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Emotions get a bad reputation because they are often associated with irrational thinking and erratic behaviour. At times, it's almost an insult to call someone emotional. But that's just one way of looking at emotions. A more positive perspective is to view our feelings as something powerful, and thus should be handled with extreme care. Managing your emotions, most especially the negative ones, can lead to growth in our personal and professional lives. 

What are some of the things that you can do to take control of your feelings? Let's talk about that now.

Don't Ignore Your Emotions

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Managing emotions is not the same as ignoring it. Powerful emotions don't fade when you suppress them; they're just gonna be bottled up and it's only a matter of time before they burst. Ignoring your emotions is a surefire way to develop heavy chips on your shoulder. Instead, acknowledge and understand your emotions. 

Know Your Triggers

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Take at least ten minutes to reflect on your emotional triggers. What circumstances make you emotional enough to want to take drastic, immediate actions? Perhaps certain triggers make you so angry that you lash out uncontrollably? Monitoring your past actions will lead to awareness, and this is the key to knowing the changes you can do to improve your attitude and prevent destructive behaviour in the future.

Learn To Respond, Not React

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There is a thin line between reacting and responding, but that line makes all the difference. Responding, as opposed to reacting, is thought-out and done in a calm manner. With that said, it's important to not give in to your reflex during the height of an emotion. Don't react quickly and take a moment to clarify your thoughts; a few seconds can save you from a lifetime of regret. 

Practice Empathy 

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Understanding precedes calmness. Sometimes, we can get caught up in our own ordeal that we assume that what we think and feel are the accurate depictions of things. This is often false, and the way to break out of this perspective is to practice empathy. Ask and listen how others are feeling towards the situation, and this will allow you to see things more clearly.



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