be healthy in a pretty way

There's no doubt that flowers are instant mood boosters. With their scent and colours, most people can’t help but associate them with emotions like love and appreciate them just by seeing them. But how about tasting them? Yes, you read that right. If you probably haven’t heard it yet, many flowers are edible and even used for refreshments — just like lavender infused into lemonades. And would you believe that the online world has been going gaga over it?

Lavender or Lavandula is one among the many species in the mint family, although it's more popularly known as the name of a colour. It’s an herb spotted across many parts of the world like Africa and Europe, and is also widely used in culinary and lifestyle products.

We're sure you've heard of its use in food before but say hello to lavender lemonade. It's been a hot topic since last year not only because of its perfect-for-Instagram look but also because of its health benefits. Here are some of them.

It does wonders for stressed and anxious minds

Like lavender oil, lavender lemonade does wonders for our stressed and anxious minds because lavender has been proven to be a stress-reliever. It helps you relax and put you to sleep. So if you're feeling a bit antsy, a glass of this might just give you the calmness you're seeking.

It helps alleviate headaches

Before reaching for your meds, try drinking lavender lemonade and get some rest. Since lavender is known to be a good relaxant, it is also said to be great for calming the mind from headaches. 

It helps resolve digestive problems

Lavender lemonade, like lavender tea, can do the trick for your digestion because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps an upset stomach, too.

Wanna try making your own lavender lemonade? It’s easy-peasy. One of the most popular ones used for making lavender lemonade is the Lavender Vitality essential oil. Put a couple of drops in your lemonade, and add sugar for a hint of sweetness. You can also use fresh lavender and simply infuse it into your lemonade. Sip and take it easy.

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