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Lush Is Leaving Social Media, But It's Not The End

"We want social to be more about passions and less about likes."

Say it isn’t so! Just yesterday, handmade cosmetics brand Lush UK announced that they would be withdrawing from social media to better communicate with their customers. This announcement was made on their Instagram page following their last and latest post. Lush wrote, “We’re a community and we always have been. We believe we can make more noise using all of our voices across the globe because when we do we drive change, challenge norms and create a cosmetic revolution. We want social to be more about passions and less about likes.”

While it appears that Lush will be focusing on more community-driven efforts, a significant part of the brand’s appeal lies in their ethical and environmental advocacies — most of which gained mass appeal through social media. Lush added, “This isn’t the end, it’s just the start of something new.” So perhaps we can look forward to better, more ingenious ways that they can open up the conversation about topics they passionately care about in the future. For now, we take a look back at some of Lush’s most striking campaigns on Instagram, which will hopefully challenge us not to think twice, but better, about our choices.

Ocean Plastic Campaign

Remember when banning straws became a huge deal? Lush released a 29-second video on the need-to-know on the growing threat of plastic in oceans, ending with a call for a plastic-free economy and alternatives to plastic use.

Lush Naked Campaign

Packaging waste is a big problem in the cosmetics industry. With the launch of their first packaging-free “Naked Shop”, Lush cheekily asked their staff to strip down to the bare necessities in a campaign to use reusable containers.

Save the Orangutans Campaign

Palm oil is an ingredient widely used in cosmetics. Unfortunately for wild animals like the orangutans, rainforests bear the brunt of the damage when it comes to harvesting palm oil for plantations. With only around 14,600 orangutans left in the wild, Lush drew attention to conservation efforts to protect the forests and wildlife in Sumatra.

The Lush Film Festival

Animal rights, equal representation for women, and knife crime were some of the causes highlighted by Lush at their 2018 film festival in SoHo. Using the medium of film and storytelling, Lush managed to communicate their advocacies to a wider audience.

Lush Player

Furthering their activism causes, Lush launched the Lush Player back in 2018 to expand the conversation when it comes to global issues and developments. The Player features documentaries and exclusive content such as interviews with people of influence in the art, music, film, and writing industries.