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It's a major feat to win the title of Miss Universe. The responsibilities tied to it are just as big — from becoming the face of women empowerment to trying to advance global advocacies. In the 67th year of the pageant, beautiful, smart and empowered women from 94 countries and territories competed for the crown. But in the end, it was Catriona Gray from the Philippines who was named the victor.

But who is this new queen and what goes beyond her signature slow-mo turn, her blazing red dress a la Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, and the answers that earned her the crown? Ahead, get to know Miss Universe 2018 with these fun facts. 

She's no newbie to pageants 

She joined her first ever pageant at the age of five in Little Miss Philippines. She was also a Miss World contender in 2016 in which she lost the crown, a verdict dubbed an injustice by fans. Looking back, it's safe to say her story of defeat helped her rise from the ashes and earn her place in a bigger arena. Another interesting anecdote about her pageant history is that at the age of 13, her mother Normita Magnayon claimed to have dreamt that Catriona won Miss Universe in a red dress. 

She has a master's certificate in Music Theory

Filipinos are known for their love of music and Catriona is no different. The 24-year-old Filipina-Scottish model and creative took her love for the craft one step further by working for a master's certificate in Music Theory from Berklee College of Music in Boston. But that's not all! Using her talent in singing and songwriting, she recently released a single titled "We're In This Together" to raise awareness towards her advocacy of child support and education. 

She's a multi-faceted artist

Aside from her talent in the visual arts, Catriona is also quite the athlete. She earned her black belt in Choi-Kwang Do when she was 12. 

She went 'independent' to embrace more of her creativity

The Philippines is globally known for having some of the best and most competitive pageant camps that even foreign contenders choose to get their training done in the country. However, after her unfortunate loss at Miss World in 2016, Catriona opted to go independent to have more freedom and authority over her self-representation in pageants, especially in her choice of outfits. Another fun fact: Catriona designed the earrings she wore for the Binibining Pilipinas pageant and Miss Universe 2018.

All her Miss Universe looks tell a story about the Philippines

Being a long-time muse of fashion designer Mak Tumang, the two immediately decided to create more symbolic outfits after her Binibining Pilipinas win. From her Ibong Adarna dress, inspired by a mythical bird from Filipino folklore, worn in the preliminary evening gown presentation to the blazing Mayon Volcano evening dress that paid homage to the natural beauty found in her province of Bicol, we can say that her outfits are not only gorgeous but also well thought out. Even her national costume in the pageant held a number of historical and cultural references. 

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It's mid-month madness, friends. We're busy with the holidays coming but we're also busy keeping abreast with what's happening in the worlds of fashion and beauty. From a baby powder controversy to a beauty pageant win, here are the latest pieces of news you need to know.

Talcum conundrum

The debate over the safety of baby powder has been ongoing for years now. It sparked when a woman sued Johnson & Johnson because she alleged that the powder played a part in her developing cancer. Now, it has been revealed that people within the company have been discussing their product and the probability that it contains asbestos for decades now. Is baby powder safe to use? We'll just have to stay tuned for more details to unfold.

Prada says sorry

Prada has issued an apology after they were called out for a piece in their latest collection called Pradamalia. Many people voiced out their disappointment with the brand after it reportedly created a trinket inspired by blackface. The move was said to be different from the brand's history of inclusivity (which includes hiring Naomi Campbell at a time when the modelling industry was dominated by Caucasians).

Kendall Jenner is on top

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had a good year. Jenner reportedly earned USD22.5 million, making her the highest-paid model of 2018.

The Philippines and the Universe

The Philippines' representative to the Miss Universe pageant won the coveted crown. Catriona Grey is the fourth Filipino to win the beauty pageant.

Pomelo Holidays

We got to celebrate with Pomelo for a fruitful year at their tea party. But the festivities were not limited to that because we also got the first look at their upcoming Chinese New Year collection. It consists of 101 pieces you'll surely love, so stay tuned.

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Michael Kors vs. Louis Vuitton

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Full Spectrum at Covergirl

Covergirl Cosmetics have made some major moves this year. Months after they announced a change in their direction, with a change in their tagline in tow, the iconic makeup brand released a collection that aims to fortify their efforts to support diversity in beauty. Full Spectrum is a collection especially made for women of colour, and we're here for it.


Filipino beauty brand Sunnies Face is releasing a new product after the success of their first one, the Fluffmatte lipsticks. The Glowboss are highlighter sticks that aim to be "your go-to glow."

American Eagle soars

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