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Lindsay Lohan Will Star In A Netflix Rom-Com, Here's Why It’s A Big Deal

She’s making a comeback

If you’re still heartbroken about the cancellation of the Lizzie McGuire reboot, here’s something that may quench your thirst for Y2K nostalgia: Lindsay Lohan is set to star in a Netflix holiday-themed rom-com. It’s not just a big deal for those of us who grew up watching her movies like Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen and of course, the cult classic Mean Girls.

This movie is not just another film to add to our to-watch list (it stars one of our teen/childhood icons, after all), and we reckon it may be a big deal for the former teen idol too.

A series of comebacks

For a while now, Lindsay Lohan has been making it clear that she wants to get back in show business. “I want my career back. I want the respect that I had when I was doing great movies,” she said in an interview with Vanity Fair back in 2010.

Her latest attempts at a comeback include an MTV reality show that premiered in 2019 called Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club where she’s documented managing the new (very attractive) hires in a beach club.

Aside from that, she also had a few stints in both the small and big screen. The one that caused quite a buzz was her recurring role in the British comedy Sick Note. Starring alongside Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Lindsay played menacing boss Katerina West, a role that allowed her to showcase her comedic skills once again.

However, not all of her comebacks were received well. Among the Shadows, the latest movie she was in, didn’t quite garner much praise; one reviewer even said that Lindsay was “mumbling” her lines. Be that as it may, this icon isn’t going to give up that easily.

On the first day of 2020, way before many of us knew what COVID-19 is, an optimistic Lindsay Lohan echoed her sentiment a decade ago and told Anderson Cooper that she’s “taking back” her life and eager to come back to America to start filming again. Could she be talking about her upcoming Netflix film? Most probably. And if everything goes well, this rom-com may just be the one project that could propel her back into the public consciousness — if not the limelight.

A familiar formula

The rom-com genre experienced a mini-renaissance thanks to Netflix, but if you look at the ones that actually made a mark (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Crazy Rich Asians, Isn’t It Romantic) it’s clear that today’s audience is yearning for more than just the run-of-the-mill cheesy plot. Unfortunately, the rom-com Lindsay Lohan is about to star in features one of the most cliche plot devices — amnesia.

Netflix announced on Twitter that Lindsay Lohan will play a “newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress who finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter after getting total amnesia in a skiing accident”.

If that sounds familiar, that's because it’s basically the plot of 1987 rom-com Overboard wherein an obnoxious wealthy heiress suffers from amnesia and a man she previously stiffed fools her into thinking that she’s his wife and made her do house chores and care for his children. And of course, the now-humbled woman falls in love with him. As you may expect, it’s now a prime example of a problematic rom-com.

We’re hoping that this new Netflix holiday-themed movie starring Lindsay won’t go the same path. Maybe this time, the leading lady won’t be gaslighted and would discover the joys of a humble life at her own pace at her own will. Or it could do a rom-com satire take like Isn’t It Romantic, where Rebel Wilson’s Natalie wakes up after an accident and finds that she’s in a rom-com version of her life. Anything but being a copycat of Overboard is better, in our opinion.

But whatever it is, it still stars one of our favourite childhood icons and we’re already intrigued to see what Netflix and Lindsay Lohan will come up with. However, we’re gonna have to wait for a little bit more.

The production is set to start in November 2021, according to Variety. So it will likely not be ready for this year’s holiday season. Plus, Lindsay also has other projects in the pipeline; she recently joined the cast of a supernatural movie.

In the meantime, we’re watching Mean Girls again for the nth time.

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