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(Cover photo from: @piawurtzbach)

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach will soon relinquish her crown. A new queen will take over for her, but it's not too late to celebrate the lady who won the world over because she is “confidently beautiful with a heart.” As a tribute, here's a list of Pia's best beauty moments.


Sultry and Smokey

(Photo from: @piawurtzbach)

It's no doubt that Pia can wear any type of look. So donning a sultry, smokey eye look, as seen above, is effortless for her. Take cues from Queen P and use browns instead of dark greys and black for a look you can pull off even for daytime.

Bold and Beautiful

(Photo from: @piawurtzbach)

Pia's a known risk-taker, and it shows in the looks she sports. Never to shy away from anything bold, Pia wears a dark lip colour in time for winter. The weather's still a bit cool in our part of the world, albeit not as cold as others', so take advantage of it and swipe on some vampy lipstick.


Classic Meets Edgy

(Photo from: @piawurtzbach)

Experimenting on different looks is normal for Pia, who also moonlights as a model. Case in point: the time she traded her long locks for a short, blunt bob for a shoot. Despite her makeup being a classic take on the red lip, the hairstyle gave it an edgy twist. Want to sport a new 'do this year? Get on it. Here are some looks you can choose from.

Easy Breezy

(Photo from: @piawurtzbach)

We love makeup as much as the next person, but we're also fans of looking “natural.” Pia achieved how every girl would like to look on a daily basis in the photos above: well-rested and happy. So if you feel like it, go for something simple: lengthen those lashes and put a juicy shade of peachy brown on your lips.


Undeniably Regal

(Photo from: @piawurtzbach)

Pia has donned a lot of different looks during her reign as Miss U, but our favorite beauty moment from her remains to be the one when she won the crown. We love it even more because she was the one who did her makeup that night. She looked absolutely regal and glamorous. 



What’s Chinese New Year without more festive shopping? In light of the most celebrated holiday amongst the Chinese community, we followed Clozette Ambassador and digital beauty influencer Cindy on her CNY festive shopping spree.

“If I had to pick three words to describe what Chinese New Year means to me, they would be ‘family’, ‘reunion’ and ‘tradition’.” Read on as the new mum of four month-old Chriselle shares her festive picks with us – and walks us through how she prepares for CNY with those three words in mind.


Add a touch of warmth with decorations

“I’ve always treasured our annual family get-together! Even during my flying days (as a former air stewardess), I always found myself longing to be home to spend the holidays with my family. This appreciation for family reunions was instilled in me from a very young age. I believe it was our parents’ way of reminding us to spend quality time loving and appreciating our family.

My first order of business will be to de-clutter and get rid of the old. Then, it’s on to setting our cosy abode up for the celebration and adding a touch of festive vibes with CNY decorations.”
Ensure snacks are well stocked

“Making sure that there are appropriate CNY goodies and that these snacks are well stocked for the family and relatives visiting are a must during the Lunar New Year celebrations. Food is something to enjoy the festive joy with for the young and elderly.”

Glam up with new clothes

“Glam up with new clothes, such as a classic cheongsam, to stay in sync with tradition. This year’s extra special as I get to shop for Chriselle too! She will be twinning with her mum for her first Chinese New Year.”

Refresh with an efficient beauty regimen

“As I am currently a full time stay-home mum, a complex beauty regimen takes away too much time from BabyC. A simple yet efficient regimen with the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is what I need to start the day right with well-nourished skin. 2017 shall be a year of simplicity at its best.

With the FTE, I noticed my skin is supple to the touch, well moisturised and nourished. It allows my serums and moisturisers to absorb well thereafter. I’ve been using the FTE for years!”

Prepare red packets for good luck

“Collecting ang baos, or red packets, during CNY was one of the highlights for me as I was growing up. It’s now my turn to pack and bless the next generation during this festive period.”


Share the festivities in your feed with these five things to incorporate into your CNY Instagram post!



(Cover photo from: penmyblog)

If you've been wanting to put your creative side to use by way of makeup but don't know where to look for inspiration, why not let the stars be your guide? Whether you're a solid believer of astrology or just someone who's looking to do something new for the new year, taking a cue from zodiac signs is something worth trying out.

Planning to up your game in the beauty department? Here are some fun, festive looks inspired by zodiac signs to ignite your creativity.



Let's start with something you'd most likely be able to wear. Inspired by Leo, the sign of people who are natural stand-outs, this look will help make sure that all eyes are on you. The look is fairly simple, but the eyes definitely catch the attention.


This one's still in the wearable spectrum, but it's definitely more festive and fun. Taking a cue from Cancer, the sign of people who are rooted in family, this makeup look depicts their open and welcoming nature.



Bold smokey eyes? A must for someone whose eyes are on the prize. Capricorns are said to be ambitious and determined, so show how big your personality is by recreating this look.


As feisty as Scorpio's personality is this makeup look. The intense eye makeup is perfect for embodying the sign's strong and commanding attributes.



Those who are under the Pisces sign are believed to have natural artistic inclinations. So dare to be different and don't be scared to express yourself.


Ready to start recreating these looks? Here are the beauty products you need according to your sign.