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March is the start of the Spring season, also known as the pre-summer time where bold colours and prints are everywhere. But there are fashionistas that go against the crowd and stay true to their personal style. Such is our Featured Fashionista for this month, Roxy Sibayan! Known as itsjustroxy here on Clozette, she posts edgy looks with a pop of print and colour. Whatever she wears is a fun interpretation of where she came from---Manila. 

Let's get to know this Pinay fashionista even more through her journey in fashion, blogging, and her favourite Spring looks! 


How did you get into fashion and blogging?

When I was a kid I loved dressing up my barbie dolls. I even remember shopping clothes for them. Then when I grew up, I ditched my dolls and started dressing up for myself. also made a huge impact in my fashion style. It was then that I confirmed that fashion is also my passion. I found friends around the site and they helped me out to put up a blog to share my outfit ideas.

Can you describe your style?

My fashion style depends on my mood but I also like to mix and match. I don't stick to one thing because it makes me feel like I'm a boring person, well except for pineapple-print clothes!

Which Spring/Summer fashion and beauty trend are you excited to try?

I never thought that eye liners are so in this season. I've been wearing those since---I don't know when. I can't go out without eyeliner on! But I am deeply excited to try wearing lipsticks because I rarely wear one. So I guess it's about time to try something new, especially something near the Marsala shade because it's the colour of the year right? I also can't wait to try out gingham printed clothes and military green shades for this season---though it's not that new. But who can forget the clothes of Cher on Clueless? I definitely can't.

Spring is such a fun-filled season, how do you make your outfits look fun?

Colour Matching, using accessories, and fearlessly layering prints! It'll definitely make your outfit stand out. And don't pressure yourself too much, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. 

What is your go-to Spring/Summer outfit?

Oh summer and spring are my favourite seasons! Though we don't have spring here in the Philippines, we still tend to adapt the fashion trends. I personally love wearing shorts and skirts! I pair it with anything! High-waist shorts plus cami and kimono, some boots and a fringe bag, then you're ready to go! Maxi skirts are also the best when you're at the beach, Pair it up with a cute bikini top and viola! 

What is your favourite makeup look for Spring/Summer?

A Light makeup look for me. MAC Studio fix foundation for the face, in2it liquid eyeliner for my cat eyes, a little bit of a bronzer, and just an EOS lipbalm for my lips. But I'm definitely going try something new for my lips this season.



February has been a fashion-filled month for us here in Clozette because of all your inspiring OOTD posts! For the past week we saw a lot of edgy, monochrome outfits, boots, and surprisingly--sneakers. It's good to see that the community is more open to trying out new styles. I guess we can expect great OOTDs from March as well! 

To cap off the month of February and officially start the month of March, here are 5 looks that we loved from the fashion community! 




We're a fan of Clozette Ambassador AnocoHannaMG's edgy casual looks; but this OOTD stood out most for its sporty feel. We are totally loving the genius idea of using an oversized jersey as a dress, pairing it with a cap, shades, and flats. Yup! Being petite has its perks. 



We've been eyeing on yesjune's style for quite a while now. She is more fond of the girl-next-door loo---so skirts and dresses are pretty much her thing. This particular skirt caught our fancy for its print and cut. The structured shape and print seems formal but she dressed it down with a soft blue top and slip-ons.



HLRYYS is such a glamorous dresser and she is able to make anything look more put-together---even a long denim jacket. And yes, her boots are worth gushing over. This K-style Kim Hye-inspired look definitely stood out, and we hope to see more looks like this soon. 



Who knew you could wear black on sunny days? It's possible with Clozetter itsjustroxy! Her floppy hat, t-shirt dress, and boots complement each other perfectly. And to break the monotony, she styled the look with silver accessories for a touch of bling.



Clozette Ambassador ssydneyho is usually seen in heels, dresses, and skirts; but last week, we saw her in a yellow romper and sneakers! The look was very casual-glam and fit for spring/summer season. 2015 is indeed the year to try something beyond your comfort zone!



It's finally March and that means the fashion and beauty world is gearing up for Spring! To help you prep for this bright and carefree season that slowly brings with it the humidity and heat of summer, we rounded-up a selection of videos that cover everything from skincare, spring/summer-ready outfits, and haircare tips. 

Here are 5 videos to help you get ready for Spring!


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Lipsticks melt easily when there is too much heat, that's why liquid lipsticks are perfect for the coming spring time. Beauty vlogger itsjudytime gives us a great review on specific lipstick--Rimmel Provocalips 16-Hour Lip Colour. Watch the video and you'll be amazed that the colour does not transfer and stays on even while eating! We totally need a bunch of these lippies.

Cute 3D Bow Nail Art

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With March being all about fun, spring colours, it's time to fully channel and express your flirty, girl-next-door look with this cute 3D Bow nail tutorial from cutepolish. We love with the pink shade she used here and cute bow and leopard-print details! 

Summer Lookbook 2014 ♡ 4 Outfit Ideas for Summer!

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With Spring comes the quick arrival of Summer! Quirky vlogger Mylifeaseva gives a glimpse of summer looks that are also perfect for spring time! This one's full of whites, lace, sandals and comfy shorts--looks that are both comfortable and stylish.

How to Get Shiny Hair
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