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Love Is In The Airwaves: Here’s Our Valentine’s Day Playlist

Get into the right type of mood

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What makes a date romantic? An excellent dinner, warm and cozy surroundings, candles, and the most important one of all, music. As a matter of fact, can you imagine being with your significant other and no songs are playing in the background to accompany the occasion? Kinda weird, right?

That is why whatever you have planned for your Valentine’s Day with your special someone, we’re helping you make things extra romantic with this Valentine’s Day playlist. So keep scrolling below for the top five songs you should add to your date night.


Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Aside from making you feel perfect in your own skin, Bruno Mars’ hit song is a feminist one, too — he insists that he wouldn’t want to change anything about his girl. So ladies, stay true to yourself whoever you’re in a relationship with.

Crazy For You by Madonna

No Valentine’s date would be complete without this 80’s classic by Madonna. It’s the ultimate song you and your bae can slow dance to as it talks about complete love.


Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey

While the song alludes to an ex-boyfriend of Lana Del Rey’s, in it she refuses to let him forget that she will always love him. Combining a slow tempo with her sultry voice, you have a Valentine’s Day song that is excellent for playing day or night.

Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine

With Florence Welch’s enchanting vocals and the song’s gothic tones, you wouldn’t think “Never Let Me Go” would be Valentine’s Day-appropriate. But it’s because of those eccentricities that make it the perfect song to play while you and your beau are sharing an epic kiss.


Adore You by Miley Cyrus

Another romantic ballad that talks about her affections for her boyfriend, but instead of focusing on heartbreak, like how most romantic songs do, “Adore You” focuses on the positive side of a relationship — inspiring you to cherish your relationship more.


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