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As we go through life, it's normal and unavoidable to collect clutter along the way. The problem arises when we fail to let go of these trinkets and they end up taking much of our living space. Enter Marie Kondo and her signature KonMari tidying method that improved lives the world over. After authoring several lifestyle books, including the international bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Kondo is now set to star in her own Netflix show.

Just in time to inspire us to start anew, the eight-episode series will be having its premiere on 1 January. We're totally excited and curious to see how Kondo will be able to help different people declutter and transform their homes. To prep before the first episode drops, let's review some of the most popular KonMari techniques and philosophies that you should know before you watch the series.

Treat your possessions with love and respect

This may sound really silly at first but the concept of treating your clothes as if they have emotions makes sense in the long run. Stuffing your clothes in your closet, tossing your shoes after wearing them and basically just not caring for your belongings shortens their lifespan. And more often than not, when this happens, you buy replacements without discarding the old stuff, making you accumulate more clutter. So give your things some TLC.

The KonMari folding technique

Does it seem like your drawers are always in a state of chaos? The KonMari folding technique just may be the solution. It's a unique way of folding clothes so that they're compact and you can just neatly stack them vertically. Watch her demonstration on the video above and try it for yourself!

Declutter by category

Traditionally, we clean our living space by room or corner. But Marie Kondo suggests that a better way to do it is to declutter by category. Lay out all of your beauty products, clothes, books and so on. Then, begin to sort them into what you want to keep and discard. This way, you'll find out exactly how much you own and be able to plan properly on where to keep them.

Keep only things that spark joy

"We should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of," Kondo says in her book. This is very important to keep in mind when decluttering. During our cleaning sessions, most of us would lean on identifying those we don't like than picking possessions that we treasure. It means that the stuff we don't find annoying still stay and occupy space even though they may not serve us any purpose anymore. Instead, ask yourself which items you do need and make you happy. 

Nostalgia is not the same as joy

From college memorabilia to sentimental gifts, those things that have sentimental value attached to them are the hardest to declutter. To this, Kondo advises to "live for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past". As mentioned earlier, keep only those that spark joy like photographs. But let go of nostalgic items that serve no purpose in the present. For example, discard those items that you don't use anymore but still keep because they were given to you as a gift. "The true purpose of a present is to be received," Kondo says. 

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Fashion is ultimately about self-expression and creativity. And so we're always excited to see people who just let their creative juices flow and show their style in a way that's uniquely theirs. It's also super fun to get inspired by the results of their mix-and-matching. So we're looking at these ensembles from the Clozette Community and taking a tip or two.

A different way to layer

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Sleek + Athleisure

(Photo from: Sheiladytiu)



We may forget it at times because of their high-profile status, but celebrities are humans, too. They're not immune to the holiday spirit and celebrate the festivities just like we do, with food, good company and a whole lot of Instagramming. The only difference is the level of 'extra' they include in their celebrations. So before we fully bid Christmas goodbye and start our New Year countdown, let's look at how some of our favourite celebrities' spent their festive celebrations as documented on the 'gram.

Ashley Tisdale

The High School Musical star still channels her iconic character Sharpay Evans after all these years with her matching pink hair and rose-hued Christmas tree. And do we even have to mention the star-covered kicks? Our Disney-loving hearts are screaming!

Lily Collins

Here's a Christmas stocking moment from Lily Collins. Giving us the cosiest of vibes with her plaid jammies and soft white cover-up, we think we're speaking for everyone when we say we're jealous of both that cute outfit and her equally adorable unicorn hand puppet.

Gigi Hadid

Looking at family photo albums is a common holiday activity and, apparently, Gigi Hadid is no exception to this tradition. Serving us a major throwback with this adorable festive snap, talk about her and sister Bella being model-esque even at a young age, right?


Festive outfit, what? The Without Me singer seems to have tossed pullovers and jammies aside this year to chill with a beer in hand and her Lakers jersey while watching the team's Christmas day game against the Golden State Warriors. Now, we don't know which team you're rooting for but all we can say is this look just proves that hoop earrings truly elevate any outfit, casual or otherwise.

Millie Bobby Brown

The Stranger Things star has already proved she's growing to be a style icon with her past red carpet looks but her festive outfit just sealed the deal even more. From that red-to-black combo to the on-point accessorising, we can't see anything wrong with this outfit and we just hoped she'll post which shoes she paired this look with so we can cop it already!

Sophie Turner

From one TV series favourite to another, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner takes celebrity festive dinners to the next level by posting a snap of her with the Jonas household. Besides her fiancé and DNCE frontman Joe Joans, you can also spot newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas in the photo. Covering all grounds of the industry — from concerts to film productions to red carpets — just imagine how the Christmas dinner conversations go.


Will it really be a celebrity listicle without any mention of the Kardashian-Jenner clan? While each of the ladies in the family posted looks from their extravagant holiday party (filled with equally famous names in the guest list), we all know that their annual family Christmas card is the one to wait for. They've done glamourous and themed ones before, but for this year, it's just minimalist, simple and very adorable with all the kids in the family taking the centre stage.

Gemma Chan

English actress Gemma Chan showed how different she is from her Crazy Rich Asians character Astrid Leong by posting a warm and fun-filled series of Polaroid shots on her Instagram. There may be no million-dollar worth earrings and shoes in sight but we're all for the laidback photos of her just goofing off with some loved ones. 

Taylor Swift

It's no secret that the Look What You Made Me Do songstress is a huge cat lover but we weren't prepared to see this level of cat cuteness. Greeting everyone with a 'Purry Christmas', it's nice to see Tay-Tay in such a soft and chill mood for the holidays especially with the strong and edgy image she's been putting out on social media recently in line with her Reputation tour. 

The Royal Family

Not that they need a popularity boost but ever since Meghan Markle joined the Royal Family, it's safe to say that their fanbase hiked up.  As expected, the Dukes and Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex  served us royalty-level chicness with their choice of fancy coats, scarves and hats while on the way to the church to celebrate Christmas morning. We're definitely copping the crimson hat-and-clutch combo from Kate and that dress—and—boots match-up from Meghan!

(Cover photo from: @ashleytisdale)

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