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Met Gala 2019: The Best Camp Looks On The Red Carpet

Who slayed the night?

Let's be honest, when we all first heard that the theme for Met Gala 2019 is "Camp: Notes on Fashion" our immediate thoughts went to tents, bonfires and bug spray. Maybe you were even thinking of how Beyoncé (who skipped this year's Met Gala, by the way) could glam up bermuda shorts and visors to give us some serious glamping inspiration. But no, that's not what the theme is all about.

Based on Susan Sontag's 1964 essay Notes on Camp, the essence of theme of the Met Gala 2019 is "its love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration." She goes on to say that you can never really explain Camp as a concept but you can show what it is. And if you even so much as try to define it, it will be a betrayal to the very idea of Camp. As you can see now, it's very confusing yet also very artsy — making it the perfect open-ended theme to the most 'extra' event of the year.

We know this is a sin against Camp, but in the interest of making things a little clearer, we could describe it as ironic, outrageous and extravagant. Think of Taylor Swift's Me! MV, Viktor & Rolf's Meme Couture and Lady Gaga's outfits from 2009. Now that we've settled that, let the ranking begin! Who had the best camp looks? Ahead, the personalities who made our list.

Zendaya Cinderella in a 'Lit' Tommy Hilfiger Gown

Zendaya literally lit up the room with this Tommy Hilfiger Cinderella-like gown that's been engineered (there were wires involved) to poof up and light up from within. The best bit is when her stylist, Law Roach, who was dressed as a fairy godmother on the red carpet with her, waved his wand and the magic started to happen — her dress became fluorescent and bigger. Camp-y, indeed!

Billy Porter as an Egyptian Sun God

If there were an award for the most fabulous entrance ever made in the history of Met Gala, it would belong to Billy Porter when he entered the room dressed as an Egyptian Sun God while being carried by six muscular men. It was more than a moment, it's meme material. The golden ensemble featuring human-length wings and a 24-karat gold head-piece was made by The Blonds who are known for their eccentric pieces.

Janelle Monae's surreal but oh-so-fab piece

Even though it looks something that's straight out of a cartoon, we're mesmerised and intrigued at how Janelle Monae made this Christian Siriano ensemble work. It was put together by none other than Alexandra Mandelkorn, who's also responsible for some of Monae's most eye-catching looks. We do love Mandelkorn's work but this one undoubtedly takes the cake. 

Ezra Miller's startling look

Ezra Miller has got many eyes on him — like literally. People always say that there's a thin line between the fascinating and the disturbing, but until now, we never really understood what that felt like. Thank you, Ezra, for serving us a look that we may never ever forget, not even in our dreams. Side note: the Burberry suit is amazing. 

Jordan Roth in this "wearable sculpture"

Broadway veteran Jordan Roth pays homage to his craft with this Iris Van Herpen custom. At first, you'd think he's going for an Asgard citizen look, but once he unfurls that cape it unveils an image of a theatre hall. It's truly an awesome wearable piece of art, we're gonna give him that. 

Who are your favourites at Met Gala 2019?

(Cover photo from: @burberry)