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Here's Why Lizzo Should Be Your New Style Icon

Queen of sassy style

It's Lizzo's time to shine. The singer-songwriter (and rapper!) is definitely having her moment and thriving in the spotlight. First, she's blessed us with two swinging hits Juice and Tempo. And then she went to top the Billboard Hot 100 with Truth Hurts — joining the ranks of other iconic black female musicians like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Cardi B. But aside from her music, there's also something to be said about her style. Ahead, the reasons why Lizzo is our new style icon.

She's not afraid of bold prints

Whether it's sassy leopard prints or dainty heart polka dots, Lizzo isn't afraid to experiment with bold patterns. Channel your inner Lizzo and try on another print besides the usual gingham and plaids. If Lizzo can do it, so can you! 

She inspires us to try bold colours

Even when neon colours became trendy, we have to admit that from time to time, we still have some doubts about whether we can really pull off sporting this super eye-catching colour. But seeing Lizzo look so amazing in this neon green number makes us want to banish any hint of hesitation and be onboard with trying on bright shades once and for all.

She embraces her curves

The common fashion advice ladies get are tricks on how to camouflage 'unwanted' parts of their bodies, but Lizzo embraces them all and we're inspired to do the same because, yes, we all have the body type to flaunt a bodysuit.

She doesn't shy away from drama

Lizzo never shies away from dramatic and over-the-top silhouettes. She's not afraid of looking ridiculous because she knows that, with the right attitude and confidence, you can never be so. Just wear what makes you feel good! 

She's all about celebrating femininity

These days, we're hearing messages about how we're not feminine enough or that we're too feminine. Well, Lizzo, with her style, shows us that there's no such thing. You can be edgy and love florals at the same time. There's really no need to limit anyone when it comes to celebrating themselves. 

(Cover photo from: @lizzobeeating)

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