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Make Place For The GlamPact In Your Bag

Glam-it's kit on-the-go for busy beauty junkies

We’ve all been there--rushing out of the house with your makeup bag in hand only to realise you’ve forgotten something and have to run back in. If only we had a cute kit that could hold all our essentials, go everywhere with us, and fit in all our bags, including our tiny clutches. While that may seem like a tall order, Jennifer Cheng, founder and CEO of Glam-it has in fact created the perfect to-go makeup kit – the GlamPact      

First launched in 2013, GlamPact was introduced as the perfect solution for women who lead a fast paced life and always needed to look their best. It featured powder, blush, bronzer, lip balms, lipstick and eye shadows. Now Glam-it has retained everything we love about the original palette and made it even better. The newer palette is smaller, sleeker and curvier for a more ergonomic shape; and its snap in colour modules mean you can customise it to create your own unique GlamPact..

What makes it even better is that the powders are triple-milled so they’re extremely fine and go on smooth with great colour pay-off. The lipsticks are creamy and moisturising and there’s even a concealer. To add to that, all makeup in the palette is made with vegan ingredients and is completely paraben, sulfate, and gluten free. Moreover it isn't tested on animals and doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. 

Just like its predecessor, it features LED lights (so you can apply your makeup literally anywhere) that are completely rechargeable with a universal USB cord. Compact, filled with everything we need and customizable, the GlamPact is an absolute must-have.


Since this would definitely be a great addition to any beauty-lover's makeup bag, we got together with our friends from Glam-It and got a special price exclusive for our Clozette Community. Get your own GlamPact for only SGD69 instead of the usual SGD111!

Hop on to the Glam-it! site and use the code CLOZETTEGP to avail of this discount.

Hurry, the offer is till 5 June 2015 only.