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Work Your Way Through May With This Oracle Reading

Time to dive deep

At every start of the month, navigate through your hectic work and personal lives with a little guidance from the stars. Reflect and be on top of your goals with the help of Flavia Lee's oracle readings.

The start of the year didn’t feel quite too far, and yet we’re already starting with May. Feeling quite lost in this fast-paced flow of time? Here's a bit of guidance, in the form of an oracle reading, now that we're on to a new quarter.  Like tarot, oracle reading is a directive tool that helps you find the confirmation you are seeking to realise within you. It shows you your current situation, your life path, and suggests a possible next step. Ahead, your reading for May 2019 — courtesy of Flavia Lee from FullMoonary.

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After a long period of rest, everything is finally awakening. Since we’re in Saturn Retrograde, it’s the perfect time to review your life goals and mission. Be very honest with yourself and imagine this time as the one where you'll submit your quarterly report to yourself. Think about the things you've done so far and reflect upon how much you've gone through. From there, adjust your life’s direction accordingly. Learn what you should let go of in order to accomplish your plans.

Don't be afraid to listen and let your life's reflections direct you to the truth. Are you doing what your heart desires? Then your hard work will be paid off. But if you are not sticking with your life mission, or you’re simply doing something you don’t love, you will feel its negative effects. 


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Keep reviewing and adjusting your habits and choices depending on what works best for you, and always be open to making small changes first. Take it one step at a time so you can gradually witness your progress. Eventually, you will gain pace and move forward with more strength and motivation.

Keep in mind that it’s time to get down to business. Playtime is done. Be more serious about yourself, your life and goals. A retreat and some rest might be just what you need so you can better "hear" your thoughts and goals. But after you reflect and review, follow your heart. Stick to your life plan, and everything will turn out fine.


Flavia Lee, through FullMoonary, is on a mission to bring guidance to people. Through various oracle readings and guided meditations, she helps them understand their inner selves and reconnect more with them. Connect with her via Instagram or Facebook, or through FullMoonary’s website. 

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