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Modern Style Icons For Your Every Mood

Is it a Lee Sung Kyung or a Sofia Boutella kind of day?

Fashion is a versatile thing no matter what other people say; one day you're feeling classy and elegant, the next day you want to show your edgy, badass self. There's no point in sticking to monotonous ensembles because life in itself is spontaneous, and sometimes, you just have to express what you feel through the most tangible way you can: clothing. 

So whatever your mood when you woke up this morning is, here are style icons whose looks you can cop for the day. 

Sleek in Street: Zendaya

From her debut in Disney to being a Marvel movie female lead, Zendaya continues to wow everyone with her style choices. But beyond her amazing red carpet looks, her off-duty OOTDs are also one for the books. Statement tees, layers, and going au naturale — complete it with a rockin' 'tude and you're all set like this lady. 

Chic Charmer: Park Shin Hye

Black and white is a go-to colour combination, making it a bit cliche. But if you can't let go of your love for the classic combo and you'd love to ace a simply chic ensemble, take some notes from one of our K-drama faves, Park Shin Hye. Pick a plain black button down, a chunky belt, and wide-legged trousers; it's all about perfecting the balance between bold and staple pieces.

Doll-like: Miranda Kerr

We all have days when we're all about pastels and florals and dresses and skirts. And this look by Miranda Kerr spells effortless perfection. No need to go overly complicated with your details; simply stick with a cut and fabric type that will let you go about your business with ease. 

Casual Stunner: Lee Sung Kyung

Not in the mood to play dress up? From oversized shirts and distressed jeans to simple sundresses, scroll through LSK's Instagram feed to see how you can transform your lazy day OOTD into something more stylish, minus the added effort. 

Edgy Statement: Avril Lavigne

If it's a no-nonsense kind of day and you simply want to express yourself through a rebellious or raw sort of way, go the edgy route. Avril has been, and will always be, an edgy style icon. Her look has always been wearable punk and goth ensembles. With the emerging popularity of the pastel goth style, you can balance out your projection of badass with a more feminine touch should you choose to.  

Unconventional Elegance: Sofia Boutella

Going for a classy and elegant look doesn't always require sharp cat-eyes and a red lip. So if you want to channel a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Rihanna, the French-Algerian actress and dancer is the perfect icon to take inspiration from. Always finding the perfect balance between edgy, street, and classic, Sofia's your bet if you want a look that's sleek, sophisticated, and always exceeds expectations. 

Showstopper: Rihanna

Off to a classy event but ball gowns are not your thing? Show off your personality like the queen of red carpets herself! If we learned a thing or two from Rihanna, it's all about knowing when and when not to use accessories to show 'em who the boss is. It's either you let your bold outfit speak for itself or go for a minimalistic look and step up the game with your bling. 

(Cover photo from: @zendaya by @mireyacierto and @heybiblee)

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