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3 Women On The Beauty Choice That Changed Their Lives

Would you do the same?

We all have a beauty product or routine that completely changed our lives. Whether it’s a moisturiser that cured eternally dry skin or a cosmetic procedure that fixed your biggest insecurity, that choice made a huge difference to your level of confidence and the way you view yourself. On the other hand, there are some past decisions that make you stay away from ever doing so again. Ahead, three ladies share the one pivotal, life-changing beauty choice — for the better or worse — that they will always remember.

Acne, begone

Isabelle's life-changing beauty choice got rid of her cystic acne and uneven skin tone for good.

For Isabelle, treating her cystic acne and evening out her skintone was truly life-changing.

“I wanted to fix my cystic acne issues since forever but I was worried about the side effects and peeling skin and that I may need weeks to recover,” Star Clozetter Isabelle Rosta, known to the Community as lovebellavida, said. She had been dealing with cystic acne and uneven skintone for years before she made the decision to get a treatment that will fix it once and for all. As a content creator, she couldn’t afford to stay inside to recuperate for weeks post-treatment. The Q-Switch Treatment from the Aesthetics Central Clinic offered a non-invasive solution with a quicker recovery process that made her decide to finally begin her journey to clearer skin. She followed it up with the Agnes Acne Treatment to treat her problematic pores and overactive sebaceous glands.

“At the beginning, I was worried as I had puss coming out of my pores and scabs for days but my skin gradually started to heal,” Isabelle shared. The effects became more visible after every treatment, which lasted almost a year. She had to make several lifestyle changes as well, such as sticking to a very basic skincare regime, not wearing makeup, and religiously applying sunscreen and the prescribed products given by the clinic — all of which she still does to this day. While she still has acne breakouts due to endometriosis, they're not as severe as before. Her skin became clearer, brighter, and more even-toned. The monthly breakouts disappeared. The results were so impressive that she still gets glowing comments on it ever since.

All toned up

A before and after photo collage of Celestia during her liposuction journey

Celestia's liposuction boosted her confidence to wear any clothes she wants, without feeling self-conscious about it.

As a single mum to three kids, Star Clozetter Celestia Faith Chong made the life-changing beauty choice to get body contour liposuction for her tummy area. The image coach and beauty queen’s decision came after in-depth research and contemplation. “I think there is a limit to what exercise can do [to your body] and I am not a very active person when it comes to exercising,” she disclosed. “The beauty of lipo is you could define how you’d like your body to be.” That freedom appealed to her and didn’t take her long to decide to finally do the procedure, as it was a little after her last pregnancy. It was finding a credible clinic and expert professionals that took most of her time, but she was already set on getting the liposuction.

“Making myself look better gave me more confidence, especially since I’m in the media [industry].” The life-changing beauty choice to get lipo was really an act of self-love, especially coming from another life-changing experience: divorce. In the three years since then, she has adapted to the changes brought about by the procedure. “Liposuction is not a permanent solution if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Celestia warned. Since the procedure, she has reduced her carbohydrate intake and eliminated caffeine and carbonated drinks from her diet. The modified lifestyle she adapted after her liposuction continues to this day, which she credits for her boosted confidence.

A girl looking at herself in the mirror

The life-changing beauty choice to get liposuction had a snowball effect on Celestia's lifestyle.

“I can wear the clothes that I want. I enjoy looking at myself now and enjoy dressing up.” She shared that because of her liposuction, and healthier lifestyle, she can confidently wear low-rise shorts and crop tops. Despite the months-long recovery period, she views this experience as completely worth the time and investment.

One and done

One the other side of the coin, #TeamClozette Malaysia’s Edlyn Lim made a life-changing beauty choice that led her to steer clear of eyebrow embroidery for the foreseeable future. The perk of saving time in getting ready was one of the reasons she decided to try the popular cosmetic tattoo. “Plus, I have a scar on my right brow bone, so it’s nice to have that flaw covered at all times.”

A girl holding a spoolie to her eyebrow

Once was enough for Edlyn to figure out that eyebrow embroidery wasn't for her.

However, this decision didn’t pay off. “When I first saw the result, I was appalled and disappointed because of how dark and out of shape they seemed,” she shared. Though nobody commented on the change, Edlyn initially had to use an eyebrow pencil to get the desired shape she wanted. 

The recovery period afterwards was also a trial. “It took three to four days for the ink to completely peel off. I had to control myself from scratching my eyebrows ‘cause they itched so much!” Looking back on the whole ordeal, she viewed it as “not an experience that I think is worth investing in now.” However, she did say she would consider giving it another go later on. “Maybe in the future, when I’m older and start to lose my eyebrow hair.”

Looking to the future

Despite the different experiences they went through, all three ladies have shared that they’re interested in getting other procedures done in the future. Edlyn has explored eyelash lifts and tints, which were more worth the investment in her opinion. Isabelle said she might think of getting a facelift or fillers eventually. In Celestia’s case, she’s not opposed to getting her arms toned up or doing something for her eyes and nose.

"Life-changing" may not mean the same thing for everyone. But if you're curious and willing to commit to it, then it's best to do your due research before finally taking the plunge. If it pays off, that's great! Otherwise, you can say at least you tried. There are always other experiences left to explore that might completely turn your world around.

(Cover photo: lovebellavida)

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