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MOTDs That Are Perfect For Girls Wearing Specs

Beauty looks are fun to experiment with and to recreate. But for girls who wear glasses, playing around with makeup can feel very restricting, especially since all the work done can be easily covered by your trusty specs. And even if contact lenses are an option, eyeglass-wearers know how inconvenient and tiring to the eyes they can get. Still, who says you can't have your fair share of makeup fun?

So if you and your glasses have an inseparable bond, keep on reading as we listed down some of the best looks you can cop to show off your natural bespectacled beauty!


Strong brows and pink lips

One way to highlight your eyes even behind your frames is to use the power of your brows. But don't worry if you're not a major fan of Instagram arches because this look is all about keeping things natural and youthful. Pair it up with flushed-looking lips for a fresh overall look. 

Smoky and winged eyes with glowy skin

A major dilemma bespectacled gals usually have is making their eyes stand out behind their glasses. So say what you will about going overboard but this is when girls who wear glasses can have a little more liberty than those who don't wear specs. Go glam, mysterious, and adventurous by combining glitter, cat eyes, and smoked lids. Your glasses will diffuse the loudness of the eye look and it will have that elegant and glam finish.

Lush lashes and bold lips

Wearing mascara if you wear eyeglasses can be a toughie. If you don't use the right one, most likely you'll end up with mascara smudges all over your specs, and not to mention how painful it is to have your lashes hit the glass everytime you blink. Talk about a total nightmare!

So make sure you go for a volumising instead of curling and lengthening mascaras and pair it up with a deep, bold lip for a practical yet sultry and captivating overall look.


Which of these bespectacled beauty looks is your favourite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!