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They say that one of the keys to happiness lies in being comfortable in your own skin. That idea, however, has proven to be easier said than done — especially in the physical sense of it. With impossible beauty standards being imposed upon women, it’s hard to just shrug things off. But of course, at the end of the day, we all realise that we are not just what we are on the outside. Sometimes, though, matching what we see on the outside with how we feel on the inside helps.

And so we asked one of our Clozette Ambassadors, Sophia Sanchez, to share her skincare journey.

The struggle

“Ever since I was a teenager, my skin was already very oily. I knew that I had bad skin ever since. I just don't know how to take care of it,” she said. “It was a challenge to look for the right products to use on my oily and acne-prone skin. I've spent a lot of money just to search for products that would work for my skin.”

The challenge was even harder when she started working, according to Sophia. But it also became a wake-up call. “When I started working, I was sleep deprived and the stress level that I was facing was crazy. My skin worsened and I started suffering from severe acne. It was then that I decided to spend money on visiting facial clinics and try out good products.”

The solution 

Fast forward to now, Sophia has already gotten her routine down pat. “In the morning, I wash my face with medical soap, then use toner, apply essence, put on eye cream, moisturize, and then apply sunblock on my face,” she shared. “And in the evening, I remove my makeup with makeup remover, apply facial oil, wash with medical soap, toner, essence, eye cream, moisturizer, and then apply spot treatment on my pimples if there are any.”

From having problems with how to handle her skin, now she’s at a much better state, Sophia said. “Even though I still don't have flawless skin, I'm very much satisfied with my current skin condition. It's much better than before when I suffered from severe acne. At least now my only concern is my acne scars which can be easily covered by using a concealer. Other than that, I'm grateful for my skin’s current condition.”

The lesson

Of course, we had to ask Sophia what she can advise people who are also still struggling with their skin. She said: “Don't give up on finding the right products. It takes time and patience to find which products will actually work on you. I know it's really frustrating and it feels like you have no hope, but don't give up. Do your research and invest in quality products.”

She also said that she looks for inspiration from other people who share their skincare journeys and regimens. Her favourite? Liah Yoo. “Among the bloggers/vloggers that I know, she's the one that I can truly say, ‘She understands how to take care of skin.’ Her knowledge on the different types of skin and what to do with them makes her stand out among the others.”

Get inspired to start your own body beauty journey, too. 



The past couple of years have been fun for makeup lovers, not just because brands are being more inclusive in their lines but also because of the creativity that manifests in the packaging of our beloved products. And while whimsical and pastel aesthetics are making rounds this year, we figured leaving out our edgy and grunge-loving beauty enthusiasts is a definite no-no. 

This is why we lined up some of the most gorgeous makeup lines that give off the vampiest vibes to suit your fancy. 

Rituelle De Fille

Even if they define their line as 'spellbinding', the look and feel of this makeup brand are nowhere near being fairy-like. It brings a fresh and more elegant touch to beauty that is reminiscent of Victorian Goth, and its sleek packaging gives an apothecary vibe that makes you feel undeniably bewitching.  

Kat Von D Beauty

From the brand's liquid lipsticks to their foundations, Kat Von D's beauty line has earned its cult status almost in an instant and it's easy to see why. Redefining what a beauty guru should 'look and be' like with her goth aesthetics and her inked body, Kat Von D has brought an elegant yet still bold and eccentric feel to the beauty scene. Plus, even the font and the embezzlements of her brand's packaging reflect a Dracula-esque vibe.

Concrete Minerals

One misconception about being vampy is the affinity for dark colours. But beyond the blacks and the browns, the look also implores one to have fun with bright and bold shades. The difference is the colours are incorporated unconventionally, making them stand out in their unique way. Concrete Mineral is all about that. Taking inspiration from Japan's Gothic Lolita and the Hispanics' Sugar Skulls, the makeup brand incorporates both the vampy and the whimsical trend into one inspired look. 

Cryptic Cosmetics

From the product names to the packaging, this brand will suck — pun intended — you into the abyss of a shopping spree. Celebrating all things obscure and wickedly beautiful, Cryptic Cosmetics' vivid imagery sure spikes the excitement to concoct a look that goes beyond experimental. 

(Cover photo from: @rituelledefille)

Here are looks to match your vampy vibes.



Don’t let the madness of Monday get the best of you. Take a pause and indulge in your favourite things for a bit. For us, that means taking a break and learning about the latest and hottest news. Here’s what’s happening.

Portrait photography in a snap

There’s no denying that selfies are a huge part of our lives now. Acknowledging that, Casio has released a mini camera that addresses our requirements for a good portrait photograph. TR-M11 boasts of its ability to give you a “portable personal studio.” Among its features are five lighting modes, photo editing options, makeup art function, and automatic mobile transfers. Plus, it’s shaped like a compact powder, so you can bring it anytime, anywhere. The camera will be up for grabs by the end of October.


Gigi Hadid’s complete collection — divided into two, as inspired by the east and west coasts of the U.S. — with Maybelline has been unveiled. The packaging is all sorts of chic, and we’re definitely digging the colour selection for the products. 

The Art of Yokan

Discover the once-hard-to-understand part of Japanese culture and lifestyle as the Yokan Collection visits Singapore. It will be the first time for the collection to be showcased in Asia outside of Japan. Experience a one-of-a-kind gastronomical and cultural experience from 28 to 29 October at 11 AM to 8 PM at Gallery 10, National Museum of Singapore.

Revolve Awards

Clothing brand Revolve will be hosting their own awards show next month. The awards will all be influencer-centric, like YouTube Channel of the Year, BFFs of the Year, and Influencer of the Year. The awarding ceremony will take place on 2 November, and voting has already begun.

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