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Life Stories To Make You Believe That Everyone Can Make A Difference

Everyone has their own way of trying to find themselves. And along with that comes our hopes and dreams of becoming a gamechanger-- a person who can make a real difference in the world. For this reason, we always seek out things that can help us get one step closer to this dream; things that make us feel more confident about ourselves and brands that have a vision of making a change along with us-- even down to our skincare products.

And Clinique has always been dramatically different that it's no wonder why we are drawn and captivated by the brand. Each Clinique product is truly a difference maker, providing effective solutions, and creating a positive difference in every woman. And since inspiring confidence is at the heart of everything Clinique does, it became the foundation for its new global campaign: Difference Maker.

In this campaign, Gina Rodriguez, Erendira Ibarra, Victoria Pendleton, Jessica Nkosi, Nazan Eckes, and Ning Chang shared their story of "making a difference," whether it be in their careers, communities, or own personal lives, in the hopes of encouraging women across the globe that they too can make a difference. Each of these women also supports charities that are part of The Clinique Difference Initiative, a philanthropic platform supporting education and healthcare for women.

“We were inspired to create the Difference Maker campaign because we wanted to show how one action, one person, or one product can make a difference. By partnering with these six incredibly confident and inspirational women from around the world, we are celebrating the difference they are making, and the influence that they have on women around the globe. With this campaign, we aim to inspire confidence, and empower women to believe that they too, can make a difference.” - Jane Lauder, Global Brand President, Clinique

As a global movement to make a stand and take part in creating a difference, Singapore introduces 3 remarkable women who also took it upon themselves to be an influence for change and empowerment. 

Keep scrolling to find out more about Kelly Latimer, Mong Chin Yeoh, and Jamie Tan as they share their own #differencemaker story.
Kelly Latimer
host,vocal talent, blogger

Mediacorp’s S-League resident reporter and roving reporter for the 2015 SEA Games, Youth Olympics, as well as Formula One, Kelly hasn't always been the strong and empowered woman that she is now. There was a time when she found herself limited by certain stereotypes, often filled with self-doubt. Find out how one choice significantly changed her life by watching the video below.

Mongchin Yeoh
Blogger, model, fashion enthusiast

There was a time in Mongchin's life when she thought that following her passions seemed impossible. Her accountancy undergraduate degree was on the other end of the stick as compared to her true love, which is fashion. In the video below, she shares why she decided to take the risk to make her dreams come to life.

Jamie Tan
Lifestyle and beauty blogger

There are times when we are made to feel like we are not good enough. But taking it upon ourselves to stand up from our failures requires a lot of courage. Before becoming an internet fashion maven with more than 37,000 followers to her name, Jamie also had her fair share of unsuccessful moments. But despite not completing her ‘O’ level education, Jamie continued to pursue her passion as a lifestyle and beauty influencer. Watch how she faced the limits and reached for her dreams in the video below.

Did these stories inspire you? Don't let anything stop you from reaching your dreams. Embrace the motivation and take on the challenge. It's time to make a difference today.


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Learn more about the Clinique Make A Difference Initiative here and be one of the #differencemakers now!