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Your Travel Essentials Packing List, No Matter Where You're Going

Never leave without these

Many factors affect what we pack for travelling — the destination, the duration, our beauty routine, and even the size of our luggage. But there are some must-have items that you should always bring for every vacation. Make sure you check these things off your packing list!

First aid kit

A red bag with a cross, a box of gauze pads, bandaids scattered about, a bottle of mouthwash, a tube of healing gel, and a bottle of saline solution

Make sure every minor health issue you might come across can be addressed. Pack everything you need for any minor condition you can think of — from headaches to a gash.


Black flip flops on the sea shore

Even if you have cosy travel arrangements, your feet will get tired from all the exploring. Keep a pair of flip-flops for ultimate comfort whenever you need.

Universal adaptor

A blue and black universal adaptor

With gadgets now a major part of our daily essentials, making sure that they are sufficiently charged has somewhat become a priority. Make sure you always have a universal adaptor on-hand so you can use your chargers without the hassle.

Garbage/laundry bag

A canvas laundry bag in a metal basket

Whether it be for separating your fresh clothes to the worn ones, packing extra shoes, or simply organising your luggage into sections, bring some garbage bags or laundry pouches along when you travel. The possibilities of repurposing them are endless.

Safety pins 

Safety pins, and other sewing paraphernalia scattered about

This ultimate multi-function tool is the airline-safe swiss knife alternative you never knew you needed. From saving you from wardrobe malfunctions to clasping your carry-on bags’ zipper for extra security, these pins are extremely versatile.

Scotch tape or masking tape

Masking tapes are good for labelling things, while scotch tapes can help you seal small knick-knacks easily.

Heavy duty glue fixing a cut pipe

Heavy-duty glue

If you’re in need of a more semi-permanent fix, having heavy-duty glue handy will be the saviour of your trip.

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