Life is a party: A Colourful Expression By Goldheart | Clozette
In commemoration of International Women's DayGoldheart Jewelry has launched a distinguished MODE Couleur Ring Collection that has been specially designed to pay homage to the modern woman's chosen way of life--a life that has been created on her own terms and lived fully without regrets. 

Created to be worn specifically on the right hand of a modern woman, the MODE Couleur's right hand ring collection makes a powerful statement of the independence of each woman. After all, each ring in the collection depicts a ‘way of life’ each woman has chosen to live on her own terms that is inspired by the meaning of each gem.

We are particularly loving Lapis Lazuli which is the gem of wisdom and truth, perfect for the go-getter woman who is ever confident and energetic.

Set in romantic rose gold and timeless yellow gold, this ring collection exudes a vivacious spirit with the rich jewel tones of its multi-coloured gems. Featuring clean minimalistic lines, the ring setting curves gracefully to gently ensconce each gemstone, creating a ring that is both outstanding and intricate in its design. To further add visual depth and a touch of stylish sophistication, the ring shank is also enhanced with a ribbed design. 

Each ring in the collection is differentiated by gemstones that serve as a tribute to the different life beliefs that empower and inspire the modern woman to greater heights. The gemstones available in the collection are: Lapis Lazuli, Chalcedony, Quartz (lemon & smokey), and Agate (orange & green) and will be worth 638 SGD each as an introductory price.

With such exquisite design and meaning behind the collection, we can't wait to get our hands on one of these rings and celebrate the empowerment of women all over the world. Discover the MODE Couleur right hand ring that embodies your life party here

The collection will be available at most Goldheart boutiques in Singapore from March 2015.

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We're now off to our second OOTD Roundup for March and we must say, this job isn't getting any easier! With more and more community members stepping it up in the fashion scene, all of us in Clozette Headquarters are swamped with hard choices on who to include in our most anticipated top 5 looks of the week. In the end, it boiled down to the looks that didn't just look nice but also captured the current season--Spring and International Women's Day.

Check out this week's top OOTD from the Fashion Community!




We love how Clozette Amabassador CrystalPhuong played with the Maroon and Purple colour palette by layering it with White and textured clothing. Her use of accessories are pretty exceptional here as well, because putting together a hat, sunnies, scarf, and knee-high socks all in one look is hard to pull off.  Finally, it uses Purple-- the colour of the month for women all over the globe. 



This dress from ClarabelleFaithNg is just downright classy and very in line with the spring season. The cut of the tube dress is very flattering to a woman's body but it doesn't show too much skin and that made this look hit that perfect "classy and sexy" theme with a touch of spring. And oh, we love the background of this OOTD shot as well. 



We've been seeing a lot of looks from the community that are either short or fitted, that's why this look from Clozette Ambassdor carriesim stood out. Aside from the fact that she used a colour that is rarely seen from the feed (brown), she also wore pieces that are structured beyond the usual.  To add to that, the clothes are one-of-kind, making it a perfect pairing for a top OOTD contender. 



Representing the group of mainstay monochrome style is this look from Clozette Ambassdor, merphi. It uses a long, clean, white dress that satisfies our love for minimalist-yet-feminine pieces. Her hair paired with her statement necklace looks amazing as well, and it finishes off the look with an elegant touch,  



We raved about this look in our Instagram account last week but we're still loving it until now. Edgy seems to be the last option when it comes to spring season but Clozette Ambassador Honeyflowerr molded the two style perfectly with her black pieces and tailored floral trousers. This look is a certified game-changer in the world of "edgy" fashion and we're hoping to see more fusions like this from our community.



Let's kick off the Spring season with these videos we found from our newly-discovered vloggers! Just like every week, we rounded up the best and most applicable videos for the current season, and that includes International Women's Day. We have also included a DIY beauty video and a style video on Bohemian fashion.

So without further a do, here are the top 5 videos for this week!


Beauty DIY's | 2 Facial Masks + 1 Scrub

By: Nicole Guerriero 

We recently discovered this sassy and beautiful Youtube Vlogger, Nicole Guerriero, and we are loving every bit of her--especially her DIY beauty videos such as this. These are super quick and easy beauty alternatives you can do at home. And the best part? The ingredients are au naturel and easy to find! 

Korean Skincare Routine (Summer)

By: Rachel's Beauty Talk

It's not summer yet; but that doesn't mean you can't start getting ready for it this Spring! Check out this summer-ready skincare from Rachel's Beauty Talk. And yes, it features Korean products as well! Koreans are known for their flawless skin, so this video might come in handy for you. She mentions 3 products that stood out for us: Laneige Multi Cleanser, Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, and Laneige Water Bank Serum. Side note: we love how she edits her videos with tips!

Favorite Purple Lipsticks & Lip Glosses

By: BeautywithEmilyFox

Since it's International Women's Day today, it's essential to include this in our roundup! Commemorate this very special day for women all over the world by wearing Purple. In this case, why not wear Purple on your lips? This swatch video from BeautywithEmilyFox shows several shades of Purple you can use, starting from the light ones up to the dark and vampy ones. 

How To Apply Bronzer

By: Clozette TV

Look extra vibrant and sunkissed with a bronzer! If you still don't know how to use and apply bronzer, here's a video from ClozetteTV to help you out. Applying bronzer accentuates your cheekbones and that can definitely define and enhance your face. 

Boho Festival Inspired Outfit Ideas | Bohemian Fashion Style

By: StealTheSpotlight

After seeing Tiffany and Coco's fascination and passion for the Bohemian style in this article, we got inspired and considered to try it out. Boho is such a free-flowing and unique style that is beyond the usual minimal looks we've been seeing. To help everyone like us who's suddenly into Boho fashion, here is StealTheSpotlight 's lookbook video for some outfit ideas to get you started.