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Looks We Loved At The 2017 Manila Fashion Fest

Our fashion fix — satisfied!

If there's an event the brings the language of prints, cuts, and fabrics to life, it's a runway show. And this year's Manila Fashion Festival spoke volumes of the creativity and craftsmanship of Filipino designers both seasoned and upcoming. From themes that arched on love, heartbreak, overcoming inner demons, and simply celebrating the art that is fashion designing, keep scrolling to find out which looks and collections made it to the top of our list of favourites.

Anthony Ramirez

Falling deep into romance as inspired by la vie Parisienne, this collection caught our eyes with its flow-y fabrics and muted shades. 

Philips x Brit Tripudio

Bright, bold, and adventurous, this collaboration between Brit Tripudio and electronics brand Philips brought the edge to the runway that's long been seen in international catwalks but has been kept fresh and captivating by adding an Asianised flair. 


As much as we love minimalism, the combination of modern cuts and pieces as accentuated by traditional prints and patterns in this collection left us breathless.

Martin Bautista

This collection said goodbye to conventional cuts and proved that the catwalk is the place for innovation. The palette used for the pieces extend to an extreme range, switching from bold to neon to pastel, as balanced out by intricate details and designs. 

Philips x Jaz Cerezo

Chic and minimalistic pieces with inspired patterns that accentuate the shape of the fabric, this collection exudes versatility and overall class that truly captured our attention.