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Meet The Ladies Behind Up-And-Coming Beauty Brands In Malaysia

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One way to show your country pride is by supporting local products and brands. While big foreign brands are great, most of the time, they still can’t really address beauty needs that are specific to locals. In Malaysia, more and more homegrown labels like Nudescapes, Breena Beauty, and Orkid Cosmetics are gaining traction. To discover how passion led to their creations, we had a chat with the ladies behind up-and-coming Malaysian beauty brands. Keep on reading to learn more about how their labels came about.


Isabelle Choo's Nudescapes is one emerging Malaysian beauty brand to look out for. Aside from their sought-out clay masks, the homegrown brand offers other baking-themed skincare products for all skin types. Hoping to simplify confusing skincare routines for everyone, Nudescapes offers paraben-free and alcohol-free products that are ethically made and come in fresh and unique packaging.

Woman dressed in a lab gown mixes ingredients for skincare products

Isabelle Choo

As a kid, Isabelle often witnessed her mum diligently applying her collection of skincare products daily. From there, her fascination for beauty grew, prompting her to try a range of skincare products available in stores. Still, her journey to find the perfect product that suited her skin wasn’t easy and she realised one thing: skincare can be quite confusing. Some ingredients worked, yet some didn’t. Wanting it to be simpler and easier as baking a cake, Isabelle set out to establish Nudescapes, thereby combining her passion for beauty, baking, and business. 

The first thing you’ll notice about Nudescapes’ range is that they all look so cute. To come up with these creative packaging, Isabelle gets her inspiration from the various arts and crafts she sees on Pinterest. But the label’s beauty goes beyond that. When it comes to conceptualising new skincare releases, Isabelle always keeps her customers’ happiness in mind. It’s more of a community-based relationship for her, where the constant feedback and reviews her products get are taken into consideration during production.

Nudescapes' skincare products packed in cute baking-themed packaging

Nudescapes' skincare products

Nudescapes also strives to give back to the community through their advocacy projects every now and then. Now prepping for the upcoming launch of a wider range of skincare products suitable for travel, Isabelle hopes her label will make a mark in the local industry for their fun and adorable quality products. 

Breena Beauty

The creation of her own makeup brand was a completely life-changing experience for beauty blogger Sabrina Tajudin. Founded with her husband the same year she got married and gave birth, Breena Beauty was born out of her love for the arts. Though they started out as a Malaysian beauty brand specialising in beauty tools, Breena Beauty has slowly been expanding their offerings to include makeup products for the eyes and lips. 

Sabrina has always had entrepreneurial traits since she was young. As a kid, she loved creating her own artworks and handmade bracelets so she could sell them. When not doing that, she enjoyed flipping through magazines she saved up for, satiating her curiosity about makeup and beauty. Years later, after taking business management courses and learning about product manufacturing, she married her passions for beauty and business through Breena Beauty.

As a very hands-on person, Sabrina comes up with her own product ideas and takes years just doing studies and research on her future launches. Her own experiences as a makeup enthusiast inspire the products she releases through Breena Beauty. Other than that, listening to consumers’ feedback and watching beauty videos on YouTube makes her contemplate on the numerous possibilities surrounding beauty. 

Working to offer with more cosmetic lines and skincare range that would be available in retail stores in the future, Sabrina’s Breena Beauty has lots of upcoming quality beauty essentials in store for all beauty junkies in Malaysia. 

Orkid Cosmetics

Finding permissible beauty products can be quite difficult for Muslim beauty junkies. Thankfully, a lot of Malaysian beauty brands that are producing Halal cosmetics are popping up in the region. One of those is Raeesa Sya’s Orkid Cosmetics. They currently offer a wide range of liquid lipsticks proudly made in Malaysia that are completely Halal-certified, vegan, and cruelty-free, giving everyone a boost of worry-free confidence.

Cosmetics have always been in Raeesa’s DNA after she received her first makeup bag from her mum when she was six. This interest continued on throughout school when, as a dancer, she used to do her own makeup for performances. Despite that, it wasn’t really in her plans to start a business related to this interest of hers. In fact, she comes from a graphic design background. Still, her business-mindedness and passion for beauty won and paved the way for her success in the industry. Now, after having founded two beauty tech start-ups, Raeesa’s on to her third beauty-related business with Orkid Cosmetics.

Researching trends help Raeesa come up with new products for Orkid Cosmetics. Back when it was established in 2017, liquid lipsticks were becoming a hot item for beauty junkies all over. She keeps it real and is currently focusing on making the best quality staple products they can offer. Liquid lipsticks from Orkid Cosmetics are all custom-made, and Raeesa herself takes part in creating and testing new colours that would fit different complexions. 

Aside from eyeing to expand Orkid Cosmetics’ product range, Raeesa hopes to collaborate with talented individuals that fit their vision in the future. Making Halal beauty products as trendy and buzz-worthy as organic and cruelty-free beauty is Raeesa’s biggest hope for her label.

If you’re still in search of quality products for your beauty arsenal, why don’t you check out these Malaysian beauty brands? Everyone knows things turn out best if they’re created by passionate minds. Support local and find the essentials that best fit your needs.

(Cover photo from: @isabelle_choo, @sabrinatajudin, and @rysa)

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