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In the realm of beauty and fashion addicts, online shopping is the best thing since shopping malls were built. It’s quick, easy, convenient, and fast. It’s even the best place to shop for your favourite makeup and skincare products because numerous sites offer free returns and shipping, discounts; and sometimes, they even carry those hard-to-find collections that everyone highly seeks out.

So if you’re just starting to dip your toes into the portal of online shopping and are slowly finding your way around numerous sites and their vast selections of products, keep reading below for the tips that will allow you to master the art of online beauty shopping.


Make sure the site is reputable

There are a lot of websites out there that sell fake or counterfeit cosmetics. So before you click that ‘Checkout’ button, make sure the website you’re buying from is reputable, with good reviews by people who have had positive experiences with the seller. Another way would be to research if your favourite beauty brands are linked to the sites as an official e-commerce partner.

For example, let’s say you want to buy LANEIGE products, our tip would be to purchase from Lazada as they are the official e-commerce partner of the Korean beauty brand! You can then shop with an ease of mind knowing that your purchase is 100% authentic.

Don’t forget to do your research

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When online beauty shopping, always do your research first on the products you want to buy. Since shopping websites usually list a ton of beauty items from around the world, it’s easy to get lost within the pages of products and lose focus on the ones you actually want. Always be 100% sure with the products you add to your cart; that way, you avoid impulse buying and the extra effort of having to return products and ask for refunds.

Stay updated on brands

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This shouldn’t be hard since many of us here are beauty junkies! Staying updated on a beauty brand’s newest releases and latest discounts has become a regimen in our lives. From midnight madness sales suddenly announced on Instagram, to receiving special discount codes via social media…one thing’s for sure: if you’re a beauty addict, you’ll definitely want to jump on all these exclusive promos to stretch your dollars!

Want an insider tip? We heard LANEIGE’s Facebook Page offers SGD $5 off of your first purchase with a minimum spend of SGD $20 when you sign up! 

Take advantage of online exclusives and promotions

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Who doesn’t love a great discount? That’s the amazing thing when shopping online, most websites always have a sale going on. So make sure you act fast before the promotion runs out because just like the stocks of products, they won’t last too!

We just learned that Korean beauty brand LANEIGE is offering exclusive beauty sets on Lazada so you won’t ever have to run out of your holy grail makeup and skincare items! You can purchase the Basic Moisture Care Set (SGD $138), Sleeping Beauty Set (SGD $75), and the Dewy Makeup Set (SGD $96) at discounted prices with no minimum spending required. So make sure you take advantage of them!

BUY NOW: LANEIGE Basic Moisture Care Set SGD $138 (worth SGD $181)

BUY NOW: LANEIGE Sleeping Beauty Set SGD $75 (worth SGD $98)

BUY NOW: LANEIGE Dewy Makeup Set SGD $96 (worth SGD $116)


Got anymore online shopping tips you’d like to share with the Community? Just comment them down below!



As our way of life continues to evolve, so do the factors that contribute to various skin concerns such as acne. Due to increased pollution, weather changes, and stress levels that are off the charts, more women today are facing “modern acne”, also known as adult acne.

Modern acne is not caused by fluctuating hormones, but by pore-clogging dirt, diets, and bacteria. And sadly, typical over-the-counter acne treatments can’t banish them for good since these types of pimples have “evolved” as well, becoming more complex and resistant to medication.

Luckily, the Pond’s Institute discovered all this and created the Pond’s Acne Clear range, a 2-step regimen that will make acne a thing of the past. Powered by the newly discovered Thymo-T essence, which penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to zap away acne from the root, women will now be able to see a difference in as little as 3 days!

Launched at SM Fashion Hall last 2nd August 2016 in the Philippines, below are the highlights from the sneak peek of these exciting new products!


Beauty demonstration

Pond’s Beauty Council Member and Acne Clear endorser Julia Barretto was joined onstage by fellow Pond’s Ambassadors Alexa Ilacad and Claudia Barretto to give a quick demo on how easy it is to get clear, blemish-free skin using the Acne Clear Facial Foam and Leave-On Expert Clearing Gel. With just 1 regimen, 2 easy steps, and 3 days, you can already have a blemish-free complexion!



One of the most iconic teen stars in the Philippines, actress and model Liza Soberano debuts in her first global beauty label endorsement as Maybelline's newest Ambassador.

With Maybelline's continued vision to inspire young girls to achieve their dreams with confidence and beauty, Liza's unique mix of youthfulness, style, and boldness makes her the perfect role model to represent those who are passionate, motivated, and determined to succeed and 'Make It Happen' in life. 

Keep reading to know more about the Half-American, half-Filipina model and actress as she talks about her style inspirations, her favourite Maybelline products, and of course, how she 'makes it happen'.


What are your thoughts on the role of makeup in self-expression?

For young girls like me, I believe makeup plays an important part in building the confidence to feel beautiful. I believe that girls should feel confident innately, and makeup helps girls, like me, because it gives them the extra boost that they need.

[And] you know what, I’ve actually grown up with Maybelline. It’s the makeup brand where I bought my very first lip balm, Baby Lips, and my first mascara!

Do you have a favorite Maybelline product?

It’s so hard to choose! But if I have to, I would pick Clear Smooth All-in-One – the perfect foundation for girls my age. I don’t like overdoing makeup, especially with face powder, so I love Clear Smooth as it gives me that natural-looking [finish].

I’m [also] loving the new Creamy Matte Brown Nudes in Clay Crush [because] it’s a modern take to the classic brown lip trend and I love how Creamy Matte feels on the lips. It really makes sure my lips doesn’t chap because it’s very moisturizing. 

Other than that, I would include Maybelline’s [other] makeup products – the  Fashion Brow Duo Shaper and Hypercurl Mascara. I really love enhancing the eyes with just the right beauty products and Maybelline does just that!

What about your look? Who's your style inspiration?

During our first campaign shoot [before], I told the team how much I look up to the Maybelline Girls! I really admire how fierce and driven all of them are to succeed in their own fields – acting, hosting, modeling, even in their businesses. Personally, my favorite Maybelline Girl is definitely Gigi [Hadid]– [she's one of my idols]! I just love her energy and style.

How does it feel like to finally be a Maybelline Girl? 

When I first started in the show business, I was very shy. I couldn’t even smile right in front of the camera. So as cliché as it may sound, beauty really plays a big role in making you feel confident. Being beautiful is not just about looking good but feeling good about yourself. And the best part is – Maybelline helps girls achieve exactly this.

[That's why] it’s so exciting to be part of the fun, fearless, and hottest squad of Maybelline Girls! I’m honored to take on this new role as the new Maybelline Girl, proudly representing a brand that sparks courage and fuels the belief that beauty and confidence can take girls from all walks of life to places. [Always remember that] you can make it happen.

Speaking of 'making it happen,' how does Liza Soberano make 'it' happen?

'Make It Happen' means every girl deserves a shot to achieve anything she wants– as in whatever “it” might be for her. [It] could be a new love life, a new job, new goal – any dream! 

For me, it’s about not letting anything stop me from achieving my goals [and] to make my dreams happen on-cam and off-cam. With that, I’m really happy that I can proudly say I choose to make it happen with Maybelline.


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