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From the creators of Tokyo White now comes another skincare brand, Masumi, which pre-launched last 29 August 2019 at Merry Mart grocery inside Double Dragon Meridian Plaza. Headlined by celebrity and brand co-founder Angel Aquino, Masumi derives its inspiration from a synonymous Japanese female name loosely translated to 'true beauty'.

Using natural Japanese ingredients and technology with innovative 100 per cent Filipino manufacturing, the brand's introductory range is the Rose Collection, comprised of six skincare products that are formulated for a holistic beauty routine. The curation includes the Rose Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Rose Mist, Micellar Cleansing Water, Day Cream, Night Cream, and Oil Essence, all infused with the power of natural rose and aloe vera extracts harvested and manufactured directly from Japan. 

Masumi Event Setup at Merry Mart; Masumi Rose Collection

Rose Centifolia, which is at the core of this range, is chosen for its ability to keep the skin supple and moisturised, as well as help combat causes of acne and the signs of ageing with its antioxidant and collagen production-aiding properties. The products are also infused with Aloe Vera extract to help double-up on moisturisation, as well as aid in minimising and soothing skin damages caused by exposure to UV rays and other external factors. All products are dressed in beautiful red-and-gold packaging, channelling elegance and a very luxurious feel despite its affordability at less than PHP400/~USD8 each. 

Masumi Packaging Per Product

After its official pre-launch to the public, we were then taken to an intimate sit-down session with Masumi's co-founder and ambassador Angel Aquino and the rest of the Masumi team to learn about the range in-depth. Taking a year in development, the team shared that the product line was initially set to be larger, but they decided to focus first on basics to ensure that they get not just the formulation but even the small details right — from a sleeker packaging to the strength and subtlety of the smell to the price-point. After all, K-beauty may be big on the 10-step skincare, but with the Filipino women in mind, practicality and accessibility win. 

Celebrity and Masumi co-founder Angel Aquino; Guest samples Masumi products

Left: Filipino celebrity and Masumi co-founder Angel Aquino holds her favourite from the line, the Hydrating Rose Mist; Right: A lucky bystander was the first to sample the Masumi Rose Collection

An immediate crowd favourite was the Hydrating Rose Mist, which we understood the hype for when we got to try the product on-ground. It has a refreshing feel and scent (rosy yet not too overwhelming) even with just a couple of spritzes. The sprayer does a great job distributing the product for easy absorption and hydrating the skin without it feeling too wet. We also found out that it can double-up as a toning mist that can be used under your makeup or at night post-cleansing.

While currently in its pre-launch stage and is available in limited stores at the moment, Masumi teased that they are looking to launch in major supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty counters later this September. Meanwhile, catch the Masumi True Beauty Rose Collection first in select Watsons outlets, Merry Mart Double Dragon Plaza and online at BeautyMNL.



The world, as we know, is suffering from numerous natural calamities — from the continually thinning ozone layer to the burning of the Amazon Rainforest. So it goes without saying that we must all do our part in trying to save it. As makeup lovers, one way we can do this is by supporting companies that pledge or partner with other organisations who work to conserve and save nature’s blessings. That said, we were excited to learn that Chantecaille’s Fall 2019 Makeup Collection was created to bring awareness to the ongoing plight of Africa’s most endangered species.

Their Luminescent Eye Shades (SGD87/~USD62.87) pay homage to specific animals: the elephant, rhinoceros, cheetah, giraffe, lion, and pangolin. They also have a new Cheek Gelée (SGD75/~USD54.20), a lightweight gel-cream blush that comes in raspberry shade called Vibrant. A portion of this collection’s proceeds will go to six African conservation nonprofits who've made a notable impact in saving these species. Excited to see what they have in store? Take a closer look at their new products as we unbox them in the video above.

(Cover photo from: chantecaille)


How you get ready for the day is such a vital step in how your beauty look would last. And sometimes, with a filled-in calendar, it can be hard to squeeze in touch-ups in between all the hustle. Aside from getting heavy-duty makeup and skincare picks that you know would last you from day to night, take note that the beauty tools that help you in creating your chosen look also play a huge role in its longevity.

So to officially kick off Clozette Beauty Heroes 2019 (CBH), where we at #TeamClozette handpick our top recommendations in beauty based on testing and experience, we're sharing our favourite Beauty Tools that were launched this year!

Clozette Beauty Heroes 2019 Beauty Tools

P.S. Read 'til the end and find out how you can be one to take home beauty shopping vouchers.

For a perfectly clean base: Foreo Luna Mini 2

Clozette Beauty Heroes Beauty Tools - FOREO Mini Luna 2

The key to any good look is preparation. So it goes without saying that prepping your skin is a must. Our gadget of choice for this? The Foreo Luna Mini 2. This waterproof device gently exfoliates and give your skin some thorough cleansing, ensuring that residue of dirt and makeup won't seep into the skin as you retire for the day. With its eight intensity settings, you're in for a customised cleansing routine that will help you retain your skin's plump and healthy appearance. P.S. We're excited for its new sister, the Foreo Luna 3, too.

For healthy-looking skin with or without makeup: Skin Inc.'s Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light

Clozette Beauty Heroes Beauty Tools - Skin Inc Voyage Tri-Light

On days when you just don't have the time to buff and blend your makeup to perfection, it's better to have the option to go bare. But you don't really need to go to a facial centre for skin you'll be proud to go makeup-free for. Skin Inc.'s Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light delivers optimum results even at the comfort of your own home. Combining the technology of NASA, Chromotherapy and Low-Frequency Therapy to stimulate your cells and make for more effective product absorption, this wireless device is like your very own magic wand for achieving all your skin goals. We're stoked that this got a new model with a USB-charging capability this year! Bye, batteries.

For getting that permanent contour: ReFA Carat Face Massager

Clozette Beauty Heroes Beauty Tools - ReFA Carat Face Massager

Sharpen your angles the natural way with ReFA's Carat Face Massager.  Especially designed to hug the contours of your face perfectly (even your sensitive eye area), this beauty tool earned its cult-following in Japan for its micro-current massaging technology. Promoting skin elasticity and restoration by means of increased collagen production, not only will it make you say goodbye to contouring with makeup but it will also help make you go bare-faced more confidently. 

For a blow-out that's effortlessly chic: Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Clozette Beauty Heroes Beauty Tools - Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Most of the time, we leave hairstyling to the experts (because, truly, they're great at it!). But being able to do it ourselves at home is definitely a major plus. With the help of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, we can do just that. Earning the favour of many beauty enthusiasts across the globe, not only does it deliver the most amazing blow-outs six times faster than your usual hairdryer, but it's also created with technology that helps protect your hair from intense heat damage. No need to worry about frizzy, dry and lifeless-looking locks because you can expect fool-proof salon-like results with this one no matter how pressed for time you are. Plus, with new attachments such as Gentle Air and Smoothing Nozzle just recently released, we're looking to have more things to love about it.

For envy-worthy hairstyles: ghd Platinum + Professional Performance Styler

Clozette Beauty Heroes Beauty Tools - GHd Platinum + Professional Performance Styler

If you want something a bit more elaborate than a blow-out, ghd's Platinum + Professional Performance Styler is your best bet. It's got an Ultra-zone predictive technology that analyses your hair's needs to ensure less breakage and damage. This tech also measures the thickness and texture of your hair to give optimal and time-saving performance depending on its findings. So less hair damage, more experimental hairstyles to flaunt day-in and day-out. Cool, right?

Clozette Beauty Heroes is a curation of #TeamClozette’s top beauty picks based on testing and experience. We’re happy to have been able to try out many products in the past year, and we’re excited to share our favourites.

Stay tuned for more of our Clozette Beauty Heroes in the next few weeks!
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