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Makeup Upgrades To Get This Year

Level up your vanity

We’re sure you’ve already made lists of things you want to do and achieve this year. But may we suggest you include your vanity in your plans of things-to-upgrade? We’re sure you already have tried-and-true techniques and products. But a little leveling up never hurt anybody. If you don’t know where to start, here are subtle upgrades you can make.


estee lauder doublewear stay in place makeup


A good foundation is the beginning of every great makeup look, and to suffer through ones that flake off, cake up and transfer onto your clothes — never again. We’ve found one that sparks joy in the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation, which comes in 34 shades and promises to keep your face fresh and flawless throughout the day.


anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade


Bold, precisely arched brows are the cornerstone of contemporary makeup, which helps define the face and create a starting point for the rest of your look. Ditch the basic brow and embrace your inner Instagram baddie with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade to create the perfect brow look, with enough wiggle room to be as natural or as over the top as you like.


revitalash advanced


Women through the ages have coveted thick, lush lashes to frame eyes of every shape and colour, leading to the popularity of mascara, and now eyelash extensions. How about taking your lashes to new heights with RevitaLash Advanced for a dramatic new look? This lash conditioner contains a potent blend of peptides and botanicals to protect your lashes and amp up shine with just one swipe.


shiseido whipped powder blush


With the weather steadily getting more humid, try your hand at a cream or gel-based blush for a natural flushed look that won’t need repeat touch-ups while you’re out and about. Opt for the Shiseido Whipped Powder Blush for all-day comfort and the choice to stay natural or amp up the drama with extra layers of colour, with eight beautiful shades to choose from.


pat mcgrath skin fetish highlighter and balm duo


In the spirit of KonMari, we’re beginning to consider ease of storage as part of the criteria when it comes to beauty purchases. And since Pat McGrath makes highlighter sticks, we’re 100% here for it. The Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo caught our eye because it allows you to create a dewy, effortless everyday look with the balm, and gives your cheekbones a show-stopping shine with just a flip of the stick.


butter london sheer wisdom lush lip oil


If you thought you’ve seen it all with lip products, you’ve got another thing coming. Rising to the top of our faves list this year is the lip oil. Butter London’s Sheer Wisdom Lush Lip Oil is a beautiful product that nourishes and delivers a wash of colour to the lips that melts right in. If you’re still curious about what makes lip oils special, read more about them here.